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Will Anthonio Zeppeli is a playable character in the PS3 game. He was confirmed along with Jonathan and Johnny Joestar. As a Ripple-user character (along with Jonathan, Joseph Joestar [Both Parts 2 and 3], Caesar, and Lisa Lisa), Zeppeli can recharge his Heart Heat Gauge through "Ripple Breath" by holding down the Style button, performing a famous JoJo pose, as well as deliver enhanced versions of skills if Style is inputted in place of normal attack buttons. Zeppeli has 950 HP.


Zeppeli is a very balanced and free-flowing fighter who carries an extraordinarily diverse arsenal. He possesses a myriad of attacks ranging from projectiles, to a reversal & anti-air, command throw, multiple aerial skills, and a Super Jump skill. Beyond that, Zeppeli is the only character in the game that can guard while in the air, which when combined with his aforementioned Super Jump and the ability to glide and alter the timing and directions of his landings, grant him tremendous aerial proficiency unseen in most of the roster. His superior Ripple Breath can also be used to force the opponent to attack and approach him due to the very fast rate his version of the skill builds Heart Heat. As a result, his prowess in nearly any aspect of combat is excellent, and he can be played to any role.

However, Zeppeli inflicts lower-than-average damage, even when enhancing his skills. While he still provides exceptional utility, he is only able to deliver a strong offense through enhancing most attacks, otherwise losing much of his combo potential when low on Heart Heat. Although he has advanced techniques for expanding his damage output, such as the ability to repeatedly 'Tiger Knee' most of his aerial skills, they require precision and good skill to execute consistently.

Wielding a wide-ranging array of odd-yet-useful abilities, Zeppeli represents an "easy to learn and difficult to master" form of character. Through his solid and varied skillset, he is a good option for beginner players while at the same time readily rewarding high-execution and mastery to experienced players with a multitude of ways to confuse the opponent and deal greater damage.

Command List

Zeppeli's moveset mostly comprises of the Ripple-based moves he had used in the original manga.

Ripple Breath

Zeppeli breathes out to produce the Ripple, charging his Heart Heat Gauge. As a Ripple master, Zeppeli's Ripple Breath replenishes the HHG faster than most other Ripple users, being roughly 150% of the normal rate and tying with Lisa Lisa's for fastest in the game.

Seated Jump
ASBDPad2.png then ASBDPad7.png or ASBDPad8.png or ASBDPad9.png ON GROUND

A 'Super Jump' skill. Zeppeli leaps higher into the air with his knees alone. This skill can be used to better evade attacks, or even extend time for air-based skills.

Spirit Ripple Overdrive
ASBDPad6.png + ASBS.png (hold ASBS.png to glide) IN AIR OK

Zeppeli makes use of Life Magnetism Overdrive to create a glider out of foliage, allowing him to slowly descend through the air toward/over the opponent for a short time while continuously draining his HHG. This skill can be used to alter the timing of his landing, and evade most attacks (especially so if used in conjunction with Seated Jump). This skill can also chain into an aerial normal attack or Tornado Overdrive.

Low Contact Ripple Guard
ASBDPad4.png + ASBS.png (hold ASBS.png to float) IN AIR OK

Zeppeli lays tucked-flat in the air, using the power of the Ripple to brace himself while continuously draining his Heart Heat Gauge; This is the only ability in the entire game that allows a character to defend themselves in mid-air. Zeppeli will slowly descend while the skill is in use, eventually falling to the ground. He can extend the ability's overall duration if used in conjunction with Seated Jump, though naturally at the cost of more Heart Heat.

Zoom Punch

Zeppeli hyperextends his arm and punches with greatly increased range straight forward. A command normal that can chain into any of his skills. (Comboable)

2 ATK buttons at close range or ASBT.png ON GROUND

Zeppeli quickly jabs his little finger into the opponent's abdomen to stun them, before kicking them to the ground.

Special Moves
Ripple Cutter
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + ASBL.png or ASBM.png or ASBH.png or ASBS.png ON GROUND IN AIR OK

Zeppeli spits wine out of his mouth as disc-shaped projectiles. The number of cutters he unleashes is altered by the attack button inputted, up to three. While the cutters will deal more total damage as they increase in number, the fewer there are, the higher the damage each individual projectile possesses. If used in the air, the cutters are fired diagonally downward. If Ripple-enhanced, this skill has Zeppeli spew a greater amount of cutters. (Flash Cancel comboable)

Sendo Wave Kick
ASBDPad6.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.png + ASBL.png or ASBM.png or ASBH.png or ASBS.png ON GROUND

Zeppeli leaps a great forward distance with his knee extended, sending the opponent flying if it hits. This move functions as both a reversal attack and anti-air, but cannot be Flash-Cancelled due to Zeppeli leaving the ground. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack delivers more hits and gains super armor, allowing Zeppeli to power through non-Throw/HHA/GHA attacks.

Sunlight Yellow Overdrive
ASBDPad4.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + ASBL.png or ASBM.png or ASBH.png or ASBS.png ON GROUND

Zeppeli unleashes a blast of Ripple from a single hand, sending the opponent flying. If Light (ASBL.png) is inputted, the attack has a slower start-up period but becomes an unblockable command Throw. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack's damage is decreased in exchange for instead leaving the opponent stunned and vulnerable. (Ripple-enhanced comboable)

Tornado Overdrive
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png or ASBM.png or ASBH.png or ASBS.png ON GROUND IN AIR OK

Zeppeli leaps into the air and comes down spinning, using his legs extended as a drill. This move is a middle attack that cannot be blocked crouching. It can also be used in mid-air, as well as to strike a downed opponent. If Ripple-enhanced, Zeppeli gains invulnerability until the height of his leap, phasing through attacks, and will trip a standing opponent into the air upon landing to launch them. (Ripple-enhanced Comboable)

Heart Heat Attack / Great Heat Attack
"This is Sendo!"
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + 2 ATK Buttons ON GROUND

Zeppeli reenacts his first demonstration of Ripple usage on a frog, against the opponent. He first slides across the ground in a low kick. If it lands, the opponent gets tripped to the ground by Zeppeli as he suddenly rises to his feet. He then charges the Ripple into his fist, before punching downward into the downed opponent, shocking them with the Ripple energy and sending them flying.

"The power of the sun! Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!"
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + 3 ATK Buttons, or ASBG.png ON GROUND

Zeppeli, charging Ripple energy, lunges forward with his little finger extended, asking what courage is. If the attack lands, the opponent is left stunned and defenseless as he answers that courage is about confronting and owning one's fear. Zeppeli then charges an immense amount of Ripple energy as golden Ripples emanate across the ground, and releases a Zoom Punch augmented with the power of Sunlight Yellow Overdrive, electrifying and blasting the enemy away in a single strike.

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