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For a similar character from Gorgeous Irene, see Irene Rapona
Hop in, tyke! You can trust me. I'm Irene. And he's Anakiss.
—Irene, SO Chapter 158: What a Wonderful World

Irene (アイリン Airin) is a minor, but key character featured in Stone Ocean.

She appears to Emporio on the occasion that Enrico Pucci's reset of the universe fails and reverts, resembling Jolyne Cujoh.


Irene appears effectively exactly like Jolyne; besides having slightly longer hair, and a softer outfit consisting of a light, turtle-necked sweater cut above the navel, patterned by several heart-shaped gaps or holes.


Irene is friendly and rather carefree, having offered a ride she shares with her boyfriend, Anakiss, to multiple strangers (Emporio and the counterparts to Ermes and Weather Report). She also seems to have a better relationship with her father than she previously did, as she is going to him to ask to marry Anakiss. Like Jolyne, she also adopts a motherly attitude to Emporio.


After the universe is reset due to Made in Heaven, Emporio Alnino defeats Pucci and is transported to a random gas station in the original universe. There he meets several of his friends, including "Irene" and her apparent boyfriend, Anakiss. Soon after Emporio misses the bus, Anakiss and Irene offer to give him a ride, assuring him that they aren't bad people. Irene tells Emporio that they were on their way to meet with Irene's father in order to ask for his approval of her and Anakiss's marriage. As they talk, the rain starts up and Irene takes off her jacket and wraps it around Emporio. Emporio notices the Joestar Birthmark on Irene's shoulder and tells her his name. The group drives off, but not before Irene tells Anakiss to stop the car to give a ride to who appears to be Weather Report walking on the side of the road.


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Irene's voice and lines appear during the final text-based cut scenes of the Stone Ocean STORY MODE, sharing her voice actress, Miyuki Sawashiro, with Jolyne. The text consists of her conversation with Emporio where she introduces herself and offers him a ride (reenacting the the original story line).

Irene's outfit also appears as Jolyne's third alternate costume.



  • Her name is the same as Irene Rapona from one of Araki's first works, Gorgeous Irene. In an interview, Araki states that there isn't any deep meaning or relationship between the two Irenes, and he was merely having fun.[1]
  • The names Irene and Anakiss form a word play when together: Irene (I lean) Anakiss (And I kiss)

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