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Head to Venice! (ヴェネツィアに向かえ!, Venetsia ni Mukae!), originally An Order from the Boss!! (ボスからの指令!!, Bosu kara no Shirei!!) in the WSJ release, is the sixty-eighth chapter of Vento Aureo and the five hundred seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


With Baby Face defeated, Trish and Bucciarati safely emerge from pieces of furniture, and the rest of group finally notice the fight. Some time later, Ghiaccio drives to the parking lot, seeing bystanders lamenting that their cars have all been stolen and that Trish and her bodyguards have all left.

Ghiaccio contacts Melone, who assures him that the next Baby Face will definitely succeed. However, remains of the first Stand, transformed into a venomous snake, have gone back to Melone and bites him in the tongue, leading to his death off-screen from the poison.

In Coco Jumbo, the Boss tells Abbacchio to rewind events 10 hours prior. The group sees Moody Blues reenacting Pericolo showing a photo of Venice's Santa Lucia train station, specifically the entrance, and instructing the group retrieve a disk containing Bucciarati's last orders. Pericolo subsequently kills himself to prevent interrogation by the enemy. Bucciarati's squad, taken aback by Pericolo's end, nonetheless moves toward Venice.


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