Vento Aureo - Chapter 59 [498]

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The Grateful Dead, Part 11 (偉大なる死(ザ・グレイトフル・デッド) その⑪, Za Gureitofuru Deddo Sono 11), originally Which One's Faster?! (どっちが早い!?, Docchi ga Hayai!?) in the WSJ release, is the fifty-ninth chapter of Vento Aureo and the four hundred ninety-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Outside of the train, Pesci and Bucciarati stand off, waiting to begin their duel. With Prosciutto on the verge of death, the aging affect is nearly gone. Coupled with the fact that Sticky Fingers is superior to Beach Boy in close range, Bucciarati has the advantage.

Pesci is quick, attacking Bucciarati's leg before he even noticed Beach Boy had been brought out. Pesci lunges Beach Boy's hook at Bucciarati, but instead of dodging he runs straight into it, arms up, hoping that he'd have enough time to beat Pesci before the hook crawls up his arm and reaches his heart. Pesci reveals that Beach Boy's hook having to travel to the heart was a result of his former indecisiveness. Beach Boy pierces through Bucciarati's arms and goes straight into his chest. Before the hook can attack his heart, Sticky Fingers grabs Beach Boy's string and uses it to break Pesci's neck. Acknowledging that he could not win against Bucciarati, Pesci reveals he has the turtle and pulls Trish out of it.





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