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Jotaro Kujo (Part 4) (空条承太郎(4部), Kūjō Jōtarō (4-Bu)) was confirmed as a separate character in Eyes of Heaven along with the game's release date as a first-print edition character, similar to the original Yoshikage Kira in All-Star Battle. He became available by default in international releases. Part 4 Jotaro cannot be partnered with Part 3 Jotaro and Star Platinum reuses the same model.

Daisuke Ono reprises his role as Part 4 Jotaro's voice actor, and would later appear as his voice actor again in the Diamond is Unbreakable anime adaptation.



Part 4 Jotaro has a very similar set of abilities to his Part 3 counterpart, including the same combo attacks, with a number of differences both obvious and minute to set them apart.

Style Action - Star Platinum The World!

Jotaro instantly stops time for roughly three seconds. His partner and opponents are unable to move, and he is able to initiate any action or attack with impunity. Exclusive to Jotaro is the ability to pick up and throw his opponents while time is stopped, even at each other, heavily damaging them on contact. However, other time-stopping characters may activate their own ability to enter Jotaro's stopped time. This ability's cooldown is equal to 40 counts of the battle timer, making it the longest cooldown of any ability in the game.
  • A special variation of "Star Platinum The World!" becomes available under specific conditions, causing the camera to dramatically zoom into Jotaro as he stops time while the battle pauses completely, thus providing him impunity when activating it.
    1. Both Jotaro's partner and one opponent must be Retired.
    2. Jotaro must perform a combo route of Normal > Normal > Powerful Attack on the remaining opponent (i.e. the universal launcher combo).
    3. "Star Platinum The World!" must be immediately initiated following the launching hit.
Star Finger

Star Platinum explosively hyperextends its fingers out and swings them in a wide arc, leaving opponents crumpling and open to further attack.
You're going to get even uglier now. Well, your face will, at least...

Star Platinum unleashes a barrage of 17 punches, sending opponents caught flying on the final hit. Jotaro can cancel out of the final hit with "If I throw this bearing..."
If I throw this bearing...

Star Platinum flicks a ball bearing at his target with some homing capabilities, sending them flying on impact. The ending of the skill can be canceled via Sidestep or Style Action.

Star Platinum flies forward and delivers a heavy ground pound that kicks up debris, knocking opponents to the ground hard enough for them to bounce. This attack can also hit opponents that are down.
EX - You're going to get even uglier now. Well, your face will, at least...

The skill initiates quicker and Jotaro is invincible upon activation. 14 more punches are added for increased damage, and the final hit sends opponents flying a long distance away.
EX - If I throw this bearing...

Star Platinum flicks 3 ball bearings one after the other, each with increased speed and damage. A single ball bearing can instantly Guard Break opponents.
Dual Heat Attack - I hate things that are a pain in the ass...

Star Platinum begins by punching the opponent off their feet. Jotaro slides his finger along the rim of his hat before Star Platinum pummels the opponent, delivering a final punch to the abdomen that sends them flying.


  • I was actually able to stop time for 0.5 seconds for the first time in 10 years...: Jotaro must use his Style Action. (200 Points)
  • When you're up against living creatures, focus on staying calm before you worry about speed.: Jotaro must use "If I throw this bearing..." 3 times. (200 Points)
  • You know, that watch actually looked pretty crappy...: Jotaro must connect "You're going to get even uglier now. Well, your face will, at least..." 3 times. (300 Points)
  • You did well to fight this long on your own...: Jotaro must execute 5 Combo Breakers. (500 Points)
  • I knew I could count on you.: Jotaro must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)

He appears in the post-credit scene's new timeline retelling of the beginning of Part 4. He asks Koichi directions to the Higashikata household as per the original events, but is soon revealed to have brought a young Jolyne with him. He interrupts his conversation with Koichi to advise Jolyne not to stray too far and be careful to cross the road, or else his wife would be sad about it. Part 4 Jotaro also makes an appearance in the group shot for Diamond is Unbreakable during the credits.

If placed in a match with anyone from the third Joestar Group, partner or opponent, they will not recognize him at first but soon decide to see how strong Star Platinum is after 10 years.


Part 4 Jotaro was paired with Parallel World Diego, having been placed in the F Block series of battles to be incorporated into the main Tournament. They defeated Josuke Higashikata 8 and Narciso Anasui in the first round, but were eliminated by Bruno Bucciarati and Trish Una in the second.


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