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I gave you an order! I asked for a protection fee, too! And you're gonna ignore the both of them?! You're really giving Leaky-Eye Luca a "no" on both counts?! (おれはおめーに命令したんだ! ショバ代を払えとも言った! 両方とも逆らうっつーんだな!? この「涙目のルカ」に「両方」とも「NO(ノー)」つぅーんだなッ!, Ore wa omē ni meirei shitanda! Shoba-dai o harae tomo itta! Ryōhō tomo sakarau ttsunda na!? Kono 'Namidame no Ruka' ni 'ryōhō' tomo 'nō' tsūnda na!)
—Luca to Giorno Giovanna, Chapter 441: Gold Experience, Part 2

Leaky-Eye Luca (涙目のルカ, Namidame no Ruka) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

Luca is a Passione member controlling all illegal businesses done at Naples' airport. After finding out that Giorno Giovanna has committed crimes on his territory without paying his tithe to him, Luca confronts the young boy. This incident triggers the events of Vento Aureo, as Passione sends Bruno Bucciarati to find and execute his killer.

He has no known Stand but uses a shovel as a weapon instead, which he uses to beat people with.


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Luca is a man of average to below-average height, being nearly eye to eye with Giorno, with a hunched stature. The two distinct features of Luca's appearance are his constantly leaking right eye, which he received due to a previous facial injury, with the scar noticeable under his eye, and his bangs which come down into two points.

Luca wears a coat with flower patterns covering it, which are given more detail in the manga, over a button-up shirt. Luca is always seen carrying a shovel with the acronym "S.P.Q.R." engraved on it.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Orange coat with green flower patterns, black button-up shirt with blue trimmings, black pants, brown shoes)
Hair(Grayish Pink)
Eyes(Olive Green)
Upper Outfit
(Indian red coat with chartreuse flower patterns, burgundy button-up shirt with orange trimmings)
Lower Outfit
(Black pants, dark gray and white shoes with yellow trimming and indigo laces)
(Gray blade, brown wooden shaft, blue and gray handle grip)
(Purple coat and flower patterns, black button-up shirt with dull yellow trimmings, black pants, black shoes)


I'm the one doing the talking here! Who gave you the right to ask questions, dumbass?! (話を今してんのは このオレだッ! 誰が質問していいと言ったッ!? このボケがッ!, Hanashi o ima shiten no wa kono ore da! Dare ga shitsumon shite ī toitta!? Kono boke ga!)
—Luca to Giorno, Gold Experience

Luca is a ruthless and merciless gangster. Luca usually hides behind a masquerade of amiability and citing friendship as one of the most important values. However, he uses the term friendship to disguise his will to be obeyed and paid for what he sees as his due payments for operating on his territory. Luca is particularly callous and violent, threatening Giorno Giovanna for money, and refusing to listen when Giorno adamantly claims to have none. When he saw a frog, he also ordered Giorno to kill it and attempted to bash it, as well as Giorno. Narancia Ghirga comments that Luca was generally mean to others and that he sold drugs to children.


Nothing is known of Luca's past, except for the fact that he was in a fight that left him with his signature injury and moniker.[4]

In the anime, Luca is first seen assaulting an unlicensed taxi driver who attempted to earn money on Luca's territory without paying him a protection fee. The man eventually rats out someone else who has been dealing behind Luca's back. After getting a name, Giorno Giovanna, out of the man, Luca thanks him for the information before finishing him off.

Luca meets Giorno Giovanna

Luca meets Giorno at a fenced-off area of the airport and begins the conversation by asking Giorno his age, which he finds comical upon hearing. Luca then details the three pillars of friendship: truth, forgiveness, and above all respect. When Giorno dares to ask Luca what he wants, he immediately shoves his shovel handle in the youth's face and loudly rebukes him. Luca then reveals that he seeks a protection fee from Giorno, and begins searching his wallet. However, all Luca finds is a picture of Giorno's father, as Giorno had already paid a pair of guards to ignore his illegal activity.

Luca gets the damage reflected back to him, putting him in a coma

Finding Giorno's wallet empty and becoming increasingly frustrated with the youth, Luca swipes at his neck with a shovel, though Giorno dodges the blow. Suddenly, a frog jumps out of a sewer drain and hops onto Giorno's leg, continuing up his body. Luca tells Giorno to get rid of the frog, but Giorno refuses. This second act of defiance drives Luca over the edge, compelling him to strike both the frog and Giorno's chest with his shovel. However, the frog fully reflects the attack back toward Luca, creating an imprint of his own shovel on the back of his head and killing him.[3][4]

Following the incident, Polpo assigns Bruno Bucciarati and his team the task of investigating Luca's murder, despite Narancia's objections. Though Bucciarati initially assigns Fugo to the case, believing it to be of little importance,[3] he decides to take on the task himself after he and Mista are attacked by a strange enemy Stand.[5] While interrogating Giorno, Bucciarati initially states that Luca is alive, but in critical condition with little-to-no possibility of recovery.[6] However, this is soon revealed to be a lie, as Bucciarati claims that his boss had Luca killed and allowed Bucciarati to use Luca's fingers and eyeball as scare tactics.[7] Ultimately, Bucciarati reports to Polpo that he failed to identify Luca's killer, at the same time recommending Giorno to the organization.[8]

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Quote.png Quotes
  • When it comes to friendship, there are three "Us" you have to keep in mind, see? Just three "Us." The first... is to be upfront. The second is to be understanding... And the third's to not upset your friend. Got it? The three "Us" of friendship. (いい友情関係ってのには3つの『U』が必要なんだなあ………! 3つの『U』。ああ…1つ目はな………「()そをつかない」だ。2つ目は「()らまない」… そして3つ目は相手を「敬う」… いいだろ?友情の 3つの『U』だ, Ī yūjō kankei-tte no ni wa mittsu no "yū" ga hitsuyō nanda nā...! Mittsu no "yū". Ā... Hitotsu-me wa na... 'uso o tsukanai' da. Futatsu-me wa 'uramanai'... Soshite mittsu-me wa aite o 'uyamau'... Īdaro? Yūjō no mittsu no "yū" da.)
    —Luca, Chapter 441: Gold Experience, Part 2
  • I gave you an order! I asked for a protection fee, too! And you're gonna ignore the both of them?! You're really giving Leaky-Eye Luca a "no" on both counts?! (おれはおめーに命令したんだ! ショバ代を払えとも言った! 両方とも逆らうっつーんだな!? この「涙目のルカ」に「両方」とも「NO(ノー)」つぅーんだなッ!, Ore wa omē ni meirei shitanda! Shoba-dai o harae tomo itta! Ryōhō tomo sakarau ttsunda na!? Kono 'Namidame no Ruka' ni 'ryōhō' tomo 'nō' tsūnda na!)
    —Luca, Chapter 441: Gold Experience, Part 2
  • You... You...! You're standing in your own damn grave! (てめーはもう…〜〜〜 てめーはもう〜〜〜 てめえはもうおしまいだぁあーーーっ!!, Temē wa mō... Temē wa mō... Temē wa mō oshimaidā!!)
    —Luca, Chapter 441: Gold Experience, Part 2

Video Games

Diamond Records (Android/iOS)

Leaky-Eye Luca
Luca appears in Diamond Records as a playable character in only the Tactical Battle game mode. He has one 'Fighting Spirit' type 6 star statue. Luca's 6 star statue was added to the game during the April Fools 2019 event, and notably only has a single weak basic attack in his moveset. He also appears as a boss character in Tactical Battle stages, where he has an additional attack.

Luca's basic attack is a single punt with the handle of his shovel, followed by a kick.
(AI only) Luca can hit the player with a heavy swing from his shovel. This skill is not used in his playable statue.

Leaky-Eye Luca
Luca's assist form can be used in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. He has a 3 star assist, and a 4 star assist, both of the 'Fighting Spirit' type. His 3 star assist does not include an assist ability, as 3 star assists only function as stat boosts for the playable statue they are equipped to. Like all assist characters, when the active assists link together, his assist ability may provide extra effects (Action Battle mode only).

(Assist Ability) Luca hits an opponent with a strong strike from his shovel, and grants the active player an attack buff.



  1. In Chapter 443, Bucciarati states that Giorno's attack left Luca in critical condition, and further reveals in Chapter 444 that Passione had him killed afterward. However, in Chapter 445, Bucciarati accuses Giorno of killing Luca, and it is revealed in Chapter 590 during a flashback that Luca was found dead at the airport prior to Bucciarati's involvement.


    • Chapter 440: Gold Experience, Part 1, p.2. At the beginning, Koichi says it as been three months since the new year.
    • Chapter 572: The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 1, p.7. Giorno's watch shows it is the 6th during the last day of Vento Aureo.
    • All subsequent dates are calculated from there.
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