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Left hand... to right hand...

Schott Key No.1 (ショット・キーNo.1(ナンバーワン), Shotto Kī Nanbā Wan) is the Stand of the elder A. Phex Brother, featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion. Taking on the appearance of a rocky stump, it allows the elder brother to transfer anything from his left hand to his right hand.


The Stand resides in the right hand of the elder A. Phex Brother, which has deformed it into a rocky stump that has a spiral pattern around the wrist.


Schott Key No. 1 is an ability Stand and thus has no physical power to speak of. Although its power may be useful in close combat, it has limited offensive ability. The elder A. Phex brother relies on the environment or Schott Key No.2 to be able to attack and is defenseless against other conventional Stands.

Left Hand-Right Hand Transfer

The elder brother transferring a cuff into his right hand stump

Schott Key No.1 allows the elder A. Phex brother to transfer objects he touches with his left hand to be transferred to the rocky stub where his right hand used to be.[1]

The objects transferred between hands seem to crumble away like rock and recomposes near the right stub, enabling the elder to slightly displace objects. Schott Key No. 1 can transfer anything regardless of physical state: it could transfer a metal handcuff, a hand (indirectly forcing the arm to move),[1] liquid gas, wires,[2] or even glass. The elder brother can make it so the transferred object materializes in a manner advantageous to him, for instance, causing straight wires to appear directly binding an enemy.[2]

The elder may perform a combination attack with his younger brother's Stand Schott Key No.2, putting his left hand inside the soccer ball to transfer Schott Key No.2's toxic gas through his hand.[3]


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