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For a similar character, see Suzi Q (JoJolion)
Say, JoJo... you're cuter than I thought.

Suzi Q (スージーQ Sūjīkyū), later known as Suzi Q Joestar (スージーQ・ジョースター Sūjīkyū Jōsutā), is a minor character featured in the second part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Battle Tendency, and then the third part, Stardust Crusaders. She is Lisa Lisa's servant, and lacks any ability to fight. Suzi Q is Joseph Joestar's love interest who later on becomes his wife.


In Battle Tendency, Suzi Q is a young woman of average height and build, with blond hair that she keeps tied into a chignon save a few locks standing upward at the side of her head.

During Stardust Crusaders, Suzi Q has considerably aged and her hair has gone white, she now also wears glasses.


Suzi Q is a slightly ditzy girl who worries for her friends. Her carefree personality did not diminish as she aged, even after the events of Stardust Crusaders, where she is shown enthusiastically recording her sightings in Japan on a camcorder when on a trip to see her daughter. She has a strong faith in her husband, stating how he has always managed to make it through the worst situations and never fail her. She is also shown to have great intuition, at least in her later years, where she was able to deduce that Holy wasn't well and that Joseph had departed to save her, while maintaining a facade of naïveté in order to keep everyone's spirits up. While typically very joyful, it appears she does have a reasonable temper, as she was incredibly angry when she discovered Joseph had cheated on her, leading to the birth of his illegitimate son Josuke. She is still forgiving in spite of this, as she forgave him after finding out about the affair and the two did not divorce.

She also shares Joseph's love of pranks and likes to playfully make fun of others, but perhaps not to the same degree as him.


Battle Tendency

Suzi Q possessed by Esidisi

She is introduced as the female assistant to Lisa Lisa who flirts with Joseph. When she first appears, she is taken over by the remains of Esidisi and attacks her friends. Thanks to a combination attack by Caesar and Joseph, she is saved with only minor injury. She is present to see Joseph, Caesar, Lisa Lisa and Messina off, bantering and flirting again with Joseph.

Joseph reveals that Suzi Q found him after he fell from the volcano and treated his wounds. Suzi Q reappears at the end of the part, having married Joseph in 1939 during his recovery. She mentions having forgotten to send the telegraphic message that would have told his loved ones he was alive, making him angry.

Stardust Crusaders

Suzi Q appears briefly in Stardust Crusaders, visiting Holy in Tokyo at the same time the Joestar Group fights in DIO's Mansion. With her are Roses, her butler, and a Speedwagon Foundation member. Seemingly unaware about Holy's sickness, Suzi Q stops the car in the more sordid areas of Tokyo and films the "picturesque" parts of the city. Suzi Q gets into trouble when she films a thug who gets angry, but Roses kicks him out of the way. When Roses grows courage to tell her the truth, Suzi Q says she already knows and he shouldn't worry about it, and that she knows Joseph and Jotaro are going to save her. As she reaches Holy's bedside, she and her daughter patiently wait for the men of the Joestar Family to save her.

Suzi Q is present when Holy finally recovers from her Stand sickness.

In the anime adaptation, Suzi Q reappears first in New York, while the Joestar Group is crossing the Red Sea in a submarine. Suzi Q is preparing herself for a charity event organized by the current mayor of New York, Smokey Brown, and has trouble choosing a dress. With a satellite phone, Joseph is able to call her and keep her unaware of Holy's condition. During the battle against Midler's High Priestess, she calls the submarine back but is answered by Jotaro. Jotaro only says that he's with Joseph, but this is enough for Suzi Q to realize that something is amiss. Nonetheless, she trusts in the men of the Joestar Family.

Diamond is Unbreakable

She is mentioned by Jotaro as being very upset after discovering Joseph's illegitimate child, Josuke Higashikata. She also flies into another rage upon seeing Joseph introduce Shizuka to the family, assuming that he fathered another illegitimate child.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Who... who are you?! Where... where did you come from?! A-A stranger on the island~!
    —Suzi Q, Chapter 81: The Remains Lurk, Part 1
  • Say, JoJo... you're cuter than I thought.
    —Suzi Q, Chapter 81: The Remains Lurk, Part 1
  • JoJo! Your wounds aren't healed yet, so don't get soaked by the rain. Here, take cover.
    —Suzi Q, Chapter 113: The Man Who Crossed the Atlantic
  • His wife... sounds funny... being introduced that way... it's a bit... WAH ♡ It's a bit embarrassing...
    —Suzi Q, Chapter 113: The Man Who Crossed the Atlantic

Video Games

Diamond Records (Android/iOS)

Suzi Q
Suzi Q appears in Diamond Records as an assist character in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. She has a 3 star assist, and a 4 star assist, both of the 'Unity' type. Her 3 star assist does not include an assist ability, as 3 star assists only function as stat boosts for the playable statue they are equipped to. Like all assist characters, when the active assists link together, her assist ability may provide extra effects (Action Battle mode only).

(Assist Ability) Suzi Q will appear alongside a cart with a bowl of fruit on top of it. She uses a fork to give the active character a cherry, and heals the character as well as providing them with a temporary defense boost.



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