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Masazo Kinoto

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I hate it when people see my back!
—Masazo Kinoto

Masazo Kinoto (乙 雅三 Kinoto Masazo) is a tertiary character featured in the 4th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable, specifically in the "Cheap Trick" story arc.

Masazo is an architect commissioned by Rohan Kishibe to evaluate the repair costs of his house but was also made an unwitting Stand user by Yoshihiro Kira. He acquires Cheap Trick but dies because of it.


Kinoto Masazo Render.png

Masazo Kinoto is a scrawny man, having an undercut with two wild locks of hair, and cauliflower ears. He is seen wearing casual business attire: a collared shirt, khaki pants, and a large trench coat.

Color Schemes

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Skin(Fair, black lips)
(Khaki coat over a sky blue shirt and khaki pants.)

Skin(Fair, tan lips)
Hair(Pale Auburn)
(Beige coat over a green and purple shirt and brown pants.)


Masazo is a quiet and timid architect, but a little greedy. His Stand, Cheap Trick, constantly keeps him paranoid, subliminally warning Masazo that he would die if anyone saw his back. Since obtaining the Stand, Masazo is in constant danger of people seeing his back, causing him to behave erratically, and do bizarre acts to hide it, such as walking on the street with his back against somebody else's back, pushing himself against a wall to walk sideways, and even crawling up stairs upside down. As revealed by Heaven's Door, Masazo frets over the fact he hasn't been able to find a girlfriend.



Main article: Cheap Trick

Masazo possesses the Stand Cheap Trick who attaches itself to its user's back and kills him when someone else sees the back. It then reattaches to whoever saw the user's back. While hanging on the back, Cheap Trick remains invisible to everyone, even other Stand users, and has the power to make itself heard and understood by any person or animal.

Masazo was too weak-willed to fully form his Stand and had no control over it, his power manifesting as an obsession over hiding his back. It was only when Rohan saw Masazo's back that Cheap Trick fully materialized.

Cheap Trick (チープ・トリック)Link to this section



Masazo is one of the people shot by Yoshihiro Kira to defend his son, Yoshikage Kira. Lacking the power to control his Stand properly, Masazo doesn't fully develop Cheap Trick, only a phobia of showing his back to anyone else derived from its intimidating whispers. He's eventually called by Rohan to evaluate his burned house and had to turn his back against someone else's and walk backwards to reach the house.

Diamond is Unbreakable

Masazo is doomed when Rohan sees his back

Masazo is a first-class architect sent to evaluate the cost for repairing Rohan's burned home, planning to charge more than the necessary because Rohan was rich. Upon their meeting, Rohan immediately uses Heaven's Door to turn him into a book and read his bio. Rohan sees that Masazo's a normal human (although he only think he is), and writes a safety lock, just to be sure. However, Rohan also learns of Masazo's abnormal fear of having his back seen. Growing curious about Masazo's attempts to hide his back, Rohan tricks Masazo into falling into a hole on the floor, exposing his back. This enables his parasitic Stand Cheap Trick to drain Masazo of his life and stick to Rohan's back instead.

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