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He doesn't have to treat me like a girlfriend! Just thinking about Koichi makes me... happy![1] (あたしぜんぜん相手にされなくてもいいッ!康一くんのこと思ってるだけで...幸せだわ!)

Yukako Yamagishi (山岸 由花子, Yamagishi Yukako) makes her first video-game appearance in Eyes of Heaven as a playable character. She was confirmed alongside Koichi Hirose, Hol Horse, and Jean Pierre Polnareff.

Yukako is of the Stand user Style, but more specifically is she a Mode User, possessing the exclusive ability to Switch Mode. Unlike other Mode Users, Yukako's abilities and moveset do not dramatically change when she switches, nor is her mode one that requires a lengthy cooldown. This means that she is free to enter in and out of her mode as she pleases. Yukako is still a Stand user nonetheless, and as such, she is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant her uniqueness in battle. She is also the only playable character in the game whose voice lines can dynamically change. In her case, all of her skill quotes and battle grunts becoming shriek-like and violent while Love Deluxe is active.

Yukako, in her enraged state, has unused voice clips for various conditions, such as insulting Josuke's hairstyle, turned into a snail by Weather Report's Heavy Weather, and time being frozen by DIO, Jotaro or Parallel World Diego; these voice clips have a different internal code, being "4ldy01" instead of "4ykk01" as usual.


  • Style Action - Love Deluxe: Yukako enters a voluntary enraged state, causing her hair to flare up. While active, all non-DHA attacks become unblockable, her damage receives a boost, and certain skills gain additional properties. In exchange, she is unable to lock on, guard, Sidestep, or Homing Dash. The ability will deactivate when Yukako's stamina empties and can be manually deactivated at any time with another press of the Style Action button. While Yukako can normally trap larger stage objects with her hair to paralyze opponents, she instead gains the ability to pick up stage objects of any size while Love Deluxe is active, even objects she herself has trapped.
  • Trait - I can't hear you!: While Love Deluxe is active, Yukako is immune to the effects of Koichi's "I hate you!" skill.
  • I'm already inside your head.: Yukako extends her hair a considerable distance forward. If it makes contact with an opponent, they will have her hair "implanted" on them. While an opponent has Yukako's hair, she is unable to perform any other skill, and can only re-input the same skill. Upon doing so, the opponent is forcibly drawn towards Yukako, giving her the chance to attack first. If Yukako is knocked down, her implanted hair will be nullified. If Love Deluxe is active, this skill becomes unblockable, the range of the initial attack is extended, and the maximum amount of time Yukako's hair can stay implanted is increased.
  • You dumbass!: Yukako leaps a short distance toward her target if locked on, backward otherwise, and attempts to body slam them before swinging her hair. If it connects, she grabs and lifts them up with her hair alone before crushing and slamming them into the ground. If Love Deluxe is active, this skill becomes unblockable and the range of both the body slam and hair attack are extended.
  • Hmph!: Yukako uses Love Deluxe to extend her hair toward specific points in the stage to pull her to, represented by anchor icons. This allows for quick escapes and inversely can be used to get closer to the opponent just as quickly. Certain types of environmental objects, such as lampposts, allow Yukako to stand on them, granting her the ability to recuperate from out of reach of close-ranged attacks. If Love Deluxe is active, this skill executes faster.
  • That's what I meant.♡So sorry...: Yukako wraps her hair around her head for a short period of time. If an opponent gets too close, the hair automatically moves into the ground as a trap before bursting upward in a large pillar, stunning the target and leaving them open to further attack.
  • EX - I'm already inside your head.: The skill executes faster and Yukako is invincible during activation.
  • EX - You dumbass!: The skill executes faster and Yukako gains super armor (or unflinching to enemy attacks) until she lands from the leap. The hair attack will also cause the target to bounce high into the air when slammed down, setting up for further attacks via Flash Canceling.
  • Trait - My precious hair! It's turned completely white!: When Yukako's health hits zero for the first time, she will be granted half of a health gauge to continue on with. Her hair color turns white, and Love Deluxe becomes permanently active without draining her stamina. Once her health reaches zero once more, Yukako will then fall permanently.

Dual Heat Attacks

  • Solo - Looks like I'm going to have to play rough!: An irritated Yukako wraps the opponent in her hair before effortlessly flinging them around, slamming them into the ground three times before raising them extremely high up into the air and sending them into the ground one more time hard enough for them to bounce.
  • With Koichi - Invincible Heroine: Koichi uses 3 Freeze to make the opponent heavier, then Yukako wraps them in her hair before attempting to fling them around. Despite struggling with the increased weight of the opponent, she successfully slams them into the ground four times before raising them extremely high up into the air and launching them into the ground one more time hard enough to generate a shockwave.

Costumes & Tints


  • I'm starting to feel a little violent...: Yukako must use her Style Action 3 times. (200 Points)
  • You should be thanking me.: Yukako must connect "I'm already inside your head." twice. (200 Points)
  • Don't you understand that love is more important than work?: Yukako must connect "That's what I meant.♡So sorry..." twice. (300 Points)
  • Koichi belongs to ME!: Yukako must hit something with a stage object while Love Deluxe is active 3 times. (500 Points)
  • Love is invincible!: Yukako must Retire an opponent while Love Deluxe is active. (800 Points)

Relationships in Eyes of Heaven

(The information below derives from a Video Game not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.)

  • Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura and Rohan Kishibe - Yukako dislikes the three, particularly the lattermost, due to their close friendship with Koichi.
  • Jotaro Kujo - When encountering as Part 3 Jotaro, Yukako notes that he looks familiar, though unlike other characters from Part 4, she doesn't clearly recognize who he is, presumably due to the two never directly interacted with each other during the event of Part 4. In response, Jotaro tells her to get out of his way. In another interaction, Yukako yells at Jotaro to get out of her way to meet Koichi; Jotaro responds with yelling at her to shut up, much like how he did to his mother and his groupies. As Part 4 Jotaro, Yukako asks him whether he met with Koichi, with Jotaro responding it is not the case. In another interaction, Yukako forcefully asks Jotaro where Koichi is. Jotaro angrily replies to stop annoying him, similarly to how he did to Josuke's Groupies when he met Josuke at first time.
  • Old Joseph Joestar - Much like Jotaro above, Yukako yells at Joseph to get out of her way to meet Koichi, but Joseph tells her to calm down. She then yells at him one more time if she defeats him, while Joseph remarks her as a terrifying Stand user if he is victorious. In another interaction, Joseph tells Yukako, who seemingly recognizes him due to him having introduced Cinderella Beauty Salon to her, to stay back, but she refuses, insisting she must meet Koichi, confusing Joseph.
  • Yoshikage Kira - Yoshikage praises Yukako's hair, only to her sensing that he is a Stand user. In another interaction, Yukako seeks revenge for what happened to Koichi during his and Jotaro's first encounter against Yoshikage. When encountering Yukako as "Kosaku Kawajiri", Yoshikage asks Yukako to trim his fingernails, much like how he did before killing Minako Okura, but Yukako strongly refuses.
  • Giorno Giovanna - Giorno, underestimating her, attempts to scam Yukako by offering a taxi ride for 8,000 yen, but she doesn't fall for Giorno's trick and demands for him to lower the price. Realizing his mistake, Giorno comments that it "looks like I decided to talk to the wrong girl." In another interaction, Yukako warns Giorno that she has come to retrieve Koichi's stolen bag (referencing Giorno stealing Koichi's luggage at the start of Vento Aureo). After the match is over, he acknowledges her ability, saying that "Koichi really found himself an unforgettable girlfriend…"


She is paired with Hol Horse in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament but was eliminated in the preliminaries by Jotaro Kujo and Vanilla Ice.




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