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Those who know my "true identiy" are those I have no choice but to fight![1] (「正体」を知った者 とだけは戦わざるをえないッ!`Shōtai' o shitta mono to dake wa tatakawazaru o enai ~tsu!)

Kosaku Kawajiri (川尻 浩作, Kawajiri Kōsaku) was confirmed for the game along with Rohan Kishibe and Okuyasu Nijimura. As a Stand user, Kosaku is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle. Like in All-Star Battle, Kosaku relies much more heavily on ranged attacks than the original Kira, using Killer Queen to turn Stray Cat's air bubbles into projectile bombs.


  • Style Action - The First Bomb!: The action performed is determined by whether or not there is a bomb active. If an object or opponent is currently a bomb, Killer Queen detonates them, inflicting moderate damage in a small area, and doing more damage to the primed target. An opponent can even be detonated when downed, provided they are not in an invulnerable state. If there is no bomb active, Killer Queen strikes a pose, and then performs an unblockable downward chop, dealing medium damage to an opponent while also charging them as an unblockable bomb. Only one thing can be charged as a bomb at any given time, so if a bomb is already active, certain attacks that release or charge bombs will not do so. Also, instead of throwing or breaking stage objects, Killer Queen is able to charge them as contact bombs that can also be detonated at will; Kosaku also cannot perform this if a bomb is already active. Unlike the original Kira, Killer Queen cannot pick up any stage objects, only charge them.
    • Bomb Transformation Icon: A small Killer Queen skull icon on the right side of Kosaku's health bar shows whether or not he currently has a bomb charged. If it is darkened, no bomb is active.
  • Trait - Stray Cat: Stray Cat itself is the source of nearly all of Kosaku's abilities. If Kosaku receives too much damage or if Okuyasu's "I'll chip away at space!" Style Action is used to pull him closer, then Stray Cat falls out of Killer Queen's abdominal compartment, disabling the use of any ability except 'This stone is a bomb!', until Stray Cat is retrieved from the ground. When retrieving Stray Cat, Kosaku receives a phone call from his boss which he answer, and is invincible while Killer Queen places Stray Cat back into its abdomen.
  • Contact Bomb: Killer Queen fires an unblockable air bomb that can automatically explode on touch, requiring no manual detonation and allowing Kosaku to move after a short delay once launched. If the activating input is held, the air bomb can be charged to increase its size as well as the explosion's damage and range, in exchange for speed. The air bomb has homing capabilities, but will explode on contact with anything. Kosaku is even able to fire and even charge this bomb in the air, suspending him in mid-air until the air bomb is released. If a bomb is already active, the bubble cannot be detonated but will instead act as a projectile, dealing small damage on contact then popping. If "The Man in the Photos" is active, the homing capabilities of air bombs are given a large boost.
  • Impact Ignition Bomb: Killer Queen fires an air bomb that must be manually detonated. These bombs deal more damage than Contact Bombs. However, they slowly decrease in size until disappearing, Kosaku cannot move when this bomb is out, and he loses control of the bomb if hit (he may still detonate it afterward). If the activating input is held, the air bomb can be charged to increase its size as well as the explosion's damage and range, in exchange for speed. If the skill is inputted again while Kosaku is controlling the air bomb, he will use his mental math skills to correct its trajectory should his target have avoided its path, in order to once more send it in their direction. The smallest bomb's trajectory can be changed up to only two times, while a full-sized bomb can have its trajectory changed up to six times. After two trajectory changes, the air bomb begins to shrink with each subsequent change, and once it has reached its smallest, any more attempts to alter its trajectory will result in it simply disappearing. If a bomb is already active, the bubble cannot be detonated but will instead act as a projectile, dealing small damage on contact then popping. However, as it cannot be detonated, Kosaku is forced control it until he lands it, is hit, or Flash Cancels. If "The Man in the Photos" is active, the trajectory change of air bombs is supplemented by a temporary speed boost, and the air bombs last longer before disappearing.
    • A glitch exists where attempting to detonate the bomb immediately after it's sent out causes Kosaku to make the activating sound as an explosion can be heard, but the bomb itself stays intact. This allows Kosaku to cancel out of the control animation and act freely while the air bomb itself can still be freely detonated.
  • This stone is a bomb!: Killer Queen charges a small stone as a bomb, and then plants it where Kosaku stands. This can only be detonated manually, and generates a large explosion that sends anyone caught flying. If a bomb is already active, this skill cannot be used.
  • Stray Cat's protecting me now!: Kosaku is protected from the next next non-projectile, non-DHA attack by an air cushion placed in his suit by Stray Cat. If hit, the air bubble will push the opponent back and become a small, stationary bomb where Kosaku stands, exploding on contact with anyone or detonating manually to deal moderate damage. If a bomb is already active, the bubble cannot be detonated and will only deal small damage on contact then pop. Stray Cat cannot be removed from Kosaku while this skill is active.
  • EX - Stray Cat's protecting me!: The skill executes quicker.
  • EX - Contact Bomb: The full-size air bomb is immediately fired. The rule of active bombs still apply.
  • Trait - The Man in the Photos: When Kosaku reaches his last health gauge, Yoshihiro Kira/Atom Heart Father appears and enhances "Contact Bomb" and "Impact Ignition Bomb" for 30 counts of the battle timer, randomly following one of the opponents. Air bombs are not influenced by whomever Yoshihiro targets.
  • Dual Heat Attack - Bites the Dust: Identical to its performance in All-Star Battle, though executes faster for the sake of brevity. It now completely resets the battle timer as well as every character's positions (the battle opening music "Demonstration Before Beginning Battle" even plays when Kosaku gloats over his success, and the battle music starts from the beginning). While still inflicting below-average on the target, it has the power to bring Retired opponents back with a sliver of health and heal Kosaku and his partner for a small amount (even restoring lost health gauges whenever possible). It will also revert any transformations, such as Ulimate Kars or Made in Heaven Pucci.
    • In the first version of the game, this DHA would grant all characters, including the enemy team, a full health gauge, making it very frustrating to use from a strategic standpoint as it did not directly benefit Kosaku's team in any way, and prolonged matches unnecessarily if it was not used wisely.


  • You must die!: Kosaku must connect his Style Action's attack 3 times. (200 Points)
  • A simple tap is enough to blow you away!: Kosaku must connect "Contact Bomb" 3 times. (200 Points)
  • It doesn't just blow up whatever it touches...: Kosaku must use "Impact Ignition Bomb" 5 times. (300 Points)
  • My instinct prevented that attack!: Kosaku must use "Stray Cat's protecting me now!" 3 times. (500 Points)
  • Now I can be free!: Kosaku must connect his Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)


He is paired with Weather Report in the Eyes of Heaven tournament, defeating Akira Otoishi and Enrico Pucci in the first round, but eliminated by Giorno Giovanna and Guido Mista in the second.

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