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Speedwagon was confirmed as a playable character alongside Jonathan Joestar and Will Anthonio Zeppeli in Eyes of Heaven. He also serves as a narrator for the 1st demo's and tutorial's battles, PV4, and EoH Character introduction videos, where he is referred to as 'The Interfering Speedwagon'.

He has an exclusive Style titled Ogre Street (食屍鬼街(オウガーストリート) Ougā Sutorīto), and his playstyle revolves around summoning his allies from Ogre Street to assist him in battle and overwhelm his opponents.


  • Style Action - Ogre Street: Speedwagon summons Tattoo and the Kempo Fighter (known in-game as "the Asian"). The two will follow him until they are ordered to attack, are hit (taking them out of battle until Speedwagon summons them again), or if they separate far enough from him.
    • Partner Icon: Shows the statuses of Tattoo and the Kempo Fighter. If an icon is glowing, that person is readily available; If it is dim, they are active and about the stage; If there is a red cross over the icon, that person has been incapacitated until Speedwagon uses his Style Action again.
  • It's Just a Little Scratch!: Speedwagon performs a brief gesture to psych himself up, and gains super armor (or unflinching to enemy attacks) during "Don't try to bluff you rich little snot!", the first hit of Normal Attacks, or a Powerful Attack.
  • Don't try to bluff, you rich little snot!: Speedwagon throws his bladed bowler hat as a projectile, hitting opponents multiple times and sending them flying. It has slight homing capabilities, and will always return to Speedwagon.
  • Go nuts with those knives, boys!: Speedwagon orders Tattoo to attack on his own. He will attack either Speedwagon's lock-on target or the nearest opponent otherwise.
    • GYAAAAAAAH!: Tattoo, when in range of his target, charges forward and delivers a brutal knife stab in an unblockable attack, sending opponents flying. Upon a successful attack, he will return to Speedwagon.
  • Martial Arts, the Eastern mystery!: Speedwagon orders the Kempo Fighter to attack on his own. He will attack either Speedwagon's lock-on target or the nearest opponent otherwise.
    • Aren't you acting tough!: The Kempo Fighter, when in range of his target, performs a three-hit combo consisting of a punch, a kick, and a backflipping kick. Whether the attack is successful or blocked, the Kempo Fighter will return to Speedwagon afterward.
  • EX - It's Just a Little Scratch!: The super armor will extend to "Go nuts with those knives, boys!", "Martial Arts, the Eastern mystery!", homing dashes, and homing dash attacks.
  • EX - Don't try to bluff, you rich little snot!: Speedwagon gains invulnerability while performing it, and the bowler hat gains enhanced damage, projectile speed, homing capability, and range.
  • Dual Heat Attack - That sound—the blade's hit bone!: Speedwagon flips and launches his bladed bowler hat at his opponent, curving along its path to strike them in the abdomen. The hat begins shredding into the opponent before a noise confirms that it's reached bone as their excruciatingly pained face is shown. Speedwagon chuckles as it finally cuts through its target and flies off.


  • He smells worse than vomit!: Speedwagon must land the basic Powerful Attack. (200 Points)
  • Hand over all you've got!: Speedwagon must use his Style Action 3 times. (200 Points)
  • Buffooooon!: Speedwagon must use "It's Just a Little Scratch!" 3 times. (300 Points)
  • I'm the meddlesome Speedwagon!: Speedwagon must successfully execute 5 Combo Breakers. (500 Points)
  • I didn't come all this way just to hold you back, y'know!: Speedwagon must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)

Story Mode

He appears in the game's Story Mode as his Part 1 incarnation, stopping Joseph and Jotaro at the Cairo airport after the final battle with DIO, and serves as a core ally within the story. In his timeline, Speedwagon, Jonathan, and Zeppeli were traveling to Windknight's Lot. Due to interference by Funny Valentine, Speedwagon accidentally stumbles upon a Saint's corpse part. He explains to Jotaro, Joseph, Polnareff, and Kakyoin that the Saint's spirit told him to find Jonathan's descendants and their allies, and then to find the remaining corpse parts because a new threat is about to dominate the universe.

During his journey with Jotaro and their recruited allies, they reach Speedwagon's original timeline and discover that they are in the Joestar Mansion, which was supposed to have been destroyed during the night Dio turned into a vampire. Jonathan walks toward them with injuries he sustained from Dio's zombies and introduces himself to Jotaro. Once Diego Brando arrives, Speedwagon takes Jonathan's place while he's recovering and aids Jotaro to defeat the duo.

While visiting the timeline of Battle Tendency, the elder Joseph Joestar of Part 3 convinces his younger self that he is Joseph in the future by telling Speedwagon to come out of the turtle. Young Joseph recalls seeing a photo of the younger Speedwagon and is shocked to see him in person.

During the first confrontation against Heaven Ascension DIO, Speedwagon is the only ally shown among the protagonists, while the others are all inside Coco Jumbo.

In the credits, he is seen along with an alive Zeppeli during the final battle between Jonathan and Dio.


He is paired with Ermes Costello in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament but was eliminated in the preliminaries by Narancia Ghirga and Diego Brando.

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