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SPOILER WARNING: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak spoiler details may follow.

The only reason I let worthless pieces of trash like you walk free is so that you can be useful to me in times like these. Got it?
—Kazuki Karaiya, CDDH Chapter 8: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #8

Kazuki Karaiya (仮頼谷 一樹 Karaiya Kazuki) is the main antagonist of Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak, a spinoff manga of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He is a police officer in Morioh and a Stand user, sharing control of the parrot Petsounds's Stand as well as an ability to manipulate Boingo's Tohth.


Karaiya is a tall man with an androgynous appearance. He has light-colored hair styled in a bob cut, a mole below his right eye, and flat eyebrows. He wears a typical Japanese police officer uniform in the springtime consisting of a hat with an emblem on the front alongside a coat with a white dress shirt and a dark tie underneath.


Karaiya disgusted by the humans around him

Karaiya normally appears calm and serious, but is secretly deranged, sadistic, and an elitist. Despite being a police officer, he is fine with Petsounds attacking innocent civilians, including Josuke Higashikata, the grandson of Karaiya's coworker, Ryohei. Karaiya allows criminals like Koji Kiyohara to roam free if it means they can be of assistance to his plans. His calm demeanor can quickly change to reveal his true nature when he is angry.[2]

Karaiya is motivated by his grandfather's desire for them to stand at the top of the world together. He inherited his grandfather's ideology which the latter learned from Kars, where the winner should focus on being the one who comes out on top. Before being granted any power by his grandfather, Karaiya felt lost. However, he now feels like he could do anything, especially with Petsounds by his side. He has a superiority complex, perceiving other people around him as ignorant imbeciles. Karaiya initially acts friendly when speaking with Boingo, but it is merely an act that he puts on.[3]


They're finally mine... The future and the past are finally mine!
—Kazuki Karaiya, CDDH Chapter 9


Main article: Petsounds's Stand

After sharing a piece of his earlobe with Petsounds, Karaiya now shares a Stand with the parrot and capable of fully wielding it for his own gain. Petsounds's Stand is capable of recording events from the past in punched cards and inserting them into someone's body. The victim's body is then forced to reenact the event, essentially parroting what happened.


Main article: Tohth

Tohth is a comic-book-like Stand whose whimsical story periodically updates itself to predict the close future with 100% accuracy. After incapacitating Ryoko and Boingo, Karaiya takes the book for himself.

Tohth (トト神)Link to this section



A young Karaiya speaking with his grandfather

When Karaiya was young, his grandfather advised him not to open his heart to humans because of how shallow they are. Before World War II, his grandfather was at St. Moritz, Switzerland for an intelligence operation, where he experienced something that transcended all of creation. He never shared the truth with Karaiya's father, but decided to tell Karaiya since he felt that both of them were similar. His grandfather passed on the ideology he learned from Kars to Karaiya and later shared a part of his Vampire essence to Karaiya when he became an adult.[3]

In March 1999, Karaiya somehow stole Petsounds from his cage in Cairo, Egypt, and brought the parrot with him to Morioh, Japan. He shares a piece of his body with Petsounds, linking their souls together and making them share the same Stand.[4] Karaiya works in Morioh as a police officer in the Budogaoka Police Station.

Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak

Karaiya as a silhouette and Petsounds

Karaiya first controls Petsounds to use its Stand on the police inspector, Hiraoka. While driving to work, Hiraoka runs over several pedestrians and nearly crashes into Hol Horse.[5]

At the Budogaoka Police Station, Karaiya takes interest when Boingo mentions that he lost a manga. Ryohei asks Karaiya to escort Boingo back to his hotel. Before they leave, Karaiya ominously hopes that Ryohei could get a promotion someday for his hard work and passion.[1]

Later, Karaiya has Petsounds use its ability to possess a group of chefs. Watching from an alley, Karaiya witnesses Hol Horse using his Stand to defend himself and is excited to learn that there are other Stand users in Morioh.[6]

Without directly meeting him, Karaiya gives Koji Kiyohara permission to kill whoever he wants in Morioh's subway station, while also having Petsounds attack Josuke and Hol Horse. However, Kiyohara and Petsounds are both defeated by the duo, allowing Ryohei to arrest Kiyohara.[7] While Kiyohara is in his jail cell, he sees a memory of Karaiya sitting beside him in a police car. Karaiya asks him how it felt to lose. When Kiyohara doesn't answer the question but instead asks who Karaiya is, Karaiya screams at him. Petsounds then appears behind Karaiya and activates its Stand ability on Kiyohara, causing him to shriek in his cell.[2]

Karaiya takes control of Tohth

Karaiya looks at the civilians around him and feels that he is superior to all of them. Recalling his grandfather's words from when he was younger, Karaiya has full faith that he can crush anyone that stands in his way. Karaiya walks up to Boingo, who is taking shelter from the rain, and asks if he needs a hand searching for his book. However, Karaiya actually incapacitates Boingo and carries him with one arm while looking for Tohth. He eventually finds Ryoko Kakyoin and uses Petsounds's Stand to possess her. With Tohth left on the ground, Karaiya picks it up and becomes its new owner. The pages tell him to give Ryoko a gun so that she can shoot Hol Horse. Karaiya is ecstatic that he can now control both the past and the future using Petsounds and Tohth.[3]

Karaiya then uses Boingo as bait to lure Josuke into a trap. Despite Josuke's caution, he falls for it and Petsounds is able to attack him.[8] Josuke and Boingo manage to break free from the illusion thanks to Josuke's Stand, causing Karaiya to grind his teeth in anger wondering what kind of ability Josuke has. He assures that no matter what tricks Josuke uses next, he will never win against the abundant memories Petsounds has stocked up. He declares that his next attack will be a massacre and he'll kill all of them.[4]

When Josuke, Boingo, and Hol Horse reunite, Karaiya tricks them by using a paper model of Petsounds and an illusion of Ryoko to split them up. Josuke runs after the fake Ryoko, and Hol Horse chases after "Petsounds". After Karaiya successfully splits them up and isolates Josuke, he makes Josuke relive a memory of Daniel J. D'Arby playing poker with DIO. While Josuke is defenseless, Karaiya comes behind him with a cutting torch and intends to make Josuke's death look like a suicide.[9] Luckily, Josuke manages to escape the memory by punching Petsounds before Karaiya could harm him. Karaiya tries to act innocent, but Josuke sees through his trick and punches him with his Stand.[10]

Karaiya attempts to have Josuke hear The World's Stand cry, which he claims is the most powerful sound. Petsounds plays the sound with its Stand and Karaiya boasts about taking his place far above humans and looking down on everyone. Fortunately, Josuke is unharmed and only complains about his ears ringing. He had previously broken Petsounds's beak when he punched the parrot earlier to escape the D'Arby illusion. Josuke realized that the secret to Petsounds's ability is parroting back the exact noises it hears. Since its beak is broken, the sound it parrots will be off-key, and the ability will be useless. Josuke also figures out that Petsounds ate a piece of Karaiya's ear, so he uses his Stand to reattach the piece of Karaiya's ear that was in Petsounds's stomach. Josuke remembered Karaiya saying he wants to stand far above humans and look down on them, so he gives him exactly what he asked for. Karaiya becomes a hot air balloon after Josuke's Stand fuses the cutting torch with his skin and fuses his arms with a curtain.[11]


Quote.png Quotes
  • I hope that someday he gets rewarded for all his hard work.
    —Kazuki Karaiya talking about Ryohei Higashikata, CDDH Chapter 3: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #3
  • So there were other Stand users here after all... Just you wait, I'll show you what Petsounds can really do!
    —Kazuki Karaiya, CDDH Chapter 4: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #4
  • The only reason I let worthless pieces of trash like you walk free is so that you can be useful to me in times like these. Got it?
    —Kazuki Karaiya to Koji Kiyohara, CDDH Chapter 8: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #8
  • Since I, Kazuki Karaiya, have come here to speak to you personally: I want you to answer me nice and clearly. Can you do that? Hmmm? Now, what you say next will determine your worth in the world.
    —Kazuki Karaiya, CDDH Chapter 8: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #8
  • Wrong answer!! That’s why you’re nothing but trash!!
    —Kazuki Karaiya, CDDH Chapter 8: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #8
  • I, Kazuki Karaiya, am nothing like these ignorant lowlifes.
    —Kazuki Karaiya, CDDH Chapter 9: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #9
  • The fact that I have the power of Petsounds in my grasp is proof that I, Kazuki Karaiya, deserve to stand at the top.
    —Kazuki Karaiya, CDDH Chapter 9: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #9
  • Anyone who stands in my way will be granted no mercy!
    —Kazuki Karaiya, CDDH Chapter 9: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #9
  • No matter what cheap tricks you use, your Stand is limited to its one ability! But with the wealth of memories this parrot has stocked, you'll never win!
    —Kazuki Karaiya talking about Josuke Higashikata, CDDH Chapter 11: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #11
  • Finally I can dispose of you... better yet, I'll be making you look like a moron! The sort of moron who plays with an Acetylene torch and gets himself killed!
    —Kazuki Karaiya talking about killing Josuke Higashikata, CDDH Chapter 13: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak #13


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