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This is a list of minor items appearing in various works from Hirohiko Araki not directly connected to the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.

The items featured in this list do not have enough information to justify an article, mainly due to lack of relevance, but are still notable.
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Baoh the Visitor

Baoh TanksLink to this section

Tanks used to contain Baoh-affected organisms. The tanks are filled with water so that the organism can enter a state of suspended animation, being comatose.

22nd Man's KnifeLink to this section
A knife that the 22nd Man wields. He stabs Ikuro with it, seemingly killing him, but Ikuro's muscles eject it.
22nd Man's MatchesLink to this section
A box of matches that 22nd Man uses to try and burn Ikuro's body. However, just as 22nd Man lights a match, Ikuro grabs his hand and melts it, causing it to drop to the floor and cause a huge gas explosion.
Martin's Master's WhipLink to this section
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 4: Evil Beast Martin
A whip that Martin's master uses to control it, and in battle. Later, the master uses the weapon to whip Sumire, angering Baoh.
Poison SyringesLink to this section
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke

The scientists and some assassins of Dress Organization possess syringes filled with poison, usually to neutralize any escaped experiments. One is used on Ikuro's parents to kill them and use their son for Dress's experiments. Later, Dordo tries injecting Baoh with poison, but the syringe is shot at by Rokusuke.

Rokusuke's RifleLink to this section
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke
A hunting rifle that Rokusuke keeps and uses for self-defense. Later, after being hypnotized and told to do so by Dordo, Rokusuke tries to assassinate Baoh, Sumire, his wife, and eventually himself with the rifle, but is stopped by Baoh.
Dordo's Sniper RifleLink to this section
A sniper rifle that Dordo keeps in a suitcase. Its scope is designed to connect to his mechanical eye via a tube. Its bullets has tiny but destructive explosives on their tips for devastating damage. Dordo uses it for assassinations, and later tries to use it to assassinate Baoh.
Walken's Suppression DeviceLink to this section
A pair of headphones that Walken wears at all times in order to suppress his psychic power. However, during his fight with Walken, Baoh destroys the device when he shoots one of his sabers at Walken's head, and Walken later wakes up berserk.

In the OVA, the device is instead a bandana.

Walken's Coffee MugLink to this section
A mug that Walken is seen drinking coffee out of. Walken boils the coffee inside as a first demonstration of his psychic power.
Sound Torture DevicesLink to this section
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 9: Demon Walken
OVA Debut: Baoh the Visitor (OVA)
Large speakers that emit loud sound as a form of torture. They are used on Sumire so that Baoh can detect her pain and be lured into the Dress laboratory. The stereos are eventually destroyed by Baoh.
Skookum SymbolLink to this section
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 9: Demon Walken
OVA Debut: Baoh the Visitor (OVA)
A symbol originating from the fictional Native American Skookum Tribe that consists of two X shapes. It is a mark that symbolizes respect towards a warrior through death. Upon meeting Baoh, Walken carves this symbol on his chest, something that he's never done before, and shows it to Baoh, indicating he respects Baoh as a true warrior.
Laser CannonsLink to this section
Laser Cannon.png
Laser Cannon OVA.png
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 9: Demon Walken
OVA Debut: Baoh the Visitor (OVA)
Game Debut: All-Star Battle

Laser cannons that were developed by the Dress Organization. Sumire's interrogation chamber is booby-trapped with laser cannons, which are powered down and only fire at Baoh when he enters the room. Later, during his final confrontation against Walken and Dr. Kasuminome, Baoh grabs a laser cannon and uses the Baoh Break Dark Thunder Phenomenon to charge the cannon and fire at Walken, slicing him in half. The laser also cuts off some stalactites, letting them fall down on Dr. Kasuminome (and Sophine in the OVA).

In All-Star Battle, Baoh uses a laser cannon as his HHA, a nod towards his last battle against Walken.

Gorgeous Irene

FlowersLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
Some flowers that a boy decides to give to Irene. The boy tells Irene that the flowers are edible, while his friends are hiding and betting to each other on whether or not she'd eat the flowers. To the boys' surprises, Irene does eat them.
Lauper's GumLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
A chewing gum that Lauper has in her mouth that can extend itself and instantly harden like metal. Lauper mentions that she had to do proper training so that she can make the gum extend into a sword-like weapon.
Head PackageLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
After Lauper kills a defensive tailor, she has his head put into a package and delivered to a newspaper worker. Along with the package is a note that says this package is to give the worker a warning not to spread news across the media about her.
Lauper's ChainsawLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
A huge chainsaw that serves as Lauper's weapon of choice. It has a 400cc engine and weighs 80 kg (180 lb). When she tries using it on Irene, however, Irene simply holds it up with little effort. Later, Irene manipulates Lauper into cutting herself in half with the chainsaw.
MirrorLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
A mirror that Irene brings to Lauper after immobilizing her with hypnosis. Irene draws a single line down Lauper's reflection on the mirror, commanding her to cut herself in half with her chainsaw.
Tattooed Assassin's KnifeLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
A knife with a curved blade. The female assassin uses it to kill her targets, and later in her battle with Irene.
Tattooed Assassin's TattooLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
A fire-shaped tattoo with a hand shape in the middle on the female assassin's back. It is capable of summoning spectral objects, including an extra arm and fire ants. The hand in the tattoo is noted to move whenever the assassin commands it to summon something.
Irene's PurseLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
A purse that Irene uses to store her makeup tools. Later, Michael tries to steal it, but is disappointed when he finds out it contains only makeup and not money.
Michael's KnifeLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
A knife that Michael wields. He tries to use it against Irene, but she holds it up with just two fingers.
Photo of IreneLink to this section
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene
A photo of Irene. The female assassin uses this photo to figure out what Irene looks like so that she can hunt her down. She shows this photo to a bartender, who says he's met Irene before and is able to tell where Irene went.


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