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The Watchtower Troupe is merely a stage name. A cover. They're assassins in disguise. Fifty-three cards, one Stand – my All Along Watchtower.

All Along Watchtower (オール・アロング・ウォッチタワー Ōru Arongu Wotchitawā) is the Stand of Cannolo Murolo featured in Purple Haze Feedback. This Stand is essentially a deck of sentient cards that divine information for Murolo.


Approximately 10 cm in length, All Along Watchtower is bound to a deck of cards, allowing each of them to become doll-like and sentient. The cards have a hierarchical relationship, with such cards as the King, Queen or Jack having higher positions.


The 53 cards forming All Along Watchtower call themselves the Watchtower Troupe, and enjoy performing circus tricks, such stacking themselves to form a pyramid. They are joyful and appear to get along, but will occasionally fight with each other.



All Along Watchtower has the ability to spy on targets without being seen or alerting them, then relay the information back to Cannolo in the form of a circus act. They act individually, taking advantage of their thin shape to perform assassinations and gather information while remaining unseen.

All Along Watchtower is a weak Stand, unfit for direct battle against most Stand users. However, because of their stealth and range, they are perfect for surveillance and espionage. Because it's composed of 53 independent cards, damage is split between them before reaching Cannolo, causing him to only receive 1/53 of any damage inflicted toward him.

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