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Vento Aureo
Stone Ocean

In every volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the front folded flap of the dust jacket usually contains a picture of Hirohiko Araki himself, and more than often a note to the reader. The quotes are always different from each other, and are usually about Araki expressing his opinion on certain subjects. These subjects can be about anything, including information about characters or the story itself. The following notes and pictures below are from the volumes of Stone Ocean.


Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 1
Leaving behind bloodlines is important to my work. Jolyne is alone, but she inherits the heart of her ancestors.

SO Chapter 2
We're looking for an assistant. For details, please contact Mr. Azuma of the editorial department. Thank you.

SO Chapter 3
Short story collection "Under Execution Under Jailbreak" is on sale. It's a pretty neat book, if I may say so...

SO Chapter 4
Happy New Year. My goal for the new millennium is going to be to buy a mobile phone and use it.

SO Chapter 5
I appeared on stage at Jump Festa. I was continually nervous. I honestly believe that manga artists should not appear in front of people.

SO Chapter 6
It's something I do every year, but I ended up writing a New Year's Card once we had already entered January.

SO Chapter 7
The next JoJo volume (coming out 2/25) is almost done. It's a little pricey, but I guarantee the contents have a bizarre coolness to them.

SO Chapter 8
In order to cultivate some tomatoes this year, I'm gonna get some dirt ready while it's still Winter. I'm gonna do it!

SO Chapter 9
I'm very lucky to have received a lithograph print from Mr. Katsura. I had it hung up at my workplace.

SO Chapter 10
JoJo artbook JOJO A-GO!GO! I made it because I wanted to see the amazing faces of my readers (I can't actually see them).
JoJoの単行本 JoJo A-GO!GO!。読者のみんなの驚く顔が見たくてこれを作ってみました(見られないけど)。

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 11
We will be judging the February Tenkaichi Manga Award. We'll be reading them as hard as we can!

SO Chapter 12
I've been falling over stuff like a kid a lot lately. Fortunately, I don't get hurt, but it's kind of uncool.

SO Chapter 13
A dentist I know won't fix my cavity because he says he's scared. It's not fair.

SO Chapter 14
I don't really need a DVD. It's just that I can't watch them without them.

SO Chapter 15
Mr. Higashi has been replaced by Mr. Inoue. Thank you, Azuma-san, for all your hard work over the years. Inoue san, I look forward to working with you from now on.

SO Chapter 16
Among the CDs I've recently listened to, Metallica's S&M (Symphony and Metallica) live album was pretty good.

SO Chapter 17
What worries me these days is that the police, the Self-Defense Forces, ... I think there are many other organizations that are old-fashioned.

SO Chapter 18
I remember burying a time capsule with my friend 30 years ago, but I forgot where.

SO Chapter 19
Released on 5/1, the number on the Jump Comics volume of Stone Ocean will be written as "1(64)".

SO Chapter 20
I thought it was a shampoo that doesn't foam, but it's for shaving. Seriously, I'm in trouble!

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 21
We planted three tomato plants and named them "Toma-chan No.1, No.2 and No.3" from the east.

SO Chapter 22
During this time, a gardener suddenly came and told me that the tomatoes would fail.

SO Chapter 23
Recently I've been watching F1 again. It's interesting to see all the new drivers coming out.

SO Chapter 24
Tomatoes 1, 2 and 3 are now about 40cm tall, and all are doing well.

SO Chapter 25
The Bunko comic version of "Cool Shock B.T." and "Baoh the Visitor" will be released on Friday, June 16th.

SO Chapter 26
An interview with me appears in the July issue of the music magazine "BU BAZZZ",

SO Chapter 27
More tomato news. My father called me the other day and advised me to thin out the stalks of my tomatoes.

SO Chapter 28
One month after planting, the tomato is 1m 20cm long and has finally produced a small fruit.

SO Chapter 29
Lately, I'd probably say my favorite film director is Michael Mann. Things like The Insider and Heat.

SO Chapter 30
Volume 2 (65) of JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean will be released on Friday, August 4th.

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 31
If there is one thing I would never eat unless someone peeled it for me, it would be crabs and summer oranges.

SO Chapter 32
What happened to Coulthard in Formula One? He became fast. He used to be a wimp...

SO Chapter 33
Long rain and wind broke the stalk of tomato No.1, and it died. He was 5'9"...

SO Chapter 34
JoJo Part 3 figures have been released. I think it's really good and the way he's standing is really cool!

SO Chapter 35
It's definitely getting hotter and hotter as the years go by. I really don't like hot weather...

SO Chapter 36
I went to the National Museum of Western Art in Ueno to see a painting by a Dutch artist called Vermeer.

SO Chapter 37
We are looking for an assistant. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Inoue, our editor.

SO Chapter 38
The best movie this summer was "Ripley", I felt like I wanted to stay in the world of the movie.

SO Chapter 39
Volume 3 (66) of JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean will be released on Wednesday, October 4th.
「ジョジョ第6部ストーンオーシャン 』第3(66)巻が10月4日(水)に発売されます。

SO Chapter 40
What does the news "Mysterious pyramid complex discovered in the Himalayas" mean?

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 41
We are still looking for assistants. If you would like to be a part of this project, please call Mr. Inoue in the editor's office!

SO Chapter 42
Tomato growing report. A total of 21 tomatoes were harvested. At a cost of 16,000 yen, how much is each tomato worth?

SO Chapter 43
Tsutsui Yasutaka's "Engazio Command Tower". I thought it was necessary to have this kind of "spirit" in order to write something.

SO Chapter 44
It's been a long time since I've seen a ghost. I got into a lift and the man I was in it with was not there when I got out.

SO Chapter 45
I donated red feathers to a charity, but they didn't give me any red feathers, but instead gave me a receipt...

SO Chapter 46
Volume 4 (67) of JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean will be released on Monday, December 4th.
「ジョジョ第6部ストーンオーシャン 』の単行本第④(67)巻は12月4日(月)発売です。

SO Chapter 47
I drew the CD Jacket for the new album by the musician SUGIURUMN (released on 12/13).

SO Chapter 48
Recently, I've become addicted to disco music, I just can't get it out of my head, like Kylie Minogue.

SO Chapter 49
I was surprised to see that the new "Jeff Beck" album got released early. Woo-hoo!

SO Chapter 50
The plastic tape that closes the bags of bread, it sticks to you when you take it off, it's annoying.

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 51
The biggest personal event of the year was when I was asked to review a painting by Vermeer for a newspaper.

SO Chapter 52
I was watching TV and there was this very selfish explorer who was going to catch a giant snake. I love him!

SO Chapter 53
It's a strange thing, but I've never seen a 2,000 yen note, not even a pen...

SO Chapter 54
It's been a year since the start of Part 6. Thank you all for the New Year's cards. I'm writing them now.

SO Chapter 55
Jump Comics Volume 5 (68) will be released on 2/2. Jolyne and Weather on the cover will be a landmark!!

SO Chapter 56
We are looking for assistants. If you're up for the challenge, please call Mr. Inoue, the editor in charge!

SO Chapter 57
My goal for this year is to get a motorboat licence (4th class). I have a tendency to get seasick, but...

SO Chapter 58
The latest video game I've been playing is "Onimusha" on PS2. The feeling of slashing the enemy is too powerful!

SO Chapter 59
The thing Weather Report wears on his head is a hat, it's not a hairstyle.

SO Chapter 60
We are looking for an assistant. If you want to be an assistant, please call Mr. Inoue, the editor in charge, as soon as possible!

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 61
I love the TV show "Snake Hunter". I'd like to be a selfish explorer like that.

SO Chapter 62
I think Unbreakable was a good movie, it was quite manic. I want to see it again.

SO Chapter 63
There's a guy who's always practicing swinging a bat in the street at night.

SO Chapter 64
This is referring to last year, but the album I was the most obsessed with was The Corrs' In Blue.
昨年の話だけど、一番はまったアルバムは、ザ・コアーズの『IN(イン) BLUE(ブルー)』。

SO Chapter 65
The fifth part of JoJo, "Giorno", is now available. The mystery of the hidden episode is revealed.

SO Chapter 66
I got my motorboat licence (class 4). I'd like to thank the people at Yamaha for all their help.

SO Chapter 67
First collaboration with Hirohisa Onikubo in 10 years for Manga Allman magazine. The Lives of Eccentrics (2).

SO Chapter 68
In the men's locker room at a certain place, I saw an old man with a tail, about 5cm long.

SO Chapter 69
A relative's third grader saved up his allowance to buy this. "Louis Vuitton bag" .......

SO Chapter 70
They're going to give permission to shoot a film in Tokyo. Art is more important than a living traffic jam.

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 71
The latest 7th volume of JC's Stone Ocean will be released on Monday 4th June. Watch out for the dream commercial!

SO Chapter 72
My neighbour is building a house, but I'm surprised when I leave because it's built faster than I could draw the comic.

SO Chapter 73
Last night I dreamt that I was bending a spoon. I don't think there was anything special about it.

SO Chapter 74
My favourite fashion designer recently has to be Roberto Cavalli.

SO Chapter 75
It was my birthday recently and I got more presents than ever this year. Why?

SO Chapter 76
Lately, I've been a bit afraid of Japanese food. Especially sushi with a sweet taste. I feel like I'm going to vomit.

SO Chapter 77
I've got a boat licence, but I screwed it up in the shallows. I felt like I was going to gum up the boat.

SO Chapter 78
I got a sore throat from the air conditioner. Summer in Tokyo is really scary. Will I make it through?

SO Chapter 79
I talked with Kazuma Kaneko of "Persona" and "Megami Tensei" in THRILL magazine.

SO Chapter 80
The make-up of Michael C. Clarke Duncan, the actor of 'Planet of the Apes', is amazingly close to his real face.

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 81
I'm actually growing tomatoes again this year, and I've got 22 tomatoes, which is a lot more than last year.

SO Chapter 82
My friend who gave me the nickname "Tamami", a character by Kazuo Samaizu, still calls me that.

SO Chapter 83
I saw the movie "A.I.". It was very good. I also thought it was similar to Tezuka's 'Astro Boy'.
映画「A.(エー) I.(アイ)」を観た。とても良かった。手塚先生の「鉄腕アトム」に似てるなとも思った。

SO Chapter 84
JC's "Stone Ocean" Vol. 8 (71), on sale 4 September. The cover shows the three of them in battle.

SO Chapter 85
A CD player is just a piece of junk that skips sound.

SO Chapter 86
I'll be taking a break next week. I'm not gonna say the "reason" why. Serialization will resume from Issue 44.

WSJ #43, 2001

SO Chapter 87
read Tamaki Saito's book "All About Youth" (PHP). I admire his analytical and observational skills.

SO Chapter 88
I've only just realised that "Resident Evil: Code Veronica" is a masterpiece of a game.

SO Chapter 89
Destiny Child and other American idols look like adults to me. They look like adults.

SO Chapter 90
There's nothing on the internet that I really want to look up. Or is there something wrong with the way I look things up?

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 91
Friday 2nd November, JC Comics releases Stone Ocean, Volume 9 (72), from F. F. E. vs Kenzo.

SO Chapter 92
Isn't it dumb that the Minister eats beef and kaibare daikon radish on TV? What's the point?

SO Chapter 93
We are looking for assistants. For more information, please contact the editor in charge.

SO Chapter 94
Oh no. I can now understand trainer design. I can't wear last year's anymore!

SO Chapter 95
We're looking for an assistant. Please send your CV and a few background shots of Jojo to the editorial office.

SO Chapter 96
I saw a video of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure game coming out from Capcom next spring. It looks fantastic. I'm really looking forward to it.

SO Chapter 97
I wrote a new piece for Allman magazine called "Henjin Eikoku Retsuden". It will be published in early spring 2002.

SO Chapter 98
It's too late to tell, but I enjoyed the movie "The Grinch". I think it's a good type of psycho-fantasy film for children.

SO Chapter 99
I drew two illustrations for the "GioGio's Bizarre Adventure" game Capcom are releasing in Spring. It's been a while since I last visited Part 5.
春にCAPCOM(カプコン)から発売される「ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の旋風」用イラストを2点描いた。5部のは久し振り。

SO Chapter 100
Happy New Year, my goal for 2002 is to get my first class small boat license.

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 101
The latest volume 10 (73) of JC's Stone Ocean will be released on Tuesday 5 February.

SO Chapter 102
The next issue of Stone Ocean will not be published as we will be visiting our next location. It will resume from issue 11.

WSJ #10, 2002

SO Chapter 103
My favourite film director is Michael Mann. I can't wait to see his new film "ALI" (Muhammad Ali's biography).

SO Chapter 104
I drew two illustrations for the game "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", one for the package and one for the poster.

SO Chapter 105
Is that machine that's been advertised recently as having the same effect as doing 1,000 sit-ups when stimulated with electricity really true?

SO Chapter 106
I don't like mini theatres that have a changeover system. It's too small and you have to stand in line to get in, which makes me hate movies.

SO Chapter 107
I finally collected all 100 volumes of the weekly book "Museums of the World". I think it's a really good book.

SO Chapter 108
My favourite guitarists these days are the old jazz guitarists. For example "Tal Farlow", whose most famous work is "Tal".

SO Chapter 109
The 11th (74th) volume of the Stone Ocean comics will be released on Thursday, April, and will cover the last days of F.F. and the arrival of Miu Miu.

SO Chapter 110
I drew the CD jacket of Sugiurumn. (Vol.2) is on sale. I just drew it.

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 111
I've been watching this on TV... FBI psychic investigation is too good to be true. But it's not a fake, is it?

SO Chapter 112
Recently, when I listen to music from the 80's, it makes me cry. I guess it's a nostalgic time. ......

SO Chapter 113
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency (4) and (5) were released the other day. Each volume is priced at 620 yen (tax included).
文庫コミック版 『ジョジョの奇妙な冒険Part2戦闘潮流①②』(⑷・⑸巻)が先日発売に。各巻定価620円(税込)

SO Chapter 114
The best of the best when it comes to portraying loner heroes. Michael Mann's "ALI" was very impressive.

SO Chapter 115
I'm not a fan of the World Cup at all, but I'd like to see something called "hooliganism". Is this inappropriate?

SO Chapter 116
Sometimes I remember that there really is a 2,000 yen note, isn't there? I've never seen one before.

SO Chapter 117
It may be self-praise, but I like the cover design of the paperback JoJo. Thank you very much, designer.

SO Chapter 118
The 12th volume of Stone Ocean will be released on the 4th of July. This will be the 75th volume of JoJo.

SO Chapter 119
There's been a lot of construction going on in the neighbourhood these days. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the noise.

SO Chapter 120
There was one thing that attracted me to the World Cup that I wasn't interested in. The name Tommage.

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 121
There are geckos at work. I don't mind them, but there's poo on the floor. On the phone and stuff.

SO Chapter 122
Volume 12 (75) of Stone Ocean is on sale this week on the 4th, and the obi has an announcement about the game being released on the 25th.

SO Chapter 123
I was a bit surprised by the design of the Peugeot MOONSTAR and the Honda UNIBOX.

SO Chapter 124
Stone Ocean will be on break in the 35th issue. The reason is a secret. It will resume in the 36th issue.

SO Chapter 125
A new project in regard to JUMP j BOOKS and JUMP NOVEL is underway this fall. We'll be reporting more on it soon.
秋口に、「JUMP j BOOKS」及び「JUMP NOVEL」絡みで、新企画が進行中。近日中に報告予定。

SO Chapter 126
My favorite CD recently is of the rapper Nelly. There's not a song I don't like.

SO Chapter 127
Queen Amidala was too beautiful. Star Wars: Episode II was very good...

SO Chapter 128
The newest volume, Volume 13 (76), will be on sale on Wednesday, September 4. Ermes and Emporio being entangled with Jolyne will be a landmark.

SO Chapter 129
I'm taking a late summer vacation this week. But I think I will draw something during that time. Right, I'm collecting data for "The Lives of Eccentrics".

SO Chapter 130
It's surprising, but there was a fun thing to do this hot summer. It's weeding. Perhaps only those who have done it can understand that pleasant feeling.

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 131
I went in for a physical check-up. I got my blood taken in a hospital that was kind of like a hotel, but the carbonated water they made me drink for the Barium test was disgusting.

SO Chapter 132
I rarely wear T-Shirts. I prefer shirts with a collar.

SO Chapter 133

SO Chapter 134

SO Chapter 135

SO Chapter 136
作家・(おつ)(いち)氏が復活させた『ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 第4部』新しい「杜王町」の怪事件。よい!

SO Chapter 137

SO Chapter 138

SO Chapter 139

SO Chapter 140

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 141
ジャンプコミックス 『ストーンオーシャン』第14(77)巻12月4日(水)発売。「穴」編が主な内容。

SO Chapter 142

SO Chapter 143
12月13日(金)に発売。女王陛下の少年スパイ!アレックス<シリーズ第2弾> 『ポイントブランク」第1弾同様イラストを描いた。

SO Chapter 144

SO Chapter 145

SO Chapter 146

SO Chapter 147

SO Chapter 148
最近気に入っている女性歌手は「ノラ・ジョーンズ」CDタイトルは 『ノラ・ジョーンズ』

SO Chapter 149

SO Chapter 150

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 151

SO Chapter 152

SO Chapter 153

SO Chapter 154

SO Chapter 155

SO Chapter 156

SO Chapter 157

SO Chapter 158

SO Volume 1

The protagonist of JoJo Part 6 is a woman. Why a "woman"? Therein lies the problem.

Since she's a JoJo protagonist, she's gotta be tough enough to not get disheartened even if she gets punched in the face. Sometimes she might be crawling through a ditch, or she might be falling from the top of a building with her legs wide open. It's a bit of a tight setup for a women.

But thinking about the differences in contrast, it actually seemed very interesting. Furthermore, she could be a person with great humanity like the Virgin Mary. I felt I just had to make the protagonist a woman.

I'm using this page to offer my thanks to the people who helped me with the realization of this volume.
Mr. Takashi Mizutani, attorney, who graciously offered his time to teach me the differences between Japanese and American Laws. Jeff Friend and Yoko Friend, his wife, Japanese translators who lived in New York and Miami, FL. L.T. Alhandro, director of the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.
Of course, if you find a single wrong fact in this volume, these people shouldn't be blamed. I assume the entire responsibility of the content of this volume as the author.

SO Volume 2

Nature Observations at Work, Part 4:

Last year, I contracted gastritis, I was told that it was caused by stress. At the time, I had heard the European saying, "A house that grows tomatoes never gets ill," and I said, "Oh, really?...then I'll grow some myself," and so I decided to grow tomatoes with that in mind. I bought a flowerpot (2,300 yen), fertilizer and dirt (about 1,000 yen) and a stake (200 yen). I planted three tomato seedlings (140 yen), making for a total of 10,920 yen. If I harvest ten tomatoes, how much would one of them yield?

(To be continued)

SO Volume 3

Observation of the nature surrounding us, N°5

The foot of the "nameko" mushroom is very long, like a stem, it is said to be delicious too. However the majority of the people find it ugly; shopkeepers are forced to cut them or else they don't sell. As for me I've decided that my tomatoes would have a real tomato "smell". Nowadays farmers manage to produce odorless tomatoes, because a lot of consumers find the smell "disgusting". Did you know that?

Besides, I have a feeling that the same practice happens in the world of manga. Be careful.

SO Volume 4

About my lack of sleep. It seems that genetic code determines how much time a person needs to sleep. But recently, a strange event happened. Until six months before, I didn't have a clear mind without my eight hours of sleep, but lately, I've noticed that three or four hours were enough and that I didn't want to sleep for eight hours anymore even though I knew it was bad for my health. What caused this transformation? My change of diet? My pillow? This is a complete mystery.

SO Volume 5

When I had a talk with the director of the Miami prison in Florida, for personal documentation, I asked him if the reasons for incarceration were different between men and women. Indeed I had the impression men were imprisoned for more terrible reasons than women. He answered: "It's the same, man or woman it doesn't matter. There are as many murderers and rapists from either gender."

SO Volume 6

Let's talk about my youth. When I was in primary school, I had a friend who was stupid. One day, as we were playing, he sat on a flowerbed, more precisely on some cacti whose thorns were so tiny we couldn't see them with the eye. His shorts was covered in thorns. Immediately he shouted, grabbed his behind, and began to cry as he stroked it, covering his hands in tiny thorns. Even if I told him that the thorns were invisible but still there, he compulsively licked his hands anyways. I think we didn't stay friends for long.

SO Volume 7

Cell phones.

It looks like practically everyone owns one these days. Personally I don't own any. Don't go thinking that it's about entertaining a difference between me and my fellow man, it's simply that I don't need one.

Firstly, my work makes it so that I'm always stuck in my studio. Secondly, I don't want people to be able to call me anywhere and whenever they feel like it, above all if it's to tell me banalities. I'll admit that it certainly would be useful to inform someone with whom I have a meeting that I'll be late though...(to be continued)

SO Volume 8

What kind of person am I, to not need cell phones in our period? I must acknowledge that it is very handy in case I'm late. Certainly if the person who is waiting for me has a cell phone, I can inform them on the way from a public booth.

On the other hand, when that person is late, they have no way to contact me. Which allows me, who cannot wait for more than fifteen minutes, to peacefully go home immediately. Anyway, it's the late person who's bothered the most.

Which would mean that people like me who don't own cell phones are selfish. I hope you're not angry at me, right?

SO Volume 9

How to draw a manga without tiring yourself out ?

In a nutshell, I must say that if such a trick exists, I want to know it. It's necessary that I find a way not to tire myself out so much when I'm drawing from now on. In that respect let me tell you here the experience I've lived. During a seitai seance, I had noticed that I've abnormally developed the posterior muscles of my right arm.

Meaning that by using my pencil on the pages day after day for hours, I've subconsciously trained the muscles of my right arm. The problem is that I've only trained those, which isn't good...

SO Volume 10

The first thought to cross my mind is that I must work out the left arm, but it's not easy for a mangaka who by drawing only works his right arm out for hours. You won't believe it but becoming left-handed for my everyday life is the only solution I've found. And here I am, lifting my towel, my umbrella, my toothbrush, my coffee mug, my TV remote, and my chopsticks with the left hand. I hope that I'll correctly train the muscles of my left arm. But there's another way not to suffer fatigue too much...

SO Volume 11

"How do you stop tiring yourself out when drawing?" "When you're drawing the small parts, don't go too much into the details!" Yes, I keep repeating that to myself before letting the pencil run on the page again, but it's just like that, I cannot help it. I know that the damage that this kind of person suffers is huge, and my sigh is like the deep breath a sportsman takes before a long run on the field... But I suppose I'm the only one who takes this so seriously...

SO Volume 12

In order to gather some documentation I went to the city called Orlando, Florida. It is a strange city, unique in the world, which has numerous theme parks. In short, I'd say that it is a city where some hopes and dreams have taken form. Everything here seems to have been thought, built, ordered to make visitors happy, up to the green spaces and the lakes. Personally this kind of place kinda makes me anxious but not this time. If you know how to stay calm, it is a very relaxing place in fact...

SO Volume 13

About Super Powers, Part 1

According to my mother's account, I was said to have super powers when I was little (which isn't the case anymore). What kind of super powers you ask?

Well for instance, in the waiting room of the hospital, I suddenly disappeared into the shadow of the couch. And then my mother asked "What's up with this idiot?", and a doctor in his blouse would come. Apparently I hated doctors so much that I had the power to sense when someone was approaching (I could predict his arrival in some way). Unbelievable, right? I had a predisposition allowing me to detect doctors!

SO Volume 14

About Super Powers, Part 2
The other day I bought five CDs. The musical genre went from Jazz to Rock, and R&B, all from different artists. However, when I read the text on the albums, I noticed that the producer was always the same. A guy named "Antonio L.A. Reid". What were the chances that I'd took these five CDs? It made me think about the same kind of miracle which would result in a royal straight flush at poker or winning the lottery.
A divine revelation you could say.

SO Volume 15

About cute faces.
Aiko-sama is pretty. By dint of seeing her on TV, I ended called her "The Cutie"! At the Louvres Museum, I find the portrait of the "Infante Marie Marguerite" from Velasquez prettier than the Joconde. So cute I'd cry.

The little girl drawn by the painter Yoshitomo Nara also makes me want to kiss her like a touched idiot.

But if the three people I find cute have a common point, I sure can't find it. They don't even look like each other!

SO Volume 16

The editors-in-chief generally only work during the afternoon. Twenty years ago, I brought my script to the Shueisha building in the middle of the morning and I showed it to the only person who was working at that hour. This person is the very first editor-in-chief of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" and their impressions and suggestions are very important to me. If I went there during the afternoon and met another editor, I would have produced a very different work. Destiny isn't founded on chance, it has its reasons. In "JoJo's", it's on that point of view that one bases themselves. It doesn't have much sense scientifically, but this is how I feel.

SO Volume 17

It's difficult to explain, but when I'm drawing I feel the existence of what I call "gravity".

In other words, while you might think that as an author I have utter control over the actions of the main characters by the progression of the story, or the world in which I make them live, it's not always like this, and at some moments it is the characters who act against my will. Through this method, some drawings have come out that I didn't want to make in the first place. That is how "gravity" manifests itself, which I also assimilate to "fate".

When you read this last volume of Stone Ocean, I'd like you to think a little about this.

Vento Aureo
Stone Ocean

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