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Kars makes his first appearance as a playable character in the PS3 title. He was confirmed alongside Rohan Kishibe. In the English release of the game, Kars's Light Blades are called "Shining Sabres" (keeping the alliteration of the Japanese name).

Along with Wamuu and Esidisi, Kars uses the Mode style as part of his moveset, which allows him to temporarily boost his strength and performance among other things, at the cost of the Heart Heat Gauge.

Vampire characters (Dio Brando, DIO and Vanilla Ice) and Pillar Men characters (WamuuEsidisi and Kars) can't fight on stages that contain sunlight. To play on those stages they need to be equipped with the Red Stone of Aja on the character select screen, which is unlocked by beating their respective parts in Story Mode.

If Kars, Wamuu or Esidisi fight in the Skeleton Heel Stone stage, the crowd will shout their names, recreating the scene in Part 2. When Kars isn't fighting, he will appear as a background character alongside Lisa Lisa. If Wamuu is one of the combatants in battle, Kars can be heard bragging about Wamuu's strength frequently.

Command List

Kars has 850 HP.

During a fight, Kars can use several different attacks that were featured in Battle Tendency.

Light Mode
Kars can activate Light Mode in order to not only increase the overall damage of his moves, but exclusive to him, make special skills utilizing his Lightblades unblockable. The Heart Heat Gauge slowly depletes while this mode is active, and as such, this mode will last until the HHG empties, or it can be freely canceled with another press of the Style button.
Shining Sabres Mode
ASBDPad2.pngx2 + ASBS.png ON GROUND
Expending a stock of the HHG grants Kars access to Shining Sabres Mode. This mode is on a set timer, and will end when the stock is used up. His Lightblades become even more powerful, with increased range, inflicting more hits to improve his combo potential, and now with normal attacks that utilize Lightblades becoming unblockable as well.
Shining Sabres Mode also possesses the special effect of allowing Kars to execute his HHA at any amount of Heart Heat while active, even when at less than one stock. However, doing so will immediately end the Mode and completely empty the Heart Heat Gauge.
Sabres from my feet?!
Kars kicks forward as a blade comes out of his foot. A command normal that can chain into Kars' skills. (Comboable)
Cruel and beautiful violence
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND
Kars dives forward, arm blade extended, to slice through the opponent, and follows up by swinging upward to knock them into the air. (Comboable)
Behold, frozen brilliance!
ASBDPad6.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND
In a single motion of his arm, Kars unleashes multiple slashes in front of himself with great range. The slashes are capable of destroying incoming non-HHA/GHA projectiles. (Flash Cancel comboable)
Shatter against the wall!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND IN AIR OK
Kars performs an airborne reverse kick that sends the opponent flying into the stage wall. The attack can also be performed in mid-air.
If Flash-Canceled, this skill can be used to guarantee a successful GHA against the cast majority of the playable roster.
Victory is everything!
ASBDPad6.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND
Kars utilizes light to disappear, with his subsequent reappearance and attack depending on the type of button inputted.
  • Light (ASBL.png): He reappears above the opponent with foot blade extended in a dive kick to knock them down, hard enough for them to bounce. This move is a middle attack that cannot be blocked crouching. (Flash Cancel comboable)
  • Medium (ASBM.png): He reappears behind the opponent and strikes them with an upwards slash. This move is a low attack that cannot be blocked standing. (Comboable)
  • Heavy (ASBH.png): He reappears at a distance away, or does not move if he is already far enough, making the skill effectively a feint.
I'll slice you in two!
2 ATK buttons at close range or ASBT.png ON GROUND
Kars, using his arm blade, cuts the opponent down the middle and knocks them away.
Heart Heat Attack / Great Heat Attack
Shining Sabres
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + 2 ATK Buttons ON GROUND
Kars slyly licks his arm Lightblade before unleashing a large, shining array of slashes done in a single movement of his arm. If they successfully hit, Kars then dives forward to slash past the opponent in a samurai-esque fashion before bringing his arm down. After a short delay, the opponent suffers a final, gashing blow.
Kars may perform his HHA while Shining Sabres Mode is active, regardless of how much of the Heart Heat Gauge he has left. Doing so however, will drop his HHG to zero.
I am the Ultimate Thing!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + 3 ATK Buttons, or ASBG.png ON GROUND
Kars dons the Stone Mask in combination with the Red Stone of Aja to attempt to turn into the Ultimate Thing. From the ground, he will begin to slowly rise to his feet. If the animation fully plays out uninterrupted by the opponent, the mask shatters, and Kars gains a completely new array of moves.
This GHA is one of the longest and most difficult ones to fully activate, taking roughly 5 seconds to complete. As such, certain characters can make it nigh-impossible to successfully transform; Even under optimal circumstances, Jotaro Kujo and DIO are still granted enough time as Kars transforms to use their Time Stop abilities and interrupt the transformation. Narciso Anasui and Okuyasu Nijimura also possess skills that can be used to interrupt the transformation if performed quickly enough, even from opposite ends of the battle arena.

Once his GHA is successful, Kars is dubbed as "Kars (Ultimate Thing)" for the rest of the battle and gains a whole new moveset that possesses greater overall range, speed, and damage than his previous state. Ultimate Thing Kars is not entirely infallible. If he falls victim to Kosaku-Kira's Bites the Dust GHA, Kars will revert back to his original form. He also loses access to his HHA, or enter Light Mode and Shining Sabres Mode.

Style/Specials/Etc (Ultimate Thing)
Predator Wings
ASBDPad2.png then ASBDPad7.png/ASBDPad8.png/ASBDPad9.png ON GROUND
Kars sprouts wings and takes flight, slowing depleting the HHG. He gains improved mobility, and has access to many attacks while in the air.
Aerial Dash / Back Dash
(while flying) ASBDPad6.pngx2/ASBDPad4.pngx2 IN AIR OK
Kars quickly rushes forward or backwards with a flap of his wings. The forward dash can collide with the opponent, acting as a reliable anti-air that deals good damage and knocks them down to the ground.
Aerial Combo Beat
(while flying) ASBL.png then ASBM.png then ASBH.png IN AIR OK
Kars can chain together his aerial normal attacks while in flight.
Shining Sabres
Kars charges forward and attacks with his Lightblade in one fell swoop. This move cannot be blocked, and is a command normal that can chain into Kars' other skills.
Skills (Ultimate Thing)
The power of supreme genes!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND IN AIR OK
Kars launches projectile attacks from his body. This skill can also be used while in flight, and the resulting attack differs based on button input.
  • Light (ASBL.png): He fires off a volley of his hardened feathers straight forward.
  • Medium (ASBM.png): He launches a piranha that quickly arcs downward. This attacks deals the most damage of the three variations, and is a middle attack that cannot be blocked crouching.
  • Heavy (ASBH.png): He sics a squirrel created from his hand on his opponent. Despite its low damage, it chases and homes in on the opponent. It is a high attack until it hits the ground, then becomes a low attack while moving.
Feast your eyes on my Ripple!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND
Kars attacks with Ripple-charged fists, the technique performed determined by button input. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
  • Light (ASBL.png): He unleashes two quick high punches.
  • Medium (ASBM.png): He slides a distance forward while performing a downward elbow strike. This version is a middle attack that cannot be blocked crouching.
  • Heavy (ASBH.png): He dashes forward to unleash a powerful body blow. This version is a low attack that cannot be blocked standing.
This cannot be!
ASBDPad6.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND
Kars transforms his arm into a large octopus tentacle as he swings it in a wide breadth while maniacally laughing. Its massive size allows it to hit the opponent at most ranges, and sends them flying. If used while the opponent is in the air, Kars will automatically swing it upward as an anti-air.
Throw (Ultimate Thing)
You worthless fool!
2 ATK buttons at close range or ASBT.png ON GROUND
Kars grins as he grabs the opponent and smashes them between his elbow and knee, before shoving them away.

Gameplay Overview

A tricky high-speed character that represents the "Glass Cannon" sub-archetype, firmly 'rushdown', Kars aims to close the distance and assault the opponent with his various Lightblade attacks. He has impressive base movement speed and strong normal attacks, and readily engages well in close combat. Beyond that, he possesses several attacks that move him large distances forward, as well as an attack that targets the opponent from anywhere in a high-low-feint mix-up. His Modes make his already-impressive offense especially dangerous, with many of his attacks becoming completely unblockable and his combo ability improved.

Should he successfully transform into the Ultimate Thing, Kars becomes a tremendously powerful, if not simplified character. With an unblockable attack, various fast high-low skills, and a wealth of mid-ranged attacks and projectiles that all deal or can lead into explosive damage, he dictates the flow of the match. All the while, most of these attacks rarely leave him vulnerable. Kars may also take to the skies and control the aerial space with his projectiles and sudden air dashes, where most characters can have great trouble challenging him.

However, as a glass cannon character, Kars has much lower-than-average health. In addition, many of his skills while in his regular form can be situational and not easily used well. He can have difficulty securing an opportunity to transform into the Ultimate Thing when battling certain characters, which limits his potential. Even after transforming, Kars loses access to many useful abilities like his Modes and certain skills, requiring some adaptation.

Kars specializes in moving in close to his opponent and using various mix-ups and unblockable attacks to outmaneuver them and bypass defenses. Once he ascends to the Ultimate Thing, his new arsenal of abilities are a balanced combination of high speed, damage, utility, and ease-of-use, requiring little effort to deliver devastating results.


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