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All that matters is that I reach my goal![1] (目的を達するというのが至上の事!)

Kars (カーズ, Kāzu) returns as a playable character in Eyes of Heaven, confirmed alongside Wamuu and Esidisi. As a Pillar Man, Kars has the special ability Switch Mode, exclusive to the Mode style. His specific Mode is Light Mode. He is also able to stand and walk on the spike pit in the Air Supplena Island stage without taking damage (though he will still take extra damage if knocked down onto the spikes). Of special note is that he has the fastest base movement speed of any character.


Kars (Normal Mode)

  • Style Action - Light Mode: Kars's body begins generating sparkles. All attacks involving his Light Blades become unblockable and receive a damage increase.
  • Victory is everything!: Kars utilizes light to disappear and reappear behind an opponent. The skill by itself will not deliver an attack, but a Powerful Attack can be inputted to do so. If not in range of an opponent or locked on, Kars will simply teleport forward, though he cannot teleport across gaps or through walls. In Light Mode, the skill executes quicker and the additional attack becomes unblockable.
  • Shining Sabres: Kars, in a single motion of his arm, unleashes multiple slashes, with the last strike sending opponents flying. In Light Mode, the skill deals more hits.
  • EX - Victory is everything!: The skill gains all of its benefits from Light Mode regardless of whether or not it's currently active.
  • EX - Shining Sabres: The skill executes quicker and Kars gains brief invincibility.
  • Dual Heat Attack - You don't stand a chance!: After landing a kick to the opponent's abdomen, Kars unleashes a rapid, alternating barrage of slashes from the Light Blades on both his arms, finishing with a single downward slice that successively rends them multiple times and sends them flying with the final hit as Kars turns around.
  • I am the Ultimate Thing!: Kars dons the Stone Mask (in combination with the Red Stone of Aja) to attempt to turn into the Ultimate Thing. Kars, wearing the mask, will slowly rise to his feet. If the animation fully plays out uninterrupted by his opponents, the mask shatters, and Kars gains a completely new array of moves.

Ultimate Thing

  • Style Action - Flight Mode/Ground Mode: Kars can switch between being on the ground and sprouting wings to take to the sky. While in Flight Mode, his stamina gauge slowly drains, and upon emptying, Kars is forced to land. Ascending will cause the stamina gauge to drain faster.
  • Dual Heat Attack - How fitting! I shall cast you into the dark abyss of death with your own precious Ripple!: Kars lunges at the opponent and deals two powerful slashes that leave them lying on the ground. Ecstatically reveling in the fact he can now use the power of the Ripple, Kars charges and unleashes an all-powerful Ripple blast straight into the downed opponent. This is a reference to the method he tried to finish Joseph off with during the final chapters of Part 2.

While in Ground Mode:

  • Victory is everything!: The maximum range and damage of the attack is increased, but the EX version is no longer available.
  • Shining Sabres: The skill gains a damage increase.
  • I have absorbed the abilities of every living thing. I contain all of existence.: Kars turns his hand into a squirrel that he then sics on opponents, automatically attacking any threat to him within range. Opponents caught crumple and are open to further attacks.
  • Arm yourself!: Kars creates a crustaceous shell layer over most of his body as he assumes a defensive posture to create a special guard. Opponents that attempts to attack him from the front with melee attacks are knocked off-balance, creating an attack opening. While active, Kars's stamina gauge slowly drains, and the skill will end if it empties or the activating button is released.
  • EX - Shining Sabres: The skill gains an extra damage increase.

While in Flight Mode:

  • You're like a butterfly in a spider's web!: Kars fires two hardened feathers downward. Once they hit the ground, the feathers transform into octopus legs that automatically attack any opponents in range. The attacks are unblockable and up to four octopus legs can be out at any given time.
  • Do you believe for a moment that you can escape from me, the mighty Kars?: Kars fires three hardened feathers downward. If they hit the ground, they will start shaking, and transform into piranhas to attack any opponent that gets too close. If they hit an opponent, they will transform instantly. The piranhas themselves latch onto opponents and deal damage in intervals whilst slowing them down.
  • EX - Do you believe for a moment that you can escape from me, the mighty Kars?: Kars fires five feathers.


  • Victory is everything!!: Kars must connect the additional attack that follows "Victory is everything!" 3 times. A glitch exists where attacks dealt by the tentacles created by "Do you believe for a moment that you can escape from me, the mighty Kars?" also fulfill this JoJolity. (200 Points)
  • What would life be without enemies?: Kars must Retire an opponent. (200 Points)
  • Finally... finally... I've conquered the sun!: Kars must successfully perform "I am the Ultimate Thing!". (300 Points)
  • Heh heh heh... I'm going to make you die slowly!: Kars must survive the first 20 counts of the battle timer without taking damage. (500 Points)
  • Kars used the Red Stone to become the Ultimate Thing?!: Kars must succeed with a Dual Combo Finish while in Flight Mode. (800 Points)

Unlike the previous game, his main color scheme is now based on his anime appearance.


He is paired with Pet Shop in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament. In the preliminaries, they defeated Pannacotta Fugo and Noriaki Kakyoin in the first round, and Dio Brando and Joseph in the second. In the semifinals, they defeated Jotaro Kujo and Kakyoin in the first round, and Jotaro and DIO in the second. Ultimately, the team won the Tournament, defeating Jolyne Cujoh and Gyro Zeppeli in the final round.



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