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Zeppeli was confirmed for the game alongside Jonathan and Speedwagon.

As a Ripple User, Zeppeli has a Ripple Gauge that determines the strength of his attacks. Filling up the gauge will automatically empower his Normal and Powerful Attacks, and enhance/alter the properties of all his skills. It will also shorten the cooldown time on said skills. Using skills will drain a portion of the Ripple Gauge until there's an insufficient amount to use.


  • What a jump! From a seated position, using only his knees!: Zeppeli leaps high into the air with his knees alone. This skill can be used to simply evade attacks, and can also be canceled using any mid-air attack.
  • Style Action - Ripple Breathing: Zeppeli performs a pose and Ripple Breathes, filling up the Ripple Gauge. He cannot move and is vulnerable to attacks while doing so. Similar to All-Star Battle, Zeppeli fills his gauge the fastest out of all Ripple Users.
  • One question at a time, okay?: Zeppeli swiftly charges forward, passing through partner and enemy alike. He is able to cancel this skill with any kind of attack or skill, allowing him to close the distance and/or Backstab opponents in one swift move. If Ripple-enhanced, the speed and distance of the charge is increased.
  • Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!: Zeppeli dives forward with a Ripple-charged hand extended. If the opponent is hit, the Ripple will shock them in the abdomen. Zeppeli then pulls his hand back before hitting them off with a more concentrated attack, sending the opponent flying. If Ripple-enhanced, the skill will receive a damage boost and increase the speed and distance of the dive. The skill's damage is dependent on how much of the Ripple Gauge is filled.
  • Tornado Overdrive!: Zeppeli performs a special flipping leap. Further input will make him come down at a diagonal angle spinning, using his legs as a drill. If the skill hits an already downed opponent, they will be blown back. If Ripple-enhanced, Zeppeli will be invincible during the initial jump, the attack's speed will increase, and more hits will be dealt. This skill can also be used in mid-air, and doing so will cause Zeppeli to perform the attack immediately. Zeppeli is able to cancel this skill with a normal or powerful attack.
  • Ripple Cutter: Zeppeli spits wine out of his mouth as a disc-shaped projectile with some homing capability. If Ripple-enhanced, he spits out three with augmented homing capabilities, the third of which will send opponents flying.
  • EX - Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!: Zeppeli is invincible when executing the skill and the skill will crumple the opponent instead, allowing him to combo from it. This is in addition to the damage benefits granted by the Ripple Gauge. Zeppeli is able to cancel this skill immediately after the kick with a jump.
  • EX - Tornado Overdrive!: Zeppeli is invincible until he lands and will finish with a sweeping kick that launches standing opponents into the air.

Dual Heat Attacks

  • Solo - "Hamon of the sun! Sunlight Yellow Overdrive": Zeppeli will leap into the air and come down on a grounded opponent and send the Sunlight Yellow Overdrive through his finger into their abdomen.
  • With Jonathan - "Here comes my Hamon!": The two of them attack the opponent's head, sequentially with a Ripple-charged Zoom Punch from Jonathan and a Sendo Wave Kick from Zeppeli, before they charge up and run up to the opponent and unleash a double Sendo Ripple Overdrive-enhanced Zoom Punch into them, the two reciting the phrase commonly associated with Overdrives.


  • You have a reason to risk your life learning this!: Zeppeli must completely fill his Ripple Gauge. (200 Points)
  • The ode to humanity is an ode to courage!: Zeppeli must connect the final hit of a Ripple-enhanced Normal attack combo. (200 Points)
  • This is Sendo!: Zeppeli must connect "Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!" 3 times. (300 Points)
  • Ripple Breathing is born from courage!!: Zeppeli must use any Ripple-enhanced skill five times. Any skill will count as long as he lands five of that same skill. (500 Points)
  • Pour in! Ripple of the Sun!: Zeppeli must retire an enemy with a DHA. (800 Points)

Story Mode

In the story mode's ending, he is shown to have survived his battle against Tarkus and is at Speedwagon's side during Jonathan's battle with Dio.


He is paired with Koichi Hirose in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, but was eliminated in the preliminaries by Jonathan and DIO.

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