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L'assassinio è la scommessa più sicura... Finché utilizziamo il mio "Sex Pistols"...
—Guido Mista, Chapter 489: The Grateful Dead, Part 2

Sex Pistols (セックス・ピストルズ Sekkusu Pisutoruzu) è lo stand Stand di Guido Mista, presente nella quinta parte delle Bizzarre Avventure di JoJo, Vento Aureo.

Sex Pistols è uno senziente composto da vari piccoli stand, grandi quanto proiettili, che possono cavalcare i proiettili che Mista spara, calciandoli e cambiando la loro direzione.


Chara mista stand.png

Sex Pistols è composto da sei piccole entità simili a proiettili (Mista li chiama "persone"), che vivono dentro la sua revolver, essi sono divisi, dal numero 1 fino al 7, tranne però il numero 4 (Probabilmente a cause della personalità superstiziosa di Mista). Tutti loro hanno una testa che ha la forma di una goccia d'acqua, occhi bianchi con contorno nero e delle piccole strisce che partono dal centro del loro corpo e piccolissime pupille che sembrano tagliate.

Nelle apparizioni successive, mancano le linee radiali nei loro occhi e le loro pupille sono più centrate, in modo da farle apparire più naturali. Spesso i Sex Pistols aprono le loro bocche, rivelando i loro denti storti. Il loro "abbigliamento" consiste in camicie con spalline appuntite, pantaloni stretti simili a leggings con ginocchiere e scarpe a punta con punte che si curvano verso l'alto. Ironia della sorte, ognuno di loro ha quattro dita invece di cinque su ciascuna mano. Però hanno cinque dita in All Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven e nell'anime.

La maggior parte dei media che presentano i Sex Pistols li ritraggono come gialli, però nel Gioco della PS2 sono bianchi.

Palette di Colori

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Body(Corpo dorato con mani e piedi gialli)
(Sclera gialla colorata di bianco, pupille grigio scuro)

Eyes(Sclera lime, pupille marroni)

(Corpo giallo-arancio con mani e piedi giallo chiaro)
Eyes(Sclera bianca, pupille nere)

Eyes(Sclera bianca, pupille nere)

Eyes(Sclera biancastra, pupille nere)


Sex Pistols having a picnic

Interestingly for Stands, the Pistols all have distinct personalities, and frequently converse with Mista. Each Pistol has a different personality, but they all share a childish and irreverent nature; they are prone to argue, can make inappropriate comments, and will not work if they are not fed.[2] Outside of battle, Mista doesn't actually control the Pistols, who do as they please.

  • No.1 is the leader of the group[1] and is typically shot out first. Outside the number on its head, it's usually distinguishable by its joyful demeanor and canthus-like markings on its eyes. When turned against Mista via Chariot Requiem's defensive ability, No.1 becomes violent and curses at him, threatening to "blow his brains out" while rapidly kicking him in the face.
  • No.2 appears the most rogue-like, but will often work together with No.1 as a team. The two have interacted a couple of times through some form of Dap greeting. Aesthetically, No.2's eyes have a black bar running between them, giving the appearance of goggles.
  • No.3 is vicious and commonly shows a belligerent face, having squinted eyes. He commonly bullies No.5.
  • The naming order skips to No.5, a timid crybaby who is constantly bullied by No.3, identifiable by the spot in his nose region.
    No.5 being bullied by No.3
    He is most often seen on the receiving end of some kind of harassment, which is likely a reflection of Mista's dislike for what could have been his actual number. When other Pistols and/or Mista himself is injured or in danger, No.5 usually stays behind to simply cry until ordered otherwise. Fortunately for Mista, this often leads to No.5 being the last Pistol intact should the others be caught in any danger, making it the one that keeps him alive in many battles.
  • No.6 is considered the most fearsome-looking of the group, usually keeping an irate face coupled with a V-shaped marking above its eyes. Unlike No.3, it never displays hostility towards the others, though is nonetheless violent, shown when it angrily, if not excitedly, tells Bucciarati to kill Prosciutto after he nearly kills Mista.
  • No.7 is similar to No.1 in appearance, having completely circular eyes. It is also known to take initiative in a similar fashion. Much like No.2, it'll yell out in excitement when riding a bullet, and has at some point imitated a bull rider. In its first appearance, it had three fingers on each hand and shared No.2's black bar between its eyes, which were slightly elliptical.


Sex Pistols are by themselves very weak Stands and rely on the gun bullets they ride to participate in combat. Despite this, they are highly autonomous and have a long range (going as far as bullets can fly). This allows Mista to control the battlefield and gather information from afar thanks to the Pistols being able to spy on their enemies.[3] If need be, the Pistols can make decisions by themselves whenever the opportunity presents itself, often surprising foes as a result.

Sex Pistols is unusually resilient and can persist even if Mista is put in a state of near-unconsciousness or even near-death. Should this be the case, the Pistols can continue to help Mista's allies.[4]

Bullet Control

Sex Pistols kicking bullets into their target

The Pistols' ability is to literally ride the bullets that Mista fires in order to position themselves over an area (although they can hover around too), and then violently kick the bullets to change their path.[5]

Mista's most common use of this is to rebound shots, allowing the sudden redirection of bullets to hit moving targets, strike key areas, or otherwise take his opponents by surprise by using odd and unpredictable angles. If all 6 of Sex Pistols are on a single bullet, they have the power to split said bullet into multiple pieces when they all kick, creating multiple projectiles.[6] However, the Stand is vulnerable to attacks while out and active,[7][8] but Mista can survive the most brutal harm dealt to the six members of his Stand so long as a single one of them remains unharmed.[9] The Pistols can also block incoming bullets, and on one specific occasion, No.5 has even saved Mista from three fatal shots fired to the head by Prosciutto.

Enhanced Reloading

Putting bullets into the chambers

Mista normally does not reload his own gun but has Sex Pistols reload it for him.[10] For this, he uses a six-chamber revolver. Mista can use any type of firearm, but a chamber allows the Pistols to reload all at once, as reloading a pistol magazine takes more time.[11] Unlike Hol Horse's Emperor, another gun-related Stand, Sex Pistols has no firearm to work with by default and must always be provided a gun and ammunition, since it is useless for offense otherwise. However, each Pistol is able to fire a bullet without a gun by kicking the bullet's primer.[12]

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  • Sex Pistols was the most portrayed Stand in the manga series (appearing in 385 panels), beating both Silver Chariot (367 panels) and Star Platinum (351 panels, up to Part 5).[13]

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