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I can protect you, I'm sure. Erina, I'm sorry. Do you mind if I go? My clowns will still protect the manor even if I'm gone, and I'll come back as fast as I can.
—Penelope de la Rosa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 14: Desolation Row

Penelope de la Rosa (ペネロペ・デ・ラ・ロサ, Penerope de ra Rosa) is a primary ally featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. She is from the Canary Islands and helps George Joestar catch Javier Cortes, the mastermind behind fifteen locked room murders, after almost becoming one of Javier's victims. Forced to leave her home, Erina Joestar allows Penelope to live with them and Penelope starts working in the La Palma office of Erina's trading company, Star Mark Trading. While living with the Joestars, she acts as an elder sister to George and tutors him.

She has a Wound ability that allows her to create locked rooms and hang whoever is trapped within. Although she is unaware of it, Penelope is also a Stand user, with the autonomous Stand Cube House which temporarily evolves into Arrow Cross House.

Penelope later moves to the 37th universe to reunite with her Stand and marries Jonda Joestar. She becomes the stepmother of Jorge Joestar (Universe 37) and mother of Joeko Joestar.


Penelope is a slim woman of average height with youthful facial features. She has short wavy light hair kept up to her neck with side swept bangs. Her hair appears to grow longer when she is distressed or using her Wound ability.

She wears a striped sundress and George says that she would sometimes also wear a light shawl over her shoulders. According to George, she is quite beautiful.[1]


Penelope has a worrisome, insecure attitude and is emotionally unstable. She initially has an extreme pathological fear of clowns. When seeing Javier Cortes appear in her dreams as a clown, she would become covered in a cold sweat, her heart would rapidly beat, her breath would grow shallow, and she would be barely conscious enough to think. Sometimes her eyes would even roll back into her head and she would faint, while still asleep and dreaming. She worries about harming other people with her ability and shuts herself in her room. Penelope was loyal to her abusive boyfriend, Edvard Noriega. Despite Edvard beating her up and selling anything she owned of value, Penelope would wait for him to come back to her. She is also regretful of blaming her mom for the divorce of her parents.

Enraged due to Edvard

Penelope slowly starts becoming more confident and braver after living with the Joestar family. However, she is also very violent, aggressive, and can go berserk. Seeing her boyfriend Edvard again enrages her to the point where veins bulge on her forehead, her lips curl back, she bares her teeth, and her nose starts bleeding. She becomes willing to actually kill someone when she is in this state.[1]

When they move to England, George describes her as seeming full of life and fun. She is protective of George and treats him like a little brother. Furious that he is still being bullied in England, Penelope threatens to summon her locked room clown ability on them.[3]

Penelope is also intelligent, as George says she explains concepts very well to him as his tutor. Penelope tends to start trouble with other women, getting aggravated when talking to Lisa Lisa and Darlington Motorize. She doesn't hesitate to use her locked room ability even on harmless women like Darlington because she thinks it is for the sake of protecting George.[4] Penelope admits if George had married anyone else aside from Lisa Lisa, she would feel jealous. Despite previously being at odds with Lisa Lisa, Penelope is ecstatic over the birth of George and Lisa Lisa's child and happy for their marriage.[5]



Penelope's Wound ability awakens due to her constant fear of Javier Cortes appearing in her dreams dressed as a clown, attempting to manipulate her into creating locked rooms so she can kill her mother.


If you're not Penelope's friend, you'll have to hang yourself!
—Clown, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 14: Desolation Row

Penelope's Wound activates when she is enraged, distressed, or afraid, causing the creation of locked rooms that entrap anyone in the surrounding area.

Coulrophobia Link to this section
Locked Room Suicide
The clown forming from Penelope's Wound

At first, Penelope could not control the ability and just standing in front of a door would cause all the doors and windows of that room to slam shut, becoming a locked room. A clown made of the threads of Penelope's clothes lurks inside the room. It is short and fat, with big white hair, white makeup, puffy white clothes, a round nose, and a hat. Inside its sclerae are stars instead of irises. It appears hollow and initially also has a thread hanging from its hip as well as a few cracks on its body with frayed edges. The clown takes any object inside the room such as a large table and wedges it under the doorknob so the door remains shut. However, with enough strength and repeated hits, it is still possible for someone on the outside to break in. The clown shatters into tiny pieces if it is directly attacked, but the room remains locked.

George hanging from the noose

The clown's noose drops down from the ceiling, wrapping the necks of the victims trapped inside the room and hanging them to death. As Penelope initially did not want to kill anybody, her Wound would also create a doll out of the threads of her clothes, and the doll would be hanged instead. The doll appears with no clothes, a shapeless face with white circles as eyes, and a wide open mouth stitched on. Somehow, the doll would also have blood streaming out of its mouth after being hanged. The doll could easily unravel with one tug of a loose thread hanging from its hip.

Walls surrounding Edvard

Six months later, Penelope overcomes her fears with the help of George, and upgrades her ability into a frightening weapon. She is capable of transforming anything in her environment into a locked room. For example, if Penelope is outside, dirt and grass could rise up into four walls to entrap someone.[1] She can even make the walls out of zombies.[6] The walls have no doors or windows, making it more difficult to either break in or out. The ability also no longer requires using her clothes, as the clown is formed from her environment. The walls are living and can recover itself to fill up any gaps or holes.

It is possible to escape from the locked room by breaking the idea of it being a locked room mystery. As the point of a locked room is to make murder look like suicide, George uses a knife to carve the word "MURDER" on his stomach. After the clown reads it, the ability dissolves.[1]

Her Wound eventually develops into having an extremely wide range, enveloping the entire world.[5] Penelope can have clowns protect Erina and their house while she is far away from home.[6]


Cube House

Main article: Cube House
Cube House (キューブハウス)Link to this section
Tesseract Structure & Time Traveling

Penelope's Stand subconsciously manifested in the far future, thirty-six universes later, as a way to search for George Joestar after his body disappeared in 1920. Cube House is a tesseract made of eight square rooms that allows its occupant to move indefinitely in any direction. Falling vertically through four doors in the center of Cube House allows one to travel through time. The Stand has its own personality with its main body appearing as a young girl named Reimi Sugimoto, who controls the house's walls.

Arrow Cross House

Main article: Arrow Cross House
Arrow Cross House (矢十字屋敷(アロークロスハウス))Link to this section
House Manipulation & Dimensional Sealing

Arrow Cross House is created around Cube House when Reimi accidentally pierces herself with the Arrow, developing its own Wound ability. Arrow Cross House appears as four arrows surrounding the north, south, east, and west walls of Cube House. Reimi could manipulate its walls and seal people beneath the building in a state between life and death for either her own safety or their protection.

Penelope also momentarily borrows the Stand U-Boat from Jorge Joestar, who loans its DISC to her so she can bring Erina to the final confrontation against Dio Brando.



Penelope in distress

Penelope's parents divorced in 1900 and her mother Isabella had full custody of her. Penelope blames her mother for taking away her father and their relationship becomes strained.

Later on, Penelope would date a thug named Edvard Noriega. Edvard abused Penelope and sold her valuables while threatening to completely ruin her if Isabella interfered. Afraid to lose her daughter, Isabella gave up on Penelope, leaving her alone by herself. Because of this, clowns started appearing in Penelope's dreams which caused her pathological fear of them to grow. Despite of this, no one believed her stories, not even Edvard nor her mother.[1]

At some point, when George Joestar and Tsukumojuku Kato were solving the case of the fifteen locked room murders, they crossed paths with Penelope, who had been one of the victims in the case. She was able to help uncover the identity of the assailant who attempted to make her kill Isabella in her nightmares while disguising himself as a clown. Because of her pathological fear of clowns, she was able to describe his appearance in full detail. These details then helped the other victims remember him, and the duo was able to trace the clown's identity to a fifteen-year-old named Javier Cortes. Javier was later beaten to death by the La Palma police and his body was disposed in the ocean.[7] After the story of the case broke out to the public, Edvard cut ties with Penelope without her knowledge.[1]


Following the disappearance of Tsukumojuku, George occupies himself by reading science novels in the house and his mother, Erina Pendleton, suggests hiring a tutor. The first person that comes into George's mind is Penelope. When he gives her a visit, the sight of George triggers Penelope's memories from his previous case with Javier Cortez and dismisses him immediately.

After George leaves, she returns to her room only to find that it is locked from the inside. She rushes to Isabella in the kitchen but an unseen force slams the door slams in her face. Behind the door, Penelope hears Isabella begging for her daughter not to kill her, confusing Penelope herself. She breaks the door down after several attempts. At the corner of the room, she sees a clown vanish quickly. Isabella, who is hiding behind a sofa, only blames her for what had happened. Penelope slowly goes to the window where the clown had been and finds a doll that has a shapeless face, eyes with no pupils, blood streaming out of its wide-open mouth, and a noose around its neck. She believes that Cortez has returned to kill her.

The clown "follows" Penelope in George's house

Later that midnight, Penelope goes to George's house asking for his help but blames him for his previous visit. George talks to her outside and reassures to her that Cortez was long dead. After Penelope narrates what had happened at home, George invites her to come in but notices that the door is locked. Inside, Erina tells the two to flee when she sees a clown in the room. Penelope starts to panic, prompting George to break the door down. There he finds a white fat clown dressed in white puffy clothes. He blindingly throws a chair towards it but it only passes through the clown's body when the latter shatters into pieces, surprising George and Erina. Erina tells her son that this must be a manifestation of Penelope's need to protect herself and intends no harm upon them.

Penelope tries to check on the two when the door suddenly slams itself shut again. While she begins to panic, the clown manifests behind the door then wedges a side table under the doorknob, trapping the mother and son inside. George slowly approaches the clown to examine it and notices that it is made out of woven threads; a single thread poking out from its hip traces to Penelope outside. He opens the door and immediately holds her in his arms to dissipate her panic. Soon, the thread from her dress snaps and the clown behind the door turns into a doll. George explains to her that she has an ability to create locked rooms by making the clown do it. Furthermore, because she did not want to kill anyone, she hangs a doll with a noose instead. However, Penelope does not believe him easily, much to his dismay. Later on, Penelope starts to live with the Joestars to work for Erina in La Palma while being George's tutor as well.

Edvard Noriega, Penelope's ex-boyfriend

Six months later, Penelope and George encounter her ex-boyfriend, Edvard, who is in a terrified state. Edvard tells her that he is being targeted by a man with black wings whom he had seen while he was in bed with his new girlfriend. Penelope refuses to listen to his story but he still continues to talk. This infuriates her, summoning a mound of earth that forms a locked room around Edvard. After seeing the clown behind Edvard, George realizes that Penelope had learned how to create a locked room without using her clothes and, given the source of this power, decides to name it a "Wound". George digs a hole to save Edvard from being hanged inside, but then he is also strangled by a grass rope around his neck. He carves the words "murder" on his stomach and passes out, but not before Penelope releases the locked room.

George is then brought to a hospital where Penelope and Lisa Lisa meet for the first time. It just happens that Lisa Lisa is in the hospital while investigating about the series of delusive attacks from a Mothman lately on the island, similar to what Edvard had been telling Penelope about. Unfortunately, the girls' relationship starts off rocky; even though Penelope takes the blame for the George's scar and tries to be friendly with Lisa Lisa, the latter is jealous about her new relationship with George.[3]

In George's home, while Erina narrates her stories about Dio Brando to George and Lisa Lisa, Penelope is told about about a recent mass hysteria involving seventy people inscribing drawings of the Mothman on the walls of the now-burned down church. They go to the church to investigate the site on the next morning. Deducing that these incidents happened because of their presence on the island,[8] Erina decides that she and George must move to England with Penelope.

Erina and Penelope in England

After arriving in England, Penelope, Erina, and George start to grow accustomed to their new lives. George befriends the Motorize siblings, Kenton, Steven, and Darlington, while Penelope goes to work for Star Mark Trading, Erina's new company. One day, on her way from work, Penelope spots George's glider that he had constructed with Kenton and Steven flying in the sky. Unaware that George had not completed its construction yet and was not the one piloting the glider, she writes a note congratulating him for his first successful flight.[4]

Soon, Erina and Penelope are informed that Kenton Motorize was murdered on a cliff by the coast. George's airplane and a knife bearing the Joestar Family crest were found on the crime scene. This made him a prime suspect without question. At the same time, George had disappeared, though it is revealed that he was mysteriously teleported to Rome with Lisa Lisa around the time of the murder.[3] Once George returns to England, he is subsequently jailed and is trialed by jury with Penelope being one of his only companions.


Darlington meets Penelope and her Wound ability

Over the next two years, Penelope spends her days investigating Kenton's murder and finding her real killer. George graduates from school but remains under suspicion. One day, Darlington visits him to inform him that two witnesses' testimonies have been used as concrete evidences against him. Penelope overhears them and becomes furious at the sight of the Motorize sibling, thinking that she wanted George to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence. She attempts to silence Darlington by creating a dirt locked room around her. Darlington surprisingly remains unfazed by her strange ability. She then informs George that the witnesses were her and Penelope, who both saw his glider flying on the day of the murder but chose to keep silent for his sake. Penelope's handwritten note was also found as one of the evidences against him. Unable to get George away in the locked room with Darlington, Penelope frustratingly goes back inside to cry in her room.

George about to give up

When Darlington leaves, George goes to Penelope's room in order to console her. He faces a dilemma whether to accept the plea bargain or not. Erina sees him nearby and gives him a word of advice. After Penelope stops crying, George sets on finding the killer and she offers to help him using the clues that she had gathered over the past two years.

They head to the cliffs where Kenton was found murdered. Penelope tells George that this is where Harriet Motorize, the mother of Steven, Kenton, and Darlington, had killed herself. At the end of their trail, George hypothesizes that the murderer could have been Tsukumojuku Kato or Steven Motorize.[4]


George's phone call

While Penelope and Erina are at work, they receive a phone call from George. Worried for their safety after fighting several zombie pilots, George tells Erina and Penelope to hurry back home and hide. Erina also informs him that she just saw several English planes fly off. Penelope and Erina take George's advice and go back home.[5]


Penelope happy about Lisa Lisa's pregnancy

George and Lisa Lisa head back home after World War I concludes and announce their engagement, while also planning for their wedding. George is relieved to see how happy Penelope is since she and Lisa Lisa disliked each other when they were younger. Penelope insists that if it was anyone else she would be jealous, but she's glad that George is marrying Lisa Lisa. After hearing that Lisa Lisa is pregnant, Erina, Penelope, and Speedwagon, are extremely happy. Erina, Penelope, and Lisa Lisa create all the wedding plans, deciding that Lisa Lisa and George should get married after their child is born.

On the day of their wedding, November 11, 1920, George notices that Steven hasn't arrived yet despite being George's best man. George decides to quickly sneak out to the Motorize manor but tells Penelope, the maid of honor, beforehand. She asks why not anyone else go instead, but George feels that it would be easier to go there himself. When George doesn't come back, Penelope goes there with Lisa Lisa to see what happened. Lisa Lisa and Penelope arrive at the Motorize residence and cry, assuming that George had died due to the shredded pieces of his uniform on the ground.

Lisa Lisa tearfully kills Antonio Torres and the body of William Cardinal he was possessing. Furious at George's supposed death, Penelope accidentally creates a locked room made from the 920,000 Antonio zombies and torn up bits of them. The giant locked room surrounds the whole world, swallowing everything up.[5] At this point, Penelope also awakens her Stand, Cube House. It manifests in the 37th universe where George had disappeared to, trying to find him and bring him back.[9]

Final Battle

Penelope's clown attacks Jorge

The 37th universe's Jorge Joestar arrives in the original universe along with Narancia Ghirga, Kars, and Enrico Pucci. They head to the Joestar mansion after seeing a sign for George and Lisa Lisa's wedding. They are greeted by Penelope's clown once they arrive, which imprisons Jorge in a locked room. The clown declares that if he isn't Penelope's friend, then he'll have to hang himself. Remembering his discussion with Tsukumojuku, Jorge yells out that he isn't the Locked Room Master and that Javier Cortes is already dead. From his words, the clown explodes along with the walls surrounding Jorge. Penelope runs outside but is perplexed to see the young Asian boy rather than the adult George she was expecting.

Telling Jorge and Narancia to leave

After Narancia starts yelling in Italian, Penelope tells them that she doesn't know what's going on with the island and asks them to leave but Erina arrives to greet her guests. As Jorge talks to Erina, three zombies appear behind them but Penelope entraps them with her Wound. After Jorge mentions that they're going to London to find the 'Way to Heaven', Penelope asks to come with them.

Hugging Erina

Erina has doubts but Penelope convinces Erina to let her go, believing the whole mess to be her fault since she made Great Britain into a giant locked room. Penelope promises to bring back Elizabeth with her and the two hug. She also apologizes that Erina will have to take care of Joseph on her own now. Hearing the name of his adoptive grandfather, Jorge asks to see the baby Joseph, despite Jorge's grandfather being the son of Jodoh Joestar and Maria Urias Zeppeli. Suddenly, Kars appears beside Jorge, interested in seeing his archenemy as a baby. Erina and Penelope protectively jump in between Kars and Joseph, but Kars declares that he has no intention of harming the baby because history may be altered.

Scared of Kars and Dio's battle

Penelope heads back with Jorge to U-Boat and Narancia cackles about how Jorge could pick up a girl in the situation that they're in. Penelope introduces herself to Kars and Pucci and then explains everything that happened so far in England, as well as her abilities. They calculate how many copies of Antonio Torres there were, learning that around 920,000 Antonios created the giant wall that Penelope made. They reach London and meet Funny Valentine, who also introduces them to Dio Brando. Kars is excited to fight Dio, as Penelope, Narancia, and Jorge watch with fear. Curious of each other's immortality, the two begin fighting. Kars charges forward first and immediately explodes from Dio's punch rush, with bits of his flesh flying in all directions. The force from the impact was strong enough that Kars's flesh stabs through Jorge's body.

Fleeing with Narancia and Jorge

Narancia grabs Jorge and Penelope and then flees on a one meter long U-Boat, appearing similarly to a skateboard. Kars's body parts start reforming, healing Jorge as the pieces exit from his body. Jorge enjoys Penelope's warm embrace, although she doesn't realize he was already healed. They meet Lisa Lisa, who assumes Jorge is a pervert and slaps him. Jorge introduces himself to Lisa Lisa, and although he decides not to tell Lisa Lisa about Kars in case it causes a time paradox, Penelope does so anyways. Penelope declares her resolve to Lisa Lisa that she will find George and bring him back. Meanwhile, Jorge is jealous that the other George has beautiful women who care for him.

Later, Lisa Lisa, Jorge, and Narancia nearly kill the giant Antonio. However, Kars tell them to stop attacking him or they won't be able to restore England to its original timeline. To prolong the life of the giant Antonio, Kars uses Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem to speed up time for the original Antonio. The original Antonio would constantly create new Antonio clones, and then Penelope would use her Wound to make the clones be absorbed into the dying giant Antonio, slightly repairing him.

Penelope's new family

Jorge loans his U-Boat DISC to Penelope, who makes the trip back to Wastewood to bring Erina with them to confront Dio. Erina, Lisa Lisa, and Jorge fuel Dio's anger. Eventually, Jorge's plan is a success. Dio's resolve is weakened due to Jonathan Joestar's revival and he declares that he doesn't want to associate with the Joestars anymore, disappearing in the darkness.[2]

With the battle over and Erina reunited with Jonathan, Penelope decides it's time for her to leave the Joestars and moves to Japan in the 37th universe so she could meet her Stand. Two years later, she marries Jorge's father, Jonda Joestar. A year later in 2015, they have a daughter named Joeko Joestar.[2]


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Quote.png Quotes
  • I'm sorry too, Jorge. You came all this way. I can't stop myself thinking about the clown, but... I was glad to see you, and honestly, it's something of a relief to talk to someone like this.
    —Penelope de la Rosa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2: Nishi Akatsuki
  • Worst comes to worst, I'll tell everyone I did it, so you just do the best you can.
    —Penelope de la Rosa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 9: Cliff
  • Lisa Lisa's amazing! I could never measure up. I'm glad it's Lisa Lisa, really. If it was anyone else I'd be jealous, but with Lisa Lisa I just can't bring myself to feel that way!
    —Penelope de la Rosa on George and Lisa Lisa's engagement, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • How dare you! You'll pay for this! I swear it!
    —Penelope de la Rosa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • I... I do hate to put it like this, Erina, but if I stay where it's safe just because I'm a girl and it's scary and dangerous, then I feel like I'll just wind up left behind by all the boys. Elizabeth puts herself in danger, and nearly dies, but in the end she got to be with Jorge when it really mattered! She was happy, I know it!
    —Penelope de la Rosa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 14: Desolation Row
  • Erina, thank you for everything. I was very happy. But I can't take it any more. With Jorge gone, there's something dark and hot and heavy churning around inside my chest and stomach and down below, chewing away at me from the inside. If I don't hang every last zombie in England that churn is gonna eat me alive. So please. I won't demand your approval, but at the least, don't stop me. Ha ha. But I promise I'm coming back! Coming back alive! At the very least I'll bring Elizabeth back with me. I'm not about to be the only one sitting around biding my time! Ah ha ha!
    —Penelope de la Rosa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 14: Desolation Row
  • When humans are imagining something out of anxiety or fear, what they imagine remains behind, collects, haunts, and can even take on concrete form. That's how there can be a spider with gorilla legs lurking in the darkness underground, how people can die painting pictures of the Mothman on land, and why Gremlins appear in the air.
    —Penelope de la Rosa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 14: Desolation Row
  • Hey! Vampire! Just because he's a zombie, there's no excuse for that kind of language! Apologize this instant!
    —Penelope de la Rosa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II
  • I mean, I live with them and I'm like family but big changes are in store for the Joestars now, so I've gotta change too. It's time I left the nest.
    —Penelope de la Rosa on leaving her universe, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II
  • I only ever made it to London! I want an adventure! They're a lot harder to start on your own than you'd think.
    —Penelope de la Rosa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II



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