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Those who are able to face their "destiny" are those that are "happy"[1] (「覚悟した者」は 「幸福」であるッ!)

Pucci Waiting For the New Moon (新月の時を待つプッチ, Shingetsu no Toki o Matsu Putchi), commonly shortened to New Moon Pucci (新月プッチ, Shingetsu Putchi) and "Pucchi, Awaiting the New Moon" in the English localization with C-MOON and subsequently, Made in Heaven, is now a separate playable character. He was confirmed for Eyes of Heaven alongside Narciso Anasui, Josuke Higashikata 8, and Joshu Higashikata. New Moon Pucci cannot be paired with his original form possessing Whitesnake.

This version of Pucci appears in the game's story mode. He is first seen with Pet Shop, sent to kill Jotaro Kujo and his future daughter Jolyne at Cape Canaveral in order to prevent them from gathering any more of the Saint Corpse Parts. However, the two retreat when they are defeated by the father-daughter team. Later, after the Joestar Group encounters Heaven-Attained DIO, Pucci confronts Jotaro again at the Joestar Mansion, sending Enya the Hag's zombies after him before fighting Jotaro himself. Even with the assistance of zombies, Pucci is defeated once again. Knowing that Joseph Joestar will inevitably use Hermit Purple to extract his knowledge of The World Over Heaven's ability and weakness, Pucci makes his final commitment to his lord DIO, and jumps from the second story floor of the mansion. He impales himself on the Statue of the Goddess of Love and perishes to keep his master safe, recreating the original Dio Brando's first defeat by Jonathan Joestar.


With C-MOON, Pucci can perform various attacks that turn his opponents inside-out. While in effect, affected opponents will very gradually lose health as blood continuously seeps out of their torso, with no way to manually undo the effect aside from losing a health gauge or getting hit by C-MOON's attacks a second time. The only character immune to this effect is Jolyne while her "Bring it on right until the end!" skill is active.


  • Style Action - C-MOON!: Pucci sends out C-MOON to attack. This causes C-MOON to temporarily detach from Pucci's control, not unlike a Stand Rush from All-Star Battle. After moving a certain distance, C-MOON will perform a three-step Normal Attack combo, ending with a finisher that turns opponents inside-out. Pucci may move around during this period, and can even attack in tandem with C-MOON, but cannot use any attacks or skills that require his Stand. C-MOON can even perform the normally-grounded attacks in mid-air whenever possible. Style Action can be re-inputted to cancel C-MOON's attack, and activating a Flash Cancel, Flash Burst, or DHA will have the same effect.
  • I'll see to it, with all my power!: Pucci flings a large amount of gasoline forward before igniting it, triggering an explosion that sends opponents flying. The explosion will also create a large patch of fire that lingers for several seconds, igniting opponents and causing them to gradually lose health if they touch it.
  • Could your brain handle that and survive?!: C-MOON performs a uppercut, and if it connects, unleashes a barrage of 8 punches, the final hit sending opponents flying and turning them inside out. Pucci is invicible during the combo if successful.
  • I can invert gravity based on where I'm standing.: Pucci uses C-MOON's ability to generate a large gravity field that causes opponents and stage objects to fall away from him upon activation. For a period of time afterward, all projectiles will fall away from Pucci upon entering the gravity field, and opponents within the field will be slowly pushed away.
  • EX - Could your brain handle that and survive?!: The uppercut is unblockable and Pucci is invincible for the entire duration of the attack.
  • EX - I can invert gravity based on where I'm standing.: The skill activates quicker and Pucci is invincible until the gravity field begins. The field itself is also larger and lasts for a longer period of time.
  • Made in Heaven: Pucci, using C-MOON's gravity-altering ability, attempts to float on debris skyward. If uninterrupted, a bright light with bathe Pucci completely, shining out of different parts of his body including his eyes. In a bright flash, Made in Heaven comes out of him, and Pucci and his newfound Stand quickly zip around the sky in streaks of light before landing, prepared to fight. This grants Pucci a completely new array of attacks and skills.

Made in Heaven

With Made in Heaven, Pucci gains incredible speed and power due to the Stand's abilities, being able to deal many hits and cover a large amount of ground in a short amount of time.


  • Style Action - Time, accelerate!: Pucci moves at high speeds a distance forward, leaving after-images. If locked-on, he can do this in up to four times before the ability is placed on cooldown, and is able to move in cardinal directions in relation to his target using the movement stick; if the movement stick is tilted backwards, Pucci instead zooms into the air to conclude the ability, setting up air attacks or evasion.
  • You are nothing but a sacrifice for human happiness!: Pucci and Made in Heaven charge forward at incredible speed, before unleashing a horizontal dual-slice that sends opponents flying a long distance. Pucci has super armor during the attack.
  • Weep at your own weakness!: Pucci and Made in Heaven quickly dash to the left (or in a clockwise motion if locked-on) and performs an unblockable strike, evading attacks and leaving opponents hit crumpling and open to further attack. Pucci is invincible until the strike is unleashed. 
  • Seems you were two seconds too late...: Pucci quickly leaps into the air and throws four knives downward in random formation. He will then instantly move himself back to the ground.
  • By the name of God, I will smite you!: Pucci performs a short declaration as god rays shine on him from out of nowhere. If hit by any non-projectile, non-DHA attack during this period, he will flash and reappear right behind his attacker in an instant, easily allowing for a Backstab to follow.
  • EX - Weep at your own weakness!: Pucci is invincible for the entire duration of the attack.
  • EX - Seems you were two seconds too late...: Pucci throws six knives.

Dual Heat Attacks

  • Solo (C-MOON) - Only need one punch.: C-MOON punches the ground, activating its gravity field and leaving the opponent stunned and floating helpless in the air. Pucci claims his need to only use one punch as C-MOON delivers a single blow to the target's torso, turning it inside-out with devastating effects. Pucci then deactivates the field and lets his victim fall.
  • Solo (Made in Heaven) - This is what I've longed for! "Made in Heaven!": Pucci lunges at the opponent, before appearing behind them and informing them of "the birth of a new world". He disappears before they could successfully turn to face him and proceeds to rush them down from all sides at a speed invisible to the naked eye. Made in Heaven ends the attack by delivering a powerful jab to the opponent's abdomen, sending them off.
  • With DIO - Rulers of Time and Gravity: This DHA is only available once Pucci obtains Made in Heaven. DIO stops time and throws a barrage of knives. As time resumes, Pucci speeds up the knives' flight using Made in Heaven to make them hit their target with more power. Pucci then uses MiH's power to allow DIO the ability to get close to the enemy with extreme haste and deliver a singular punch that launches them off.

Costumes & Tints

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  • I'll say it again... You must only throw a single inside out punch!: Pucci must use his Style Action with C-MOON twice. (200 Points)
  • I dub this ability... C-MOON!: Pucci must turn opponents inside-out 3 times. Reverting them from an inside-out state also counts. (200 Points)
  • The Time of Heaven has finally come...: Pucci must successfully perform "Made in Heaven". (300 Points)
  • Just like DIO once did!!: Pucci must connect "Seems your were two seconds too late..." twice. (500 Points)
  • A power that can guide all the humans in this world to true happiness...: Pucci must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)




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