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Esidisi returns as a playable character in Eyes of Heaven, he was confirmed alongside the other Pillar Men, Kars and Wamuu.

As a Pillar Man, Esidisi has the special ability Switch Mode, exclusive to the Mode style. His specific Mode is Heat Control Mode. He is also able to stand and walk on the spike pit in the Air Supplena Island stage without taking damage (though he will still take extra damage if knocked down onto the spikes).


  • Style Action - Heat Control Mode: Esidisi generates a high-temperature field around himself that sets opponents on fire, causing them to take gradual damage while they remain within range. His Normal and Powerful attacks perform quicker, his basic combos are given additional steps involving his veins, and all skills are enhanced.
  • I can fire blood heated to 500 °C!: Esidisi fires off his flaming blood in ball-like projectiles. Opponents hit by the blood will be set on fire and crumple, open to further attack. The blood will linger on the ground as pools if they hit the ground. In Heat Control Mode, the damage of the blood is increased. Both the regular and the EX version of this ability can damage downed enemies.
    • Of note is that the in-game description of this skill erroneously states that the blood will only linger in Heat Control Mode.
  • I can already see right through your plans!: Esidisi sends veins from his feet across the ground, stunning and drawing in opponents caught. The longer the activating button is held, the farther the veins will travel. In Heat Control Mode, the veins become unblockable and sets opponent's on fire.
  • Think fast!: Esidisi performs a powerful kick, striking opponents in the abdomen and making them go limp if it lands. After sucking blood to restore some health, Esidisi sends the opponent off with the other leg in a roudhouse-style jump kick. In Heat Control Mode, the attack becomes unblockable and the second kick sets off a small explosion, setting his opponent on fire.
  • I can't take it anymore!: Esidisi openly and dramatically bawls for a moment before suddenly composing himself. Using this skill cuts the cooldown on his Flash Burst by up to half, and restores one of his Flash Cancels if they've been used.
  • EX - I can already see right through your plans!: The execution of the skill and Esidisi's recovery from using it is made quicker.
  • EX - I can fire blood heated to 500 °C!: The skill executes quicker.
  • Dual Heat Attack - Burned to a crisp!: It works the same as the one from All-Star Battle.


  • Aah, that feels good...: Esidisi must perform "I can't take it anymore!". (200 Points)
  • You just got scared of me, didn't you?: Esidisi must connect "Think fast!" twice. (200 Points)
  • You're a long way away from being ready to fight me!: Esidisi must Retire an opponent. (300 Points)
  • I am Esidisi of the Flames!: Esidisi must perform and connect the extra final step of his normal ground combo granted during Heat Control Mode. (500 Points)
  • My opponents don't live long!: Esidisi must win within 50 counts of the battle timer. (800 Points)


If paired against Avdol the two will note their similar abilities and they wonder who's fire powers are superior.

If paired with Kars, Esidisi will ask where Wamuu is, and Kars will reply that although he is out looking for the Red Stone, the two of them should be more than enough to deal with their opponents.

In an interaction with Old Joseph, Esidisi seems to be able to detect Joseph's Stand with Joseph believing that Esidisi senses the Stand Energy from his body.

Unlike the previous game, Esidisi's main color scheme is now based off his appearance in the anime.


He is paired with Mariah in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Rudol von Stroheim and Okuyasu Nijimura in the first round, and Narancia Ghirga and Diego Brando in the second. In the semifinals, they were eliminated by Jotaro Kujo and DIO in the first round.

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