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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Josuke Higashikata from JoJolion.


Josuke is Josefumi Kujo with part of Yoshikage Kira's body fused to him.[1] Kira was a marine surgeon whose mother Holy fell ill from the Rock Disease, a curse plaguing the existence of the Kira and Higashikata bloodline. Kira learned of the existence of the Locacaca Smuggling Organization by accident, and the existence of the Locacaca, a miraculous fruit which could heal any ailment at the cost of another body part.

The tragedy of Josefumi Kujo and Yoshikage Kira

Determined to steal the fruit, Kira enlisted the help of Josefumi, a Stand user and former patient of Holy's who was grateful to her for saving his life. However, Josefumi advised to only steal a branch or two to graft them and get as many fruits as they wanted. Together the two stole branches from under Aisho Dainenjiyama's nose.

Several months later, after the earthquake, the fruits were almost ripe. Kira and Josefumi were confronted by Tamaki Damo and his organization, who managed to learn about the theft and tracked them down. Damo fatally wounded Kira by cutting out his liver, but the latter used Killer Queen to make an explosive distraction, fatally receiving shrapnel in the head.

Josefumi and Kira drifted to the place where they kept the only two Locacaca available, and Josefumi, after fighting off the A. Phex Brothers, used all the fruits to save Kira. The parts of Josefumi's body that touched Kira's were exchanged, with Josefumi offering his body in an attempt to save the already deceased Kira. An aftershock happened, causing Josefumi and Kira's body to fall into a fissure. Josefumi was then fused with half of Kira's body, the corpse of Kira also being altered due to the exchange.[2]


Pursuing His Identity

Josuke meets Yasuho

Josuke (although he is yet to be named as such) is found by Yasuho near the Wall Eyes in Morioh, half-buried in a spring. After she calls an ambulance, Yasuho notices a star-shaped birthmark on his shoulder surrounded by a fresh bite mark. Moreover, Josuke asks who he is. Josuke suddenly sinks in the spring, prompting Yasuho to pull him out of the water, and she discovers that he's naked and has four testicles. Joshu appears and is enraged at the sight of Yasuho and Josuke. Joshu attacks Josuke with a rock. However, a soap bubble emerges from his shoulder and steals Joshu's eyesight, which allows him to punch Joshu in the guts. Josuke faints, before they are all taken to hospital.[3]

Yasuho visits him later at the hospital, where he reveals that he is knowledgeable, but that he has no memory whatsoever as to his own history. Using his hat as a first clue, she offers to help him to discover his identity by taking him to the manufacturer of his hat, a shop called "SBR". Using his bubble, Josuke and Yasuho elude a policewoman standing guard near his room by stealing water from her body and inducing thirst. When they arrive at the SBR hat shop, the shopkeeper claims that the man bought his hat there three days prior, before revealing a record of the sale to one "Yoshikage Kira", as well as his address. Yasuho believes that "Yoshikage" does not suit him, and nicknames him Josuke, after her childhood dog.

Battle Against Ojiro Sasame

Josuke reveals his stand, Soft & Wet

In Kira's apartment, they find a sailor outfit that seems to fit Josuke well.[4] Then they hear noises from the bathroom. When they investigate the bathroom they find a woman bathing in the tub completely naked. Yasuho assumes the girl to be Kira's girlfriend, but then the girl pleads the two for help, to Josuke and Yasuho's suspicion. Then Yasuho finds a photo album. In the photos is the mysterious woman in sordid states of bondage with what appears to be Josuke. Devastated and convinced that Josuke is a sadist, Yasuho flees the apartment, telling Josuke to leave Morioh and never return. Josuke demands an explanation from the woman. She states Josuke was a prisoner with her before escaping three days prior, and that she assumed he had returned to help her escape. She mentions that their captor resides on the floor above them, and that he has a limb-controlling power that activates when his victim is directly underneath him.[5] In an effort to save the girl, all four of Josuke's limbs are wounded and marked but he reveals his Stand, Soft & Wet.

Josuke captures Ojiro and interrogates him about Kira

Stealing the sound from his apartment with Soft & Wet, Josuke sneaks out of the bathroom but the naked hostage makes a deal with the Stand user above them for her own safety and tells the man where Josuke is hiding. Josuke is completed controlled as Yasuho returns to the apartment after realizing she must have been mistaken about the photos. However, Josuke is able to use his Stand ability and remove the friction from the upper level floor. The enemy Stand user is unable to stand his ground without slipping. Still in control of Josuke, the Stand user makes his way to the balcony, where the protagonist uses his Stand to remove the enemy's eyesight. Without the ability to see, the enemy falls off the balcony and onto the bottom level. Josuke soon manages to grab the attacker and interrogates him. The man identifies himself as Ojiro Sasame, a surfer seeking revenge against Yoshikage Kira, whom Josuke closely resembles (in dress as well as in body). Ojiro explains how Kira constantly asked him a question which eventually made Ojiro insane and led to consuming his own fingers. In revenge, Ojiro rigged all sorts of traps in Kira's room, using the naked girl as bait and the photo album to frame Kira. Yasuho then points out a photo of Kira with the Wall Eyes in the background, where Josuke first appeared.

Traveling to the site of Kira's self-portrait, buried deeper, they discover the body of another man. Narrated after the fact, an autopsy reveals that the body belonged to Yoshikage Kira, who is assumed to have died of cardiac arrest three days prior.

Battle Against Daiya Higashikata

Yasuho introduces Josuke to the head of the Higashikata family, Norisuke Higashikata IV, owner of a fruit importation business inherited from his grandfather Norisuke Higashikata I. Lent the Higashikata name, Josuke Higashikata is welcomed into Norisuke's home and is instructed to guard the youngest daughter Daiya. However, Norisuke ominously warns him to obey his word.

As everyone leaves, Daiya begins to flirt with Josuke and decides to play with him.[6] Using her Stand California King Bed, she steals one of Josuke's few memories when he fusses over her and tries to put her teacup in the right place. Thus, Josuke loses the memory of a strange mark he has spotted on Kira's wrist and on the handrail of the stair leading to Norisuke's office. To make things fair, she tells Josuke that if he manages to make her step on his shadow, the memories will be returned to him. Confused and anxious, Josuke tries to regain his memory. Daiya asks Josuke to accompany her to her bedroom as she wanted to change her clothes in order to go shopping. While she is in her closet, Josuke uses the opportunity to have Soft & Wet plunder the sound from the closet's light switch when he flips it off. Thus, the light of the bedroom would create a shadow of Josuke in the closet that Daiya would step on. However, she hears Josuke make an unnatural movement and easily deduces his plot. Josuke rushes to call Yasuho for help and loses all memories of Yasuho. Daiya becomes "the first woman he has any memory of" and is being seduced despite his own misgivings. However, Josuke then enacts a plan and puts Daiya's phone in the refrigerator. The two go out an a bicycle but Daiya discovers yet another one of his plans and he loses all memories of Soft & Wet.

Josuke tricks Daiya into stepping on his shadow

Sure of her victory, Daiya lowers her guard and Josuke eventually tricks Daiya into stepping on his shadow cast from the light of an open refrigerator.[7] Josuke decides to not hold a grudge and enters Norisuke's study, following the symbol he's seen on Kira's wrist.

The Family Tree

Josuke discovers a book in the study marked with the same symbol: a record of the Steel Ball Run race. In the front cover he discovers a family tree for the Higashikata family, and that the first Norisuke Higashikata's daughter married Johnny Joestar, a direct ancestor of the dead Yoshikage Kira. From the family tree, Josuke makes plans to seek out Kira's only living relative: his mother Holy Joestar-Kira.[8] With Yasuho's help, Josuke discovers that she is a doctor at local TG University Hospital and both agree to meet here. Also, they discover that she is currently a patient.

Born This Way's Pursuit

Soft & Wet pummels Born This Way

On his way to the hospital, Josuke notices that his GPS is malfunctioning and that a motorcyclist Stand is stalking him, appearing suddenly and attacking with a freezing wind before disappearing just as quickly. The GPS is eventually revealed as Yasuho's own nascent Stand, which is actually helping Josuke against his assailant. Noticing that the enemy can only appear when he "opens something", Josuke manages to evade his assailant, then find and eventually defeat the user Kei Nijimura. Kei is revealed to have a star-shaped birthmark and to be Kira's little sister. She mistook Josuke for an enemy and tried to stop him from approaching her mother Holy; as a gesture of good will, Josuke promises to stay away from Holy and the two make peace.

Josuke's dilemma

As Josuke is about to leave, Kei asks him to show his tongue and notes that Josuke has two tongues and four eyes.[9] Kei guides Josuke to the Wall Eyes to somewhat explain his ailment. What she does is hold two fruits together, a lemon and an orange, and buries them. Upon unearthing them, the two each have components of the other switched, with the orange having traces of lemon within and vice-versa. This puzzles and infuriates Josuke, who cries out questioningly upon who he is and how he came to be, bringing Kei to tears as well. She explains that Josuke was the result of her brother Yoshikage being fused with someone else, collaterally pointing out that both Josuke and his Stand are similar to Kira and his Stand.

She tells him to investigate the Higashikatas as they may have the answers that he desperately needs.

Shakedown Road

The next day, at the breakfast table, Josuke asks Norisuke for a cell phone, as well as the chance to go to school. Norisuke agrees, but orders Joshu to escort him.

Josuke & Joshu are targeted by Shakedown Road's people

Joshu tests Josuke with a trigonometric problem, which he solves, before Joshu asks him to walk with him to a different high school, as a favor. Josuke and Joshu travel to Shakedown Road, known for its kleptomaniacal community. Joshu hopes to record himself being robbed in order to complain with evidence to the police for an earlier crime. Arriving, Joshu unknowingly breaks a child's "compact" toy before her mother demands compensation; as does Josuke a turtle tank in a nearby store window, apparently killing the turtles inside; for which the store owner extorts Josuke for ¥20,000 and a plan to pay off ¥330,000. Joshu captures the event with his phone; discovering that Josuke had stepped on leaves, rushed almost instantly to the tank, and then back, unaware. Continuing, Josuke is confronted by three men who had been watching from afar, who accuse Josuke of having made one drop his cell phone into a puddle. Watching another recording just made, Josuke sees himself again slide backward, knock into the man, then return to his original position, again unaware. The men propose that Josuke deliver a package underneath a nearby flower pot to a nearby woman as compensation. Having been set up to exchange an illegal substance, the two are soon arrested by a pair of police officers also observing.

Josuke manages to come out on top

Joshu meanwhile analyzes mysterious actions between the woman and the gangsters during the exchange, localizing the effect to the ginkgo leaves scattered on the ground; and intercepts their exchange of money, fleeing. While Josuke is pinned by the policemen, the gangsters notice Joshu's sleight and give chase, easily catching up using the ginkgo leaves. Preparing to beat him, a nut and screw suddenly materializes on one of their hands. Confused the man unscrews it, causing his hand to detach from his wrist. Panic rises among them as his other hand falls and more screws form, before Joshu's Stand, Nut King Call, is fully revealed. Joshu escapes, reversing his Stand's effect; before discovering his stolen money is in fact composed of leaves.

The policemen discover Josuke's package contains only candy, and release him. Josuke reveals he had also deduced the power of the gingko leaves, and during its exchange had taken the money for himself with his Stand, which with he pays the pet shop owner in full for his case and turtles.

Morioh: Year 1901

Josuke learns from the pet shop owner about Johnny Joestar, in whose memory a jizo statue was erected. Josuke then makes a call to Yasuho while she is in class. Seeing Joshu's caller ID, she doesn't answer, but noticing the origin of Josuke's call on her phone's map, Yasuho takes interest in the same Joestar Jizo. Searching the term, she is reminded of Holy and the Higashikata/Joestar family tree. Subconsciously employing Paisley Park, Yasuho continues to research the subject on her phone.

Tsurugi Higashikata's Prank

Josuke steps on Tsurugi's origami

Josuke is inspired by Paisley Park to send Yasuho a text, given that she will not pick up a call from Joshu. However, Yasuho is targeted by Tsurugi Higashikata and his Stand, Paper Moon King. She becomes unable to distinguish faces and texts and loses her way in the town. Meanwhile, Josuke is also targeted by Tsurugi. He also steps on an origami frog, his foot contorting slightly; his senses now changed so that he can only perceive the same face that haunts Yasuho. Josuke is soon left in peace but cannot meet Yasuho.

A New Threat

In the morning, Josuke awakens in his bedroom, seeing from his window Tsurugi leaving from the back of the house, carrying bags full of food. Asking Daiya what there is on the far side of the yard. She mentions the Wall Eyes, some woods, and the debris of a ruined shed. Norisuke asks Josuke about his experience at school, when Joshu interjects with a nonsensical, fictional account of the day, implied to be a result of damage inflicted by Yasuho by a large lump on his head. From the balcony at the house's rear, Josuke identifies the shed, by the pine, and the spring where he emerged; all lined up with the Wall Eyes. Spotting Tsurugi, he gives chase, resolving to interrogate each member of the family.

Josuke and Norisuke clear the misunderstandings between them

Norisuke confronts Josuke; prompting Josuke to say outright that he is following Tsurugi, and that he finds the Higashikatas highly suspicious, wishing to ask them all certain things directly; embarking on an interrogation. He settles to ask Norisuke whether he killed Yoshikage Kira, which he says he did not, and in three parts: First, that he knows of the power of the Wall Eyes to combine two objects, and argues that if he wished Kira dead, he should wish the same of Josuke. Second, that he is sympathetic to Kira's family, including Holy Joestar-Kira, being that theirs shares its fate with his, with respect to the curse of their disease; and third, that he actually needed Kira, believing that he had a clue as to their cure. Norisuke says that he adopted Josuke in the hope that he has retained these memories; reaffirms his wish for his family's happiness, and that he does not know the identity of the other person composing Josuke, suggesting that he consider himself the individual currently searching for his identity. Asking Norisuke, a firstborn, how he himself was cured, Norisuke limits his answer to that his parents traded their lives to cure him. Josuke asks Norisuke's permission to question Tsurugi, and the request encourages Norisuke to accompany him as a form of compromise. On the way Josuke decides to inquire about the nature of Norisuke's Stand - even going as far as to ask if he can observe it after having deduced everyone in his family should possess one, and his awareness of Tsurugi's ability. Although he admits to being aware that Tsurugi possesses a Stand, Norisuke informs Josuke that he had no idea his grandson had attacked him and opts to momentarily reveal his Stand's hand in order to satisfy Josuke while keeping its full nature private. Distracted, Norisuke notices the hatch to the basement open, describing the destroyed shed above it being designed a rest stop; and in the past, the basement below to store and research their fruit trees.

Battle Against Yotsuyu Yagiyama

Josuke fights Yotsuyu, a man who can turn into a rock

Moments later Josuke feels something touch his shoe and theorizes it to have been Tsurugi's accomplice Yotsuyu Yagiyama, although he cannot determine how he managed to sneak up on them without him noticing. These strange occurrences prompt him to warn Norisuke that something strange appears to be happening on the Higashikata property even its patriarch is unaware of, given the bizarre nature of Kira's death. It is at that moment that an odd sound alerts them to the approach of heavy, rolling pots which appear to be converging on their location from all directions. They are in such great numbers that the duo assume them to be from all over Morioh and wonder if this is the affect of their enemy's Stand. Breaking the pots with Soft & Wet proves ineffective when the shards begin to dig into Josuke's flesh, ever gravitating towards his 'core'. It is only through the combined effort of a now free Norisuke dragging him out of the Pot's reach and Josuke utilizing soap bubbles to steal the weight of the shards attached to him does he escape death. The two take this brief moment to plan their next move; either progress towards the hatch and risk a trap or flee and abandon the unconscious Yasuho which Josuke refuses to do. While analyzing the enemy's Stand Josuke and Norisuke both feel the sensation of being touched again, and just as before cannot pinpoint the location of the culprit. This time hundreds of chestnuts advance on the pair and threaten to pierce their skin with sharp pines until Josuke robs them of their moisture and cause them to collapse, giving Norisuke enough time to force the hatch open and break the chained inner handle with a rock. Once the two enter and seal the bunker they find themselves out of their opponent's effective radius and indulge in a temporary calm.

Josuke sees a mysterious fruit, his new lead

Using Yotsuyu's scent from Yasuho, Norisuke manages to find the architect in his rock form. Scratching the rock skin with a boulder, and seeing it bleed, Josuke and Norisuke are puzzled by Yotsuyu's true nature. Yotsuyu uses their momentary distraction from observing the canisters of pesticide converging toward Josuke, Yotsuyu appears before them and declares that he will obtain the Higashikata's wealth and that Josuke is checkmate before disappearing again when Soft & Wet punches him away. Knowing that Yotsuyu will use Yasuho against him, Josuke chooses to go on the offensive and foregoes defending himself against the canisters. Spotting Yotsuyu from the bleeding scratch, Josuke imprisons him in a bubble and begins to transport him to the coast. Yotsuyu reveals his Stand, I Am a Rock, and pops the bubble with converging rocks as the canisters of pesticide reach Josuke. Covered in pesticide, Josuke nonetheless pushes Yotsuyu off the cliff with him and both fall into the sea. Communicating underwater with his bubbles, Josuke envelops Yotsuyu who changed into his rock form to protect himself in several fishnets thrown by Norisuke at his request. Josuke gives Yotsuyu a choice, either revealing him who he is, or face lingering underwater forever in his rock form for fear of drowning. Enraged, Yotsuyu only reveals that he killed Josuke earlier and that Kira saved him. Attacking Josuke again, but beaten, Yotsuyu starts breaking down and dies, only saying that Josuke will be betrayed by the Higashikatas in his dying breath. At the same time Josuke spots a mysterious fruit sinking in the water from the architect's bag.

Pulling Yotsuyu's remains off the water, Josuke and Norisuke inspects them, still baffled by Yotsuyu's rock physiology. In the bunker, Tsurugi sees his grandfather and Josuke come back with Yasuho and take her to the bedroom, and reveals that after investigating Yotsuyu, he couldn't find any address or bank account despite his qualifications as an architect, raising the question of where does Yotsuyu come from and how was he raised and educated. Tsurugi then asks if they have seen the cure for the disease, which first being denied its existence by Norisuke, is then confirmed by Josuke when he reveals that he saw a fruit sinking down the sea. Linking that fruit to a possible motive for his presence in Morioh, Josuke decides to investigate the fruit to uncover his past.

Beetle Battle Against Jobin Higashikata

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Josuke meets Jobin

Josuke and Norisuke then examine the remains of Yotsuyu Yagiyama. Eventually, they manage to find a fruit that was left on the bed of the basement by Yasuho. Josuke then follows Norisuke to the latter's fruit parlor in order to identify the fruit. In the shop's café, he tastes a delicious melon parfait and accidentally spills some on a man's shoe, said man is Jobin Higashikata, the eldest son of Norisuke. The meeting is awkward for Josuke as Jobin gives him gift after gift and the father and son leave the store to go back to their house. Unbeknownst to both of them, Josuke sees King Nothing react to Jobin's handkerchief, meaning the eldest son has approached the fruit at one point.

Josuke challenges Jobin to a beetle fight

Josuke goes to Tsurugi and asking him what Jobin's Stand ability is. Tsurugi was reluctant at the idea of acting against a family member, especially his own father, but Josuke pressures him, telling Tsurugi that his father was keeping the source of the cure for his disease a secret to his family, and that Norisuke would rather preserve his eldest son than his grandchild. Tsurugi finally reveals that Jobin could be manipulated using his obsession with beetles and beetle fights. Josuke then asks if he can go to Jobin's room, saying he needs advice for raising his stag beetle. Accompanied by Joshu, Josuke is accepted into Jobin's room, where he sees a wall full of a multitude of exposed beetles, entomology books, and a rearing room for Jobin's collection of live beetles. He inspects the live beetles, and pointing at one Palawanicus, nonchalantly mentions that his Palawanicus could beat it in a straight fight. Interested, Jobin then challenges Josuke to a beetle fight, just as Tsurugi predicted. Josuke uses the opportunity to raise the stacks with a bet. Setting a fighting arena made of cork circled with soft rush plant, Jobin explains the rules of a beetle fight. Jobin then demonstrates the fighting proficiency of his own Palawanicus by making it kill a Japanese hornet and proposes that the loser shaves his eyebrow, to which Josuke accepts.

Beetle fight

The first round begins between the two Palawanicus. At first, Jobin's beetle gets the upper hand due to its sharpened mandibles and planted female pheromones from a brush, making it push Josuke's beetle to the border of the arena. The tables are turned when Josuke releases the pheromones he planted in the soft rush plants with his bubbles. Josuke's beetle then makes Jobin's beetle flee out of the arena. A frustrated Jobin shaves off his left eyebrow. Despite his loss, Jobin is enjoying himself and challenges Josuke to another beetle fight, and again Josuke accepts. Josuke then proposes his true goal; the Lamborghini Jobin owns. If Josuke wins, he can check the event data recorder in secret, and Jobin unknowingly accepts. In the Higashikata house, Tsurugi tells Yasuho that Paisley Park's power will be crucial in the investigation. The second opponent is a golden stag beetle, also known as a Rosenbergi. As the match begins, Jobin tells Josuke that if he wins, he is allowed to lick Josuke's eyeball. The Palawanicus' superior size and weight enables it to push the Rosenbergi to the border of the ring. However, the Rosenbergi suddenly moves in an unnaturally precise manner, knocking the Palawanicus over and biting off one leg. The Palawanicus is almost pushed over the border as Josuke reads from an encyclopedia that stag beetles instinctively play dead when feeling strong vibrations at their legs. Intrigued that the Rosenbergi could exploit this weakness, Josuke secretly deduces that Jobin could in fact remotely command it. As the Rosenbergi chomps off another leg, Josuke notices liquid oozing from its head. The Palawanicus falls from the ring, but since the clock went over 45 seconds, Josuke has not lost.

Jobin uses his Stand during the beetle fight

Before the second bout, Josuke secretly plunders the scent from Jobin's paintbrush and then inquires about the liquid. Jobin reveals that it's wax, that when melted will cause convulsions in the beetle and eventually kill it, but not before Jobin wins. As the second round begins, Josuke pops the bubbles that plundered the air around this paintbrush, and is baffled to discover that the paintbrush has exuded a temperature as high as 60 °C. As the Rosenbergi slowly overwhelms the Palawanicus with its precise movement, Josuke witnesses a faint apparition of Jobin's Stand. Josuke then realizes that the beetle fight has been a front for a Stand battle. Suddenly Joshu knocks his foot on the tank where the hornet was killed and asks where the lower half of it's body with the stinger went. The abdomen is shown to be near Josuke who is now showing confidence as the Rosenbergi goes mad and convulses. Josuke had planted some of the hornet's poison in Jobin's brush, which eventually killed his beetle, making Josuke the winner.

As Josuke takes the Lamborghini's keys with him and leaves the room, Jobin stops him, the keys are transported anyway to Tsurugi with a bubble. Suspicious, Jobin interrogates Josuke about his motives, using his Stand to make him bleed. Desperate, Josuke activates the fire alarm by stealing some heat and popping it next to the thermometer of the beetle room. Josuke manages to flee Jobin and Josuke in the confusion.

Meeting Karera Sakunami

Karera contacts Josuke, mistaking him for Josefumi

Josuke meets Yasuho and Tsurugi. Josuke and Yasuho are too happy to see each other to continue the investigation, it is paused for the time being. The two of them stroll on the beach, sharing a tender moment, however Josuke is signaled by another girl, calling for a meeting later. Josuke follows her, intrigued since the woman acts as if she knows him, calling him "Secchan". His suspicions are confirmed when she mentions Yoshikage Kira, but finding something unfamiliar, she flees. Using Soft & Wet to learn her name, Karera Sakunami, Josuke calms her worries about him, and opts to fake knowing her until the moment she tells him his real name. As Josuke follows Karera, he is dismayed at Karera's flighty behavior, going to random places and conning people with her Stand ability. She eventually shows Josuke a photo of her, Kira, and a third man, and reveals his name: Josefumi Kujo. Josuke catches a glimpse of her Stand Love Love Deluxe and continues to follow her. Meanwhile a pair of twins playing football, the A. Phex Brothers, track Karera.

Battle Against the A. Phex Brothers

Josuke learns about Josefumi

Karera then goes to Kira's apartment, but upon being announced Kira's death, freaks out, asking for the circumstances of his death, Josuke mentions the heart attack, but doesn't mention he was present at the crime scene. Karera reveals that she saw Kira hide a Locacaca tree in his apartment, Josuke being clueless of what she's talking about but suspecting a link with the mysterious fruit. Karera is suddenly held by one of the A. Phex Brothers, who uses his Stand Schott Key No.1 to douse Karera with gas, which he ignites. Josuke saves Karera, who flees, and the Brothers opt to kill Josuke first. A fight ensues between Josuke and the A. Phex Brothers. Josuke manages to block Schott Key No.2's poison gas, when the elder brother grapples him and shifts some poison gas from his left hand to his right hand, Josuke plunders the poison gas and takes him hostage with the bubbles around his head. When the elder, soaked with gas, is ignited by Karera, his brother runs toward him, forgetting the bubbles which pop and envelop him in poison gas. Both Rock men are consequently killed. Karera, finally understanding that Kira and Josuke performed an equivalent exchange, goes away before Josuke can ask her anything else.

Battle Against Tamaki Damo

Josuke realizes that the family is being attacked

Yasuho, Tsurugi and Josuke investigate the Locacaca Tree and find out about its history. Plus, Yasuho has done some research about Josefumi Kujo and asks why Josuke is interested in him, to which Josuke answers that Josefumi might be his original identity. He then plans to go at Josefumi's house for further investigations and asks Yasuho if he can find a picture of him. Josuke's conversation is interrupted when he sees Hato coming back. The family is introduced to Tamaki Damo, Hato's short, chubby and awkward boyfriend. Eventually, Josuke tries to leave but sees that Kei Nijimura has been liquefied in the foyer. When Daiya comes to him, she too melts. In fact, nearly the entire family has been liquefied. Josuke warns Hato, who's entered the foyer, not to touch anything and tells her that Tamaki Damo is attacking the family right now. Josuke tries to escape by breaking the glass door with a flower pot, but it slips back at Josuke, who is now under the effect of Vitamin C as well.

Josuke finally kills Damo

Hato returns to the living room, asking Damo what he is doing, but he softens her and kicks her out of his way, going to the foyer to confirm that Josuke is Josefumi. Damo is now certain that an equivalent exchanged happened, and attacks Josuke with Vitamin C. Josuke uses Soft & Wet to counterattack, but it has become so softened that he is promptly defeated. Damo, fascinated by the Locacaca's new application, cuts off Josuke's liver and prepares to cut his throat. However, Josuke plunders Hato out of the house through the chimney, out of Vitamin C's range. A heartbroken Hato attacks Damo with her Stand Walking Heart, heavily wounding him and forcing him out of the house. Everyone returns to their normal state and Josuke confronts Damo in the streets before crushing his head with a punch.

Pursuing the New Locacaca

A New Objective

Josuke sees Holy and resolves to find the Locacaca for her

Josuke can investigate his former identity in peace and confirms that his previous identity was Josefumi Kujo and half of his body is that of Yoshikage Kira. Having searched Damo's cleaning shop, his search about the properties of the Locacaca is also complete.

Josuke then visits the hospital where his mother Holy is treated. Appalled at her condition, Josuke learns that her illness is incurable and the most the doctors could do is put her into an artificial coma to slow the Rock Disease. Feeling a deep attachment to her, and committed to finish what his former selves started, Josuke vows to find the Locacaca and pay for Holy's treatment.

Later, Josuke witnesses the hectic return of Kaato Higashikata at the Higashikata House.

Battle Against Dolomite

Having decided to go look for the Locacaca, Josuke secretly asks Norisuke for help and points out that Jobin is likely to be the Locacaca Smuggling Organization's ally. Although Norisuke refuses to hear about Jobin, he points Josuke to a plant appraiser who can help him find the branches Josefumi grafted. Josuke then departs to find this man. Unbeknownst to him, Kaato has been observing them and informs Jobin of Josuke's intention. Jobin thus contacts the Rock Human named Dolomite to help him stop Josuke before he can find his contact.

Josuke pursued by civilians controlled by Blue Hawaii

In the streets, Josuke is accosted by a young boy who gives him a letter which, without Josuke's knowledge, contains Dolomite's tooth. Immediately after, Josuke comes under attack from the Stand power named Blue Hawaii. The ability takes control of people or animals making them become feral and relentlessly chase a target, in this case Josuke; moreover, the control transfers from one organism to another through mere physical contact either directly or through infected blood, thus Josuke has difficulty defending himself and opts to flee. Josuke repels one infectee after the other, but after realizing that he cannot remain on the defensive for long, he calls Yasuho so that she can investigate the tooth he left earlier. While Yasuho conducts her research, Josuke continues to flee from the unending attack of Blue Hawaii. After a while, Josuke is cornered by a baby, and unwilling to harm him, lets himself be controlled by Stand. Josuke then walks up to Dolomite's pond to be interrogated and killed.

Fortunately, Yasuho intervenes and saves Josuke, but not before he reveals confidential information to Dolomite. The cornered Dolomite then reveals that Jobin was the one who asked him to attack Josuke. Moreover, the Rock Human continues to monologue about the worth of the new variety of Locacaca Josuke is born from.

Meeting Rai Mamezuku

Rai formally meets Josuke and Yasuho

Josuke and Yasuho take the bus to Mount Hananero, where they seek to meet the mysterious plant appraiser. However, Josuke understands that Dolomite's ramblings weren't random, but a way to warn someone else they weren't aware of but had been listening to them. At the same moment, Josuke sees someone hijacking his bus: it is the plant appraiser he wanted to see. The plant appraiser announces that they are under attack, prompting Josuke to let him drive the bus, as well as introduce Yasuho. Arriving at a parking lot, Josuke is shown several trees moving slowly through the concrete, proving that a new enemy is stalking them. The plant appraiser then formally presents himself as Rai Mamezuku. Josuke subsequently shows him several photos of the Higashikata orchard he has taken; although Rai discerns the Locacaca branch, he doesn't reveal anything and prefers to remind Josuke of the stakes of their mission, especially the importance of his safety. Rai then invites Josuke and Yasuho to take a chairlift, soon revealed to be Rai's summer home. Away from the ground and thus temporarily safe, Rai cooks a creme romanoff for Josuke and Yasuho, who savor the snack. Josuke then listens to Rai's theories about the new enemy, and realizes that the enemy may be a new group.

Battle Against Urban Guerrilla and Doremifasolati Do

Josuke faces Urban and Doremifasolati Do

The discussion is interrupted when a tree sneaks near the chairlift. When it whips its branches at Yasuho, she ducks and nearly falls, but Josuke grabs her arm. They see a strange swarm of Stands covering the branches, which attacks Rai's hand, but Josuke neglects him to sweep them from Yasuho's legs. He sends bubbles towards the tree and makes them explode, shattering it. Rai then moves the chair forward to get away from the tree, but being upset, he cuts off his hand and then tosses Yasuho down to the ground, to Josuke's astonishment. Initially angry and threatening to also throw Rai down, Josuke regains his composure and tells Yasuho to go to safe ground. The enemy appears, and Josuke sends his bubbles to make a makeshift ladder for Yasuho, but several thrown rocks pop them up. Rai manages to stab the enemy while Yasuho uses her Paisley Park to wash away the enemy Stand on her face. Josuke then discovers when the enemy resurfaces that they are two people chasing after them: Urban Guerrilla and his pet Doremifasolati Do. Urban threatens Rai who has stabbed him but is only knifed a second time. The enemy then plunges underground, announcing that they have a "killing order". Worried about Yasuho, Josuke jumps down to the ground despite Rai's insistence that he be protected first. Chased by Doremifasolati Do, Josuke sees that his bubbles are ineffective as they get transported behind his opponent. Thus, he is forced to seek shelter at the top of a boulder. In the meantime, Rai has fallen from his chairlift because of Urban. However, Josuke discerns the determined look on the plant appraiser's face and guesses that he has a plan. He jumps down and runs toward the chairlift's eighth pole, which Rai wanted to reach in order to use the fuel stored in there. Although Josuke is overpowered by the teamwork of Urban and his pet, and ends up crushed beneath Doremifasolati Do, he and Rai manage to gravitate fuel into the Rock Animal and light it up. Doremifasolati Do explodes and Urban is burned alive.

Now safe, Josuke and Rai prepare themselves to go harvest the Locacaca. Josuke doesn't notice Yasuho leave, but Rai informs him that she had matters to tend to at home.

Battle Against Poor Tom

Josuke and Rai infiltrate the Higashikata orchard through several tunnels. Using a secret passage, they manage to approach the Locacaca branch, and Josuke observes Rai planting some Moth Larvae inside the branch and is told to wait two days before a new fruit will grow.

Rai and Josuke step out to take the branch but it is ultimately stolen

However, when they return through the tunnels, Josuke and Rai begin to feel the effects of an unknown enemy Stand. They decide to go to the surface. Seeing the orchard on fire, Josuke and Rai must now save the branch. Josuke uses Soft & Wet's power to create two great bubbles acting as protective fields against the decreasing pressure. Rai steps outside to take the branch, but the appraiser suddenly meets Poor Tom, the Rock Human responsible for the attack. Rai tries to attack Poor Tom, strangling him with wires. However, touching Poor Tom results in a dramatic increase in the pressure inside the bubble. Rai is crushed inside the bubble. Josuke then intervenes, putting several poisonous yew seeds inside bubbles and launching them at Tom's mouth, who swallows one of them. Tom then finishes Rai off, takes the branch and tries to flee, hearing the sirens of a fire truck and ambulance and guessing that his allies are coming. Josuke still pursues Tom despite the pressure increasing inside his bubble, and launches another bubble. This multi-layered bubble pursues Tom and manages to corner him just as the ambulances arrive.

Josuke continues to pursue Poor Tom with the bubble until it pops and reveals that there was nothing inside all along. Poor Tom starts running to the ambulance after grabbing what he thinks to be the Locacaca branch when he is suddenly shot by an unknown assailant, killing him. Josuke sees the person in the ambulance Poor Tom was running towards take the branch and drive away. Josuke despairs over the loss of the branch, but realizes that not all hope is lost as Rai is revealed to have survived Poor Tom's attack.

Wu Tomoki's Attack

After the battle, Josuke explains what happened to the Higashikata Family. Discussing what is their next option with Rai, Josuke hears the appraiser suspect Jobin but none of them has any proof of what happened. They decide to follow the trail of the ambulance's license plate. Finding that that no such ambulance is recorded, Josuke finds another trail when Yasuho calls her to go to the TG University Hospital. Arriving there with Rai, Josuke spends some time searching for Yasuho while at the same time, she is busy fighting Dr. Wu Tomoki alongside Mitsuba Higashikata. Tipped by Yasuho's ex-boyfriend Toru, Josuke reaches the secret laboratory containing several Locacaca branches and saves Yasuho from Tomoki, sealing his fragments inside his bubbles mixed with medical cement. Although the Locacaca branch is nowhere to be seen, Josuke is still sure that it was stolen by the Rock Humans of the Locacaca Organization. He thus follows Rai in the search for the last member unaccounted for: Satoru Akefu, the hospital director of the TG University Hospital. Yasuho reluctantly tags along.

Pursuing the Hospital Director

Somehow Josuke and his companions are unable to reach the hospital director

Although Josuke chases after the hospital director, he and his companions are kept unable to catch up to him as either obstacles suddenly appear in their paths or Dr. Akefu inexplicably disappears from sight. During the descent of a staircase, Josuke spots an unknown Stand behind him and tries to attack, but the Stand then disappears. At the same time, Josuke sees that Toru is repeatedly crossing paths with Yasuho and attempts to flirt with her. Not only suspicious but jealous, Josuke calls him out on seemingly following them. Josuke then ends up seeing a message from Toru to Yasuho, who declares his love for her and says that he wants to get back with her. Rai's legs eventually get shredded as he bumps into objects and the damage is disproportionally high, and the plant appraiser understand that an enemy Stand is involved. The pursuit climaxes in a car almost crashing into Yasuho, but thankfully Josuke manages to cushion her from both the car and her fall with Soft & Wet. Then, a patient with a broken neck comes to Josuke looking for a fight: his face has been splashed with some of Josuke's blood and the patient demands reparation before throwing a punch. Josuke blocks the punch with some bubbles to avoid direct contact, but then the neck of the man suddenly and violently snaps, killing him. As a crowd gathers and the police arrive, Josuke is now a murder suspect.

Rai witnesses Josuke step into the deadly rain

To hide from the police, Josuke and Rai put a Lamborghini on a tree, using the reprieve to gather their thoughts. They theorize that Satoru Akefu's Stand is attacking by making things knock into them but are unsure about the trigger. Moreover, Rai discovers that Satoru Akefu may be attending a lecture on regenerative medicine at the TG University Hospital. Once they decide to actually go to the lecture, Satoru's Stand reappears only to disappear again when Josuke summons Soft & Wet. Its reappearance makes them realize that it is triggered by the intent of pursuit. As they worriedly leave the car to escape the incoming attack, Josuke and Rai discover with horror that the drops from an incoming rain become lethal projectiles, forcing them to take refuge in a police car. Josuke also realizes that Yasuho may be in danger herself.

Cornered, Josuke spends the moment reflecting on himself and explains that he still doesn't know his identity. Case in point, despite knowing both of the identities of the men who made him, he still doesn't identify as either of them. Josuke gets extremely determined to reach Satoru Akefu's lecture and steps out of the car, willingly subjecting himself to grievous injuries to be taken to the hospital.

Luring in the Hospital Director

Josuke renews his resolve to reach Satoru Akefu

Put under intensive care, Josuke regains consciousness a day later, minutes before Satoru Akefu's lecture begins. Josuke knocks out a policeman but his initial plan is thrown into disarray as the body of the policeman falls on him, causing dramatic damage. Thankfully, Holy comes in and brings him to the hidden room in the gynecology department to give him a medicine made out of Locacaca. Still willing to chase after Akefu, Josuke almost suffocates as the medicine turns his lips and nose into rock but Holy manages to pour more medicine into his mouth before losing consciousness. Seeing Holy in this state, Josuke thinks that he isn't Yoshikage Kira anymore but that he still remains her son. Regaining courage, Josuke revises his plans. Instead of pursuing the doctor, Josuke films the laboratory and Holy, puts a bit of the Locacaca in a jar, and sends the video and fruit to a journalist scheduled to interview Akefu through a delivery service. That way, he expects the journalist to confront Akefu over this and have the doctor come to the laboratory, so he patiently waits there.

Eventually, Rai Mamezuku reaches him roughly at the same time of Akefu. Despite the calamity powers of Akefu, Josuke has a plan to defeat him and can count on his power and allies. Akefu phases through the wall but senses a trap. Instead of coming closer, the hospital director frees a Rock Insect, Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, and lets it attack Josuke.

Do Do Do, De Da Da Da's Assault

Josuke and Rai vs. Wonder of U

Do Do Do, De Da Da Da melds into the floor with a bundle of plans and creates a miniature crane that collapse and sends some planks flying at Josuke. Josuke uses Soft & Wet to protect himself and avoids touching anything with his bubbles. However, Josuke is lightly wounded. Akefu dares him to get up from his chair. However, Josuke retorts that this is the latest of a series of attempt to bring them out in the open. Thus, Josuke asks a question: wouldn't it have been enough to just keep the new Locacaca? Akefu remains silent, allowing Rai to realize that Akefu does not have the fruit. Do Do Do, De Da Da Da attacks again but suddenly asbestos oozes out of Josuke. Rai, who realizes he's familiar with the insect, protects Josuke and tells him not to move. The hospital director, who reveals himself as the Stand Wonder of U, explains that extending the limbs will trigger the asbestos production. Perched and practically trapped on a desk, Josuke is attacked again by Do Do Do, De Da Da Da.

Mamezuku warns Josuke that the Rock Insect is climbing onto the desk, prompting Josuke to sweep everything that's on the table to uncover it. However, Dododo has actually hidden beneath the desk and swings another stick into Josuke, cutting his neck. Josuke cannot catch the attack and despite Mamezuku's warnings, the Rock Insect keeps eluding him. Worse, more asbestos comes out of Rai. When Dododo attacks again, Josuke manages to catch the stick with his hand and stands up. As Wonder of U notes the gambit, Josuke has Soft & Wet pummel the desk while protecting its fists with the bubbles to reach Dododo. However, the Rock Insect is already out of reach and it seems that Josuke's tactic has failed. As Wonder of U notes, he's just stood up and extended his legs and has been stung four times. So much asbestos is coming out of Josuke that Wonder of U predicts that his eyes will stop working soon. Dododo's crane comes down from the ceiling and the string is already around Josuke's neck; the Rock Insect is about to clog up Josuke's throat with asbestos.

Unraveling himself to crawl on the ceiling, Rai manages to take Do Do Do, De Da Da Da by surprise and kills the Rock Insect. While Josuke recovers from the asbestos, Rai confronts Wonder of U, who taunts him about the calamities that had befallen his family, and prompting Rai to attack. Suddenly, one of Mamezuku's braids flies off. Mamezuku narrowly missed Satoru Akefu's neck and spherical chunks of flesh has been taken off his shoulder. Josuke sees that his own soap bubbles were responsible for wounding Mamezuku. Wonder of U thus realizes that this was Josuke's trap: Josuke had laid several bubbles in the room but some of them were hidden and spinning at high speed. By letting Wonder of U come to him, Josuke had hoped to let these trapped bubble kill the enemy Stand but instead, by sheer misfortune, these bubbles wounded Mamezuku instead. Worse, one of those bubbles just pierced through Mamezuku's head.

A New Power

However, Mamezuku is not dead yet and declares that this fight is not over. Declaring that this "calamity" was instead "good fortune", Mamezuku decides to show a hidden aspect hidden within every Stand but of which nobody is aware of. Letting a bit of wire go down his finger, Mamezuku begins to spin the rope and explains to Josuke that his soap bubbles are actually soft, spinning lines. Opening his suit to reveal a gaping hole in his stomach, Mamezuku reveals the existence of the Spin to Josuke.

Wonder of U asks again if Josuke intends on approaching him. Josuke briefly reflects on the true nature of his bubbles before regaining his focus. He declares that he's been the one making Wonder of U approach him. To bait him closer, Josuke summons Soft & Wet to destroy the vault containing all the Locacaca 6251 test tubes. He disperses the tube and even destroys the doors with explosive bubbles. Wonder of U protests, stating that even if he will take the new Locacaca, the Locacaca 6251 remains extremely valuable and that the world needs it. Hearing about the medicine price of 200,000 yen for a test tube, Josuke snarks about his 7,890 yen sneakers and stomps on the test tubes. Wonder of U finally steps into the room and approaches Josuke, while carefully staying clear of Soft & Wet's bubbles. However, Wonder of U then suddenly informs him that Yasuho is at the Higashikata estate and that she's in danger. Josuke hesitates for a moment, and resumes destroying the test tubes with even more fervor. However, a piece of glass ricochets into his neck. Wonder of U expresses incomprehension at Josuke's stubbornness and explains how the flow of calamity will attack him through all of the objects that the Stand is touching. At the same time, he ostentatiously touches the test tube and the wreckage of the vault. Josuke tries to high kick Wonder of U in the neck, but a bubble gets in the way and cuts a part of his leg. Josuke trips and impales his shoulder on a metal rod sticking out of the wreckage. Wonder of U expresses his satisfaction, but suddenly a gust of wind comes from inside of the vault. Born This Way appears. With its freezing wind, the Stand freezes several bubbles and sends them at Wonder of U, who tries to deflect them with his cane. However, one of the bubble hits Wonder of U and wounds his head, shocking the Stand.

Josuke resumes breaking the vials of Locacaca 6251 and sees trails of invisible spheres in the mist caused by Born This Way's freezing wind. This reminds him of Mamezuku's revelations about Soft & Wet's bubbles. Although Wonder of U has been wounded, Kei's eye is impaled by the tip of his cane. She can barely inform him that Yasuho is trying to contact her through the phone before collapsing. Josuke picks up the phone. Paisley Park appears and through it, Yasuho tells him everything about Toru and that she's at the Higashikata House. She adds that they must kill the user to end the calamities. Wonder of U proceeds to leave the place as it's realized the danger Josuke represents. Josuke hesitates about pursuing the hospital director again, but Yasuho then tells him that something is heading towards her. Left with no choice, Josuke must believe in what Mamezuku said and pursues Wonder of U. As Wonder of U prepares to take the elevator, Josuke shoots him with one bubble from the fingertip. At this moment, something comes out of his Star Birthmark.

Soft & Wet: Go Beyond

Josuke awakens Soft & Wet: Go Beyond

Josuke shoots his bubble, but Wonder of U summons another Rock Insect named Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da which deflects the bubbles. Josuke senses a bubble coming out of his shoulder, but is more preoccupied with Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da which has latched onto his hand. He tries to pull it, but the insect begins to multiply from his blood, soon covering his arm. Josuke is forced to kneel under the weight. Josuke tells Yasuho to recall her Paisley Park to protect herself, but instead she hacks into the elevator to open the door, exposing Wonder of U to another attack. Josuke summons the will to stand up again and shoots at point-blank range. Unfortunately, an Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da falls in the way and deflects the attacks again. Josuke is covered in insect and collapses. However, Paisley Park then brings with it the bubble that Josuke has shot out of his Star Birthmark to the Higashikata House and it then flies right towards Toru.

In the elevator, Josuke writhes on the ground covered in Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. The bubble succeeds and blows away Toru, saving Yasuho from the calamity. He crawls towards the elevator panel and heads down to the basement. Phone in-hand, he answers Yasuho and asks her about Toru, explaining how his new ability can bypass the calamity and travel with Paisley Park to Yasuho’s location. He asks her again about Toru and demands that she doesn’t let him get away. When Toru gets back up having eaten the locacaca, Yasuho realizes that he’s attempting to perform an equivalent exchange. Josuke becomes stammered for a moment and explains that she needs to aim the phone at Toru because Josuke can't aim or control it himself. Josuke continues to stumble in the hospital until he sees a washroom and jumps in a tub to wash away Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. He rises back up immediately and asks Yasuho to aim the phone at Toru again. Before Toru can perform the exchange, he shoots out another invisible bubble that blows away Toru again, exclaiming the name of his new ability, Soft and Wet: Go Beyond. However, Wonder of U manages to escape TG University Hospital to save its user Toru. Josuke visits Holy's room and momentarily thinks about her, Rai, and Kei, silently staring at the direction where Wonder of U had fled outside the hospital.

Josuke and Yasuho reunite

When Kaato traps Toru in an equivalent exchange, he slowly crumbles away and the process saves Tsurugi. However, Wonder of U is still capable of manifesting and attempts to kill Norisuke Higashikata IV. Fortunately for the Higashikata family, Josuke arrives to the scene and asks Yasuho to step away. He unleashes Soft & Wet's new ability on Wonder of U, finally ending the calamity. He and Yasuho stand together, watching Wonder of U crumble away.

Josuke Higashikata, the One Born From the Soil

Josuke and his family

Yasuho and Josuke Higashikata find themselves without any Locacaca in Morioh to cure Holy Joestar-Kira, and even though the plant must still exist, they have no one to help them search for it. She incidentally crosses path with Kiyomi Kujo, Josefumi Kujo's mother, with a baby in her arms. Yasuho kindly picks up Kiyomi's phone for her when the latter drops it, and then comes to recognize her. However, Josuke doesn't see the point in approaching Kiyomi as she seems to have abandoned Josefumi and has made a new life. However, Yasuho has checked on Kiyomi's phone with Paisley Park and shows numerous photos of Josefumi in the phone, proving that Kiyomi has at least not stopped thinking about her son. The two then head to the Higashikata Fruit Parlour where the surviving members of the family are busy choosing a cake to celebrate Norisuke's discharge from the hospital. When they all ask Josuke to pick up a cake, Yasuho leaves, a happy tear in her eye as she sees that Josuke has found a family he belongs to.

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

The story begins like an ordinary day for Josuke and Joshu, who argue behind the Higashikata House. Incidentally, Josuke Higashikata from the Diamond is Unbreakable universe travels to this universe and arrives near them. Josuke 8 suddenly sees an abnormal purple energy swirling behind Joshu, and the energy soon engulfs him. Recognizing the phenomena, Josuke 4 springs into action and attempts to explain the situation to Josuke 8. Joshu stands up, the corruption only fueling his resentment, but the two Josukes quickly defeat him despite their mutual lack of familiarity with Joshu's Nut King Call. Josuke 4 restores Joshu with his Saint's Corpse Part, but knocks him down again when he becomes confrontational, excusing his actions to the other Josuke by claiming that the restoration hadn't taken effect yet. Josuke 8 recognizes the Corpse part, which aids Josuke 4 in his explanation. Josuke 8 agrees to lend his help, but Josuke 4 feels as though the two are being watched. Their "pursuers" reveal themselves as two versions of the original timeline's Yoshikage Kira, the latter impersonating Kosaku Kawajiri. The two Kiras reveal that they had come on their own seeking peaceful lives, resenting Josuke's sudden reappearance. The Josukes fight and triumph over the Kiras, who disappear in disappointment. After they leave, Joshu wakes up, unable to remember what happened. Josuke 4 finds the Corpse's heart nearby and gives it to Josuke 8. Before the two Josukes return to Morioh from Diamond is Unbreakable, Joshu decides that he also wants to tag along.

From that point on, Josuke 8 is a member of the hero party travelling through space and time to gather the pieces of the Corpse Parts. DIO springs a trap and Josuke 8 is one of the 36 souls that DIO absorbs to attain even greater power. However, Jotaro Kujo defeats him once and for all, altering fate for the better.

During the ending credits, it is shown through a photo that Josuke 8 and Joshu are now on friendly terms.


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