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Venice's Santa Lucia Station - Get the "OA-DISC"! (ヴェネツィア・サンタ・ルチア駅『OA-DISC(ディスク)』をゲットせよ!, Venetsia Santa Ruchia Eki "Ō Ē Disuku" o Getto seyo!), originally Mista!! (ミスタ!!, Misuta!!) in the WSJ release, is the sixty-ninth chapter of Vento Aureo and the five hundred eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


A flashback narrates Guido Mista's past: Mista was once a simple young man enjoying the daily pleasures of life. When he was 17, he interrupted a man beating another woman, angering the thug's companions who tried to shoot him. Because one's aim depends on one's calmness, none of the men could hit Mista who calmly took the first thug's revolver, reloaded it in the middle of the flying bullets, and killed all three shooters in cold blood. Arrested and facing 15 years in prison, Mista was saved by Bucciarati who pulled some strings and recruited him into the gang.

Now, Giorno and Mista ride the stolen car together in order to retrieve the OA-DISC at Santa Lucia Station. Being alone on the Ponte della Libertà, Giorno and Mista are confident even as the temperature gradually drops, covering the windows with condensation. When Giorno opens a window and feels the freezing gust of wind, he realizes that the temperature is unnaturally low, and a photo of the Santa Lucia train station flies into the car.

An unseen opponent reveals himself, having successfully tracked the car using Pericolo's laptop and extracting the photo out of it. Noticing Trish's absence, the enemy concludes that Giorno and Mista are retrieving something at the train station.


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