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"Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 10 (『グリーン・ディ』と『オアシス』 その⑩, "Gurīn Dei" to "Oashisu" Sono 10), originally Two Messages!! (メッセージは2つ!!, Messēji wa Futatsu!!) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred twenty-fourth chapter of Vento Aureo and the five hundred sixty-third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Giorno, victorious, hears the deceased Cioccolata's mobile phone ring. It is Secco who is calling and is wondering why his master isn't answeing the phone. Secco notices that he's received two messages, the first informing Secco that Cioccolata had defeated Mista. Secco emerges from the ground, but sees that despite Cioccolata's assured victory, the mold disappeared.

Worried, Secco then listens to the second message, which informs him that Cioccolata has suffered a setback, and that just in case, a secret which will defeat even the Boss is inside the Colosseum. Secco then openly mocks Cioccolata, declaring that since he's lost, he's a weakling.

Bucciarati overhears the second message and knows that Secco is headed to the Colosseum too. He throws a metal pole at Secco which plants itself into a stela, it closes on itself due to a zipper. However, Secco turns the stela around so that Bucciarati is threatened by the closing pole. He breaks the stela to save himself, and faces Secco once again.


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