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I will... free myself from this "stone ocean"...[1] (あたしは・・・この「石の海」から自由になる・・・)

Jolyne Cujoh (空条 徐倫, Kūjō Jorīn) was confirmed for Eyes of Heaven alongside Ermes Costello, Enrico Pucci, and Weather Report.

As a Stand user, Jolyne is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant her uniqueness in battle.


  • Style Action - Stone Free!: Jolyne extends a string above her head, before pulling herself into the air and backwards, creating distance and aiding in evasion. If used in mid-air, she instead extends the string forward before pulling herself towards wherever it lands, allowing her to gain more distance in the air. If locked-on, she will aim the string towards her target, paralyzing opponents that touch it and automatically pulling herself towards them for an attack opening. Jolyne is invulnerable once she begins moving.
  • String Barrier: Jolyne deploys a thin net of string as a trap that will damage and paralyze opponents if they come in contact with it, leaving them open to further attack. Jolyne takes a very small amount of white (recoverable) damage upon the net being triggered.
  • I can consider you my enemy, right?: Stone Free unleashes a barrage of 8 punches, augmenting its range by using string to extend its arms. The final hit sends opponents caught flying. The skill's damage is proportional to the range it connects at; the farther the opponent is when they are hit by the punches, the more damage will be dealt.
  • You're no match for my Stone Free.: Jolyne leaps and somersaults forward into the air, with Stone Free holding onto a string attached to the floor. If an opponent touches the string before Jolyne lands, Stone Free will unleash a downward barrage of 9 punches, the final hit knocking the target down. Jolyne is briefly invulnerable until she reaches the height of her jump.
  • Bring it on right until the end!: Jolyne converts her torso into a Möbius strip made of string (visualized by a blue electricity around her), reducing all incoming damage with the exception of projectiles, certain special skills by opponents, and DHAs. If she is hit by C-MOON's attacks, the Möbius strip will be undone in order to nullify the effects of its power, protecting Jolyne from its "inside-out" status effect. Jolyne cannot activate this skill while Burning Mode is active, and activating Burning Mode will inversely undo the Möbius strip.
  • EX - String Barrier: The skill executes quicker.
  • EX - I can consider you my enemy, right?: The skill executes quicker and can be canceled via Sidestepping.
  • You have the Ghost Lighter, don't you?: This skill is only available when Jolyne has only a single health gauge left, and can be used only once per battle. When activated, Jolyne uses a lighter to set herself on fire, activating Burning Mode. While in Burning Mode, Jolyne will slowly lose health and has decreased defense, taking more incoming damage. However, she receives a large damage boost to all attacks except for skills that exclusively use string, and DHAs, and gains super armor while attacking. Opponents struck by Jolyne will catch fire as well.

Dual Heat Attacks

  • Solo - I'll knock you unconscious.: Jolyne runs up to the opponent and kicks them off their feet in unison with Stone Free. She then begins rapidly kicking them back-to-back with her Stand. Jolyne finishes the attack by having Stone Free deliver a punch to the face that sends the opponent flying.
  • With Ermes - We're gonna beat your ass!: Ermes uses Kiss' stickers to create multiple arms for Jolyne and Stone Free. Jolyne reprimands Ermes, knowing that the stickers' removal will cause her pain. Ermes reminds Jolyne that they are in the middle of a fight, forcing Stone Free to angrily pummel the opponent with an extra set of fists and blowing them back as Ermes laughs.
  • With Weather - The momentum's on our side!: Stone Free assaults the opponent as Weather Report's Stand creates an opposing gale that keeps the opponent in place. Stone Free's fists ultimately overpower the gale and the target is sent flying into Weather Report's Stand, setting them on fire via friction.
  • With Part 3 Jotaro - The Perfect Angle: Stone Free and Star Platinum send the opponent into the air with a dual uppercut, before Jolyne wraps them in a cocoon made of Stone Free's string. After Jotaro confirms the best angle to hit, they pummel it with both of their Stands.

Costumes & Tints


Jolyne EOH menu.png
  • String... Is my soul controlling this?: Jolyne must use her Style Action twice. (200 Points)
  • I'll catch you in 3D!: Jolyne must trap opponents with "String Barrier" 3 times. (200 Points)
  • A Möbius strip...: Jolyne must use "Bring it on right until the end!". (300 Points)
  • I sense hope in the way you think...: Jolyne must perform a Dual Combo Finish. (500 Points)
  • I'll knock you unconscious...: Jolyne must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)
Jolyne Star EoH.png

As with other Stone Ocean characters returning from All-Star Battle (except Pucci), Jolyne's default and secondary alternate costumes swapped their places; her default costume in ASB is now her secondary costume and vice versa.


Jotaro and Young Jolyne in story mode's epilogue

In the post-credits of the new JoJo timeline where most of the fallen allies are now alive and well, a younger Jolyne appears in the new Part 4 timeline, in a retelling of its first chapter where her father meets Koichi. In this new timeline, she is brought along by Jotaro to Morioh. While Jotaro is introducing himself to Koichi, asking about a Josuke Higashikata, Jolyne appears running to her father and interrupting the conversation to hug him. She is then advised by Jotaro to be careful crossing the street and to not stray too far away from him as she is still a child, or else her mother will be worried.


She is paired with Gyro Zeppeli in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, beating Muhammad Avdol and Koichi Hirose in the first round and Jotaro and Vanilla Ice in the second. Making it to the semifinals, they beat Jonathan Joestar and DIO in the first round and Bruno Bucciarati and Trish Una in the second. Ultimately, they were defeated in the final round by Kars and Pet Shop, taking second place.




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