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The one who should be running away is you! The "murderer"[1] (おびえて逃げ回るのは「殺人鬼」!きさまの方だァァーーーツ)

Koichi Hirose (広瀬 康一, Hirose Kōichi) was confirmed for the game alongside Yukako Yamagishi.

Once again Koichi is voiced by Romi Park and his main color scheme is the same from the previous game.

Since most of the game's animation, effects, and attacks were reused from All-Star Battle, Koichi's style of play remains mostly the same; focusing on using a variety of abilities across Echoes' different Acts.

As a Stand user, Koichi is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle.


  • Style Action - ACT1/ACT2/ACT3: Koichi cycles Echoes through its different Acts, completely changing the skills and attacks available to him. Each Act specializes in a certain area: ACT1 grants useful buffs and debuffs despite its low attack and skill count; ACT2 focuses on ranged attacks and traps, being able to throw its tail as a projectile in exchange for melee; ACT3 grants access to normal melee combos and conventional moves involving its punches and 3 Freeze.

While ACT1 is active:

  • Trust me!: ACT1 throws an SFX with some homing capabilities at his partner, and if it connects, they are granted a boost in stamina and the Dual Heat Gauge is filled by a small amount. This skill is unavailable if Koichi's partner is out of range. If partnered with Yukako, the skill's effectiveness is increased.
  • I hate you!: ACT1 throws an unblockable SFX with some homing capabilities at an opponent, and if it connects, the target's defense and stamina gauge is lowered, and the enemy team loses an amount of their own Dual Heat Gauge. If fighting against Yukako, she is immune to this effect while her "I can't hear you!" passive skill is active.

While ACT2 is active:

  • Boing!/Whooooosh!: The attack unleashed is dependent on whether or not the movement stick is tilted in a direction while the skill is inputted. If inputted from neutral, ACT2 slaps an SFX on the ground in front of Koichi. If an opponent comes in contact with it, they'll be blown upward into the air taking no damage. If Koichi himself touches it, he will leap high into the air, allowing him to evade many of the opponent's attacks or set up his own attacks from the air. If inputted while moving, ACT2 instead swings its tail horizontally, placing a different SFX on a wall (of note is that the in-game description erroneously claims the surface to be the ground) if available or dealing small damage to an opponent in-range otherwise. If an opponent comes in contact with the SFX, they'll be blown backward a great distance, still taking no damage.
  • Sizzle!: ACT2 utilizes an offensive SFX from its tail to catch opponents on fire and cause them to gradually lose health. The execution of the skill is dependent on whether or not the movement stick is tilted in a direction when it is inputted. If inputted from neutral, ACT2 throws the SFX in a straight line with an indefinite range as a projectile. If inputted while moving, ACT2 slaps the SFX on the ground where it becomes a trap. If the skill is executed in the air, the projectile version is performed by default.
  • Bahyoo!: ACT2 whips its tail outward with it semi-transformed into an SFX. If it connects with an opponent, they take moderate damage and are sent flying a large distance away.
  • EX - Sizzle!: The SFX gains a damage boost, and the projectile version of the skill flies faster.

While ACT3 is active:

  • 5-METER RANGE ACHIEVED. S-H-I-T!: ACT3 generates a short gravity field around itself, dealing a small amount of damage to opponents and immediately downing them. This inflicts 3 Freeze's effect, dubbed Heavy. Once in effect, targets will be unable to jump, and their movement speed is much slower for a period of time. Similar to All-Star Battle, if Heavy is inflicted on Kira's Sheer Heart Attack, it will be immobilized for a period of time.
  • Echoes 3 Freeze!: ACT3 flies forward, unleashing a barrage of 8 punches and pushing opponents away while inflicting Heavy.
  • Wh-What is this wind?!: ACT3 swiftly moves in front of Koichi and unleashes an intense burst of air capable of knocking both him and the opponent back. This skill is unblockable and creates a large amount of distance if successful. However, Koichi is knocked down and takes a small amount of damage in the process.
  • EX - 5-METER RANGE ACHIEVED. S-H-I-T!: The duration of the Heavy effect inflicted is increased.

Dual Heat Attacks

  • Solo - I'm really getting stronger?!: Identical to its performance in All-Star Battle, though executes faster for the sake of brevity. It also still inflicts Heavy afterward.
  • With Josuke - Dorara Rush ×2: Koichi has Echoes ACT2 place SFX of Crazy Diamond's Stand Cry ("DORARARA!!") directly under the opponent's feet. He then prompts Josuke to attack, watching as he jumps high into the air until he is directly above the opponent. The SFX then activates, creating artificially-made fists to attack from below as Crazy Diamond punches the opponent from above, hitting them from both sides. This is the only DHA available to Koichi that does not involve 3 Freeze and therefore does not inflict Heavy.
  • With Yukako - Invincible Heroine: Koichi uses 3 Freeze to make the opponent heavier, then Yukako wraps them in her hair before attempting to fling them around. Despite struggling with the increased weight of the opponent, she successfully slams them into the ground four times before raising them extremely high up into the air and launching them into the ground one more time hard enough to generate a shockwave.
  • With Rohan - We're best friends!: Koichi uses 3 Freeze to make the opponent heavier, before Rohan uses Heaven's Door to write in the opponent "My weight will increase 10-fold.", combining the effects and multiplying their weight to such a degree that it causes them to slam face-first and sink into the ground with enough force to generate a crater.

Costumes & Tints


  • Trust me!: Koichi must connect "Trust me!" twice. (200 Points)
  • You're no match for Echoes ACT2!: Koichi must connect "Sizzle!" twice.(200 Points)
  • My ACT3 is awesome!: Koichi must inflict Heavy 3 times. (300 Points)
  • ACT3 Freeze!: Koichi must perform a Dual Combo Finish. (500 Points)
  • I have protected you as ordered.: Koichi must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)

In the new timeline in the story mode's post-credits scene, Koichi bumps into Jotaro. He claims to experience deja vu, feeling that he met Jotaro somewhere before.


He is paired with Will Anthonio Zeppeli in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament but was eliminated in the preliminaries by Jonathan Joestar and DIO.




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