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Windknight's Lot (風の騎士たちの町(ウインドナイツ・ロット) Uindonaitsu Rotto) is a small town featured in the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Phantom Blood.

It is located south of London, about a day away by horse. Most of the battle between Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando's zombies takes place here, with the final battle between Dio and Jonathan set in a castle on a hill nearby. The town had 452 citizens, but after Dio's sudden takeover, 73 of them are transformed into zombies. The trial of the 77 Rings was held here during the Middle Ages for training knights.


Windknight's Lot, with Dio's castle visible atop the nearby hill.

Windknight's Lot is surrounded on three sides by inaccessible mountains. The southern side has a cliff that overlooks the sea. The town was built in the middle ages as a practice ground for royal knights. Coal is excavated via an extensive railway system dug by prisoners. The residents of this place are normal people who live by fishing and agriculture.


The only way into the town is on a single wagon road that goes through a tunnel in one of the mountains. The tunnel is approximately 300 meters long, and has a single rusty sword stuck into the inner wall. The sword is actually a disguised lever that, when pulled, reveals a secret passage way leading to several other pathways. These pathways were created during the Middle Ages to serve as convenience for the Royal Knights during times of war. The tunnel had been evacuated over 500 years before the setting of Phantom Blood.

Chamber of the Two-Headed Dragon

The Chamber of the Two-Headed Dragon (双首竜の間 Sōshuryū no Ma) was a training ground where warriors learned how to kill. Filled with traps, it was used for deathmatches between the knights, the most notable combatant being Tarkus. One type of deathmatch was the Chain Neck Deathmatch (チェーン首輪(ネック)デスマッチ Chēn Nekku Desumatchi), in which both warriors are trapped each in one neck brace connected to the ceiling through a chain, each collar with one key that opens the other one. The only way to free oneself is to kill the opponent or decapitate him in order to pick the key to his own collar. As the room contains a mechanism to automatically chain whoever enters the room, one could lure the desired opponent into the room and trap them inside. To prevent escape in the middle of the fight, the steel door to the room is locked when both fighters have their necklaces. The only way to open the door is to pull a lever present inside. This also prevents others outside from interrupting the deathmatch, as the door is strong enough to withstand several attacks. Ripple users have difficulty in this challenge because the necklace chokes them, making it hard to maintain their breathing. They also can't channel their Ripple through the chain, as it is connected to the ceiling instead of the opponent.

Graveyard and Castle

On the right side of the path after the entrance tunnel, a steep cliff overlooks a lake. Atop this cliff is the town's graveyard, where Jonathan and company encounter a revitalized Dio and battle his zombie servant Bruford. The graveyard is marked by several tall rock formations. A Victorian-era castle, where Dio resides during his time in the town, overlooks the graveyard. The Stone Mask hangs upon the wall of one of its rooms. On the top floor, an attic with an ornate window serves as the backdrop for Dio's conversation with Poco's sister and the following battle with Doobie. The attic contains a door to a large hall with a chandelier and several pots of roses. Jonathan and Dio's climactic confrontation takes place in this hall, with Dio ultimately being thrown off one of the room's balconies.


Residents of Windknight's Lot


Video Games

Dio's castle in Windknight's Lot appears as a stage that can be battled on in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle.

  • Stage Hazard: A chandelier falls from the ceiling, damaging anyone directly underneath it.
  • Situation Finish: The loser is sent flying off the balcony, recreating Dio's defeat in his battle against Jonathan in his castle.


  • Initially, the town is stated to have 517 residents including prisoners.[2] However, the London Press newspaper later reports that there were 452. It is possible that their count does not include prisoners.[3]


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