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"Shakedown Road", Part 3 (『カツアゲロード』 その③, "Katsuage Rōdo" Sono 3), originally Trouble with the Curve, Part 3 (trouble with the curve③) in the UJ release, is the twentieth chapter of JoJolion and the eight hundred sixty-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Josuke uses Soft & Wet to try and draw out a part of what is inside the package, but to no avail. The gangsters persist that the package be delivered, though the protagonist and Joshu are hesitant on delivering it due to the two suspicious looking men watching them. The gangsters ensure them that they are not guilty of anything, so if they do happen to be policemen, they wouldn't give them trouble during the drop off. Without any other choice, Josuke and Joshu approach the big-chested women. Suddenly, the same phenomenon occurs again and Josuke shoots backward and hits one of the mysterious men in the face. The girl places her purse on a pile of leaves, and the gangsters place their own on the ground as well. The two purses suddenly switch places and she grabs Josuke's package after he hits the other man in the face. The two men turn out to be policemen and pin Josuke to the ground for an arrest.

While on the ground, Josuke notices tiny Stand-like creatures huddled underneath the leaves. With the trade off complete, the gangsters walk away to check the inside of the wallet for the money. It turns out to be empty, as it's revealed that Joshu placed his foot in the way during the trade off and manages to steal the wad of cash for himself. Joshu makes a run for it, but the gangsters use the leaves to their advantage and catch up to him quickly. While pinned down, Joshu notices screws materializing on his hand, and then on the hand of one of the gangsters. A humanoid Stand covered in nails can be seen in Joshu's shadow. Confused, the thug loosens the screw, causing his hand to fall off.


Les Feuilles
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Nut King Call
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