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Capo Bucciarati; The First Order from the Boss (ブチャラティ幹部;ボスからの第一指令 Bucharati Kanbu; Bosu kara no Dai Ichi Shirei), originally Risk Your Lives! (命を懸けて! Inochi o Kakete!) in the WSJ release, is the thirtieth chapter of Vento Aureo and the four hundred sixty-ninth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


As an operative, Bucciarati's first mission is to protect Trish Una, the boss' daughter.

Around two months ago, a woman named Donatella Una, died of an illness. Before she died she desired to see her lover, "Solido Naso." However, this person doesn't exist, being only an alias for the boss. Her daughter searched for her father, but to no avail. Learning he has a daughter, the boss sent Pericolo to retrieve her and put her into hiding.

To attempt to reveal the boss' identity is considered treason within the gang. There is a group within the gang who plan to overthrow the boss, and take over the drug trade by kidnapping Trish and learning the boss' identity. Because these men are Stand users, this assignment was originally given to Polpo, but due to his death the assignment was transferred over to Bucciarati. Giorno realizes this could be his only chance to learn the boss' identity, and fulfill his dream of becoming a Gang-Star.


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