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I'm going to free myself from this ocean of stone (あたしは…この「石の海」から自由になる…)

Jolyne Cujoh (空条 徐倫, 空条徐伦) is a limited character in Path to Nowhere. She was released as a playable character on April 30, 2024.

Daughter of Jotaro Kujo. After being wrongfully convicted, imprisoned in Green Dolphin Street Prison, a maximum security prison facility. The subject inherited the strong will and unyielding spirit of the Joestar bloodline, as well as possessing a toughness unique to women.

STATS (LV1 → 90)

Health 1042 → 4480

Attack 157 → 674

Defense 88 → 378

Magic Resistance 87 → 373

Attack Speed 1 → 1

Block 1 → 1


A Stand User from another world. Deals X% more Damage, and an extra X% more for enemies with broken Cores.


Deals 10% more damage, and another 10% more towards enemies that are corebroken.

Exclusive Crimebrand

Looking At the Stars

New Exclusive Ultimate "String Rewind". Jolyne Cujoh moves to the designated grid and draws all enemies entwined with Stone Free’s string within the 3x3 range into a single target grid, and then uses Stone Free to attack, dealing (Total Attack * 480% / 720% / 960%) Magic Damage and 1 Core Damage. When the route enemies are being dragged on have impassable terrain, enemies will stop in advance. This effect will not work on enemies whose hitboxes are larger than one grid, nor will it affect boss or elite status enemies. "String Rewind" can only be used twice per battle.

Flavor Text

"Of course I'll see the stars, I want to keep on looking at the stars!"


  • Hand-to-hand Combat: Jolyne Cujoh attacks with her fists and feet, each hit dealing (Attack * 70%) Magic Damage. The third hit will use Stone Free to attack, dealing (Attack * 100%) Magic Damage.
  • String Barrier: Jolyne Cujoh moves to the designated grid and entwines all enemies within skill range with Stone Free string, and then uses Stone Free to attack, dealing (Total Attack * 720%) Magic Damage and 1 Core Damage to all enemies within skill range. Jolyne Cujoh’s Normal Attacks prioritises attacking enemies entwined with string.
  • Wind and Bind: When Stone Free’s attacks target enemies entwined with string, the string is triggered, causing them to become unable to move or attack. At the same time, damage dealt by Jolyne Cujoh towards them will deal an additional (Attack * 30%) Magic Damage, lasting for 3 seconds.
  • Stone Free: After string is triggered, Jolyne Cujoh’s next Normal Attack becomes Stone Free’s continuous attacks, dealing (Attack * 288%) Magic Damage to all enemies within skill range. This effect is able to stack.


  • S1 Clever Trick: For every 3 instances of "Hand to Hand Combat", gain 1 stack of Stone Free passive.
  • S2 Shackle Sync 1: ATK +5%.
  • S3 Binding Shackle: Enemies who get entwined with string will receive 20% Magic DMG taken debuff. This lasts for the duration of the entire battle.
  • S4 Emotion Resonance: Ultimate Skill's EP reduced by 5.
  • S5 Shackle Sync 2: ATK +5%.


Ability Summary

The subject's ability is Stone Free. The subject is able to turn one's own body into string while freely manipulating it, as well as assembling into a humanoid form. The usage of this ability is very versatile: it can be used to bind, defend, scout, suture, etc. The maximum extension of the string is around 24 metres, shortened to a maximum of 1~2 metres when meshed into a humanoid form. When the string is damaged, the subject's body is also physically injured, which can be fatal in severe cases.


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