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You... You don't even realize you're "evil"..... The worst kind of "evil"...[1] ( おまえは・・・自分が「悪」だと気付いていない・・・・・もっともドス黒い「悪」だ・・・)

Weather Report (ウェザー・リポート, Wezā Ripōto) makes his first playable appearance in Eyes of Heaven. He was confirmed for the game alongside Jolyne Cujoh, Ermes Costello, and Enrico Pucci.

As a Stand user, Weather is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle. He may trap larger stage objects with lightning to shock and paralyze opponents, not unlike characters of the Ripple Style.


  • Style Action - Weather Report...: Weather Report generates white clouds around himself. If the Style Action button is held, he will charge his Stand's power to create additional effects across 3 different stages.
    • Atmospheric Layer: The first stage of Weather Report. The white clouds around Weather will deflect projectiles and catch opponents on fire via friction if they attack him. The clouds will deactivate if Weather is knocked down.
    • Who said you could touch me!?: The second stage of Weather Report. The white clouds around Weather become dark and stormy. Every time Weather attacks with Normal Attacks, they will shock his targets with lightning for additional damage, increasing the effective damage of his combos.
    • Flash Flood Warning: The third and final stage of Weather Report. The storm clouds around Weather now generate a small gale around him. Poisonous frogs will begin raining in various areas of the stage close to his opponents in two intervals, poisoning both them and Weather's partner if they come into contact.
      • The in-game Command List erroneously gives this stage the same description as "Who said you could touch me!?".
    • Weather Report manipulates weather.: This Style Action can only be performed when Weather is down. He uses his Stand to summon the rain of poisonous frogs without needing to activate "Flash Flood Warning". This consumes his Style Action, placing it on cooldown. Despite being on the floor, Weather is open to attacks during the activation of the ability that can interrupt him.
  • Dry out and stiffen up!: Weather flings his blood onto the floor and creates two puddles as traps. If an opponent steps on the blood, it freezes and becomes spikes to damage them.
  • 280 km/hr winds!: Weather has his Stand generate a tornado at opponents' feet, rapidly damaging them and sending them spiralling high into the air. This skill will not succeed if Weather is too far, or if his target is across gaps (i.e. the El Cairo Rooftops stage).
  • This will surely come in handy.: Weather generates white clouds around his partner, if they are within range. The clouds will deflect projectiles and catch opponents on fire via friction if the partner is attacked. The clouds will deactivate if they are knocked down.
  • The Devil's Rainbow! It's Heavy Weather!: Weather Report temporarily reverts back into Heavy Weather. While active, Heavy Weather will generate small rainbows around himself and various stage objects. If an opponent or Heavy Weather's partner touches the rainbows, they will be transformed into a snail, leaving them unable to perform any action aside from slithering at a slow speed, meaning they are completely helpless and vulnerable. Additionally, an opponent can be turned into a snail if a transformed individual touches them. The only way to interrupt Heavy Weather's ability is for him to be hit by a DHA. Characters that are blind are immune to Heavy Weather's effect: Wamuu while his "Now I will shut out the light, and with this horn see only the wind!" skill is active, N'Doul, and Pucci with Whitesnake (due to Whitesnake's ability to remove his eyesight).
  • EX - Dry out and stiffen up!: Weather creates 3 blood puddles and gains super armor until all of the puddles land.
  • EX - 280 km/hr winds!: The skill executes quicker and lands more hits, dealing more damage and sending opponents even higher into the air.

Dual Heat Attacks

  • Solo - Cloud Suit: Weather activates his Stand's cloud suit, using oxygen to jet him into the opponent and spear them into the air. He then starts tackling them while flying past multiple times, juggling them in the process, before landing and separating from his Stand. Getting up, he ends the attack by summoning a large storm cloud to strike his downed target with bright, powerful lightning.
  • With Jolyne - The momentum's on our side!: Stone Free assaults the opponent as Weather Report creates an opposing gale that keeps the opponent in place. Stone Free's fists ultimately overpower the gale and the target is sent flying into Weather Report's Stand, setting them on fire via friction.

Costumes & Tints

Weather Normal.png
Medal Costume.png Normal Costume
Unlock Condition

Unlocked by default


Weather's main Stone Ocean attire


  • Flash Flood Warning: Weather must charge his Style Action until it reaches the "Flash Flood Warning" stage. (200 Points)
  • I'll suck it up in my clouds.: Weather must use "This will surely come in handy." (200 Points)
  • It just needs to be simple...and reliable...: Weather must trap opponents using "Dry out and stiffen up!" 3 times. (300 Points)
  • This might be able to help people heal their sprains and bad backs...: Heavy Weather must turn an opponent into a snail. (500 Points)
  • The only thing I live for is getting my revenge on that scumbag!: Heavy Weather must Retire an opponent while they are a snail. (800 Points)


He is paired with Kosaku Kawajiri in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Pucci and Akira Otoishi in the first round but eliminated by Giorno Giovanna and Guido Mista in the second.




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