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If I face you head-on with my Stand, Kraft Work, I can easily deflect a bullet from your puny little pistol.
—Sale to Guido Mista, Chapter 465: Sex Pistols Appears, Part 4

Kraft Work (クラフト・ワーク, Kurafuto Wāku) is the Stand of Sale, featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

It has the ability to lock an object's position, completely freezing it in place or affixing it to another object's position. Once frozen, the kinetic energy in an object can be built up over time, turning it into a deadly projectile once the object is released.


Kraft Work (2).png

Kraft Work appears almost robotic, with smooth, streamlined armor. It has a spike on each side of its head, bared teeth, and eyes patterned with vertical lines. It also features striated muscles, possibly as a reference to its ability.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Body(White and blue with gold stripes)
(Olive green with dark green, brownish-green, and orange patches)


Kraft Work is a close range Stand characterized by above-average basic abilities. It is notable for being able to deflect bullets with ease, indicating exceptional speed.[2]

Kinetic Energy Manipulation

Kraft Work's primary ability is the manipulation of kinetic energy, either taking an object's kinetic energy completely away, freezing it in place, or adding more kinetic energy to a previously frozen object, making it move once more.

Position Locking

Sale can lock objects into a given position

Kraft Work can take the kinetic energy out of anything it touches, locking those objects in place.[2] This can either take the form of making an object be stuck to a particular space or making it motionless with respect to another object, including Sale himself. Kraft Work also allows Sale to make people partially stuck in place after they come in contact with something Kraft Work has affected. There is no limit to the number of objects Kraft Work can freeze in place, and the immobilization can be delayed after Kraft Work has touched it, allowing Sale to throw things in front of them and make them stop them mid-air.[3]

Kraft Work can also be used defensively, as it can freeze any projectile that it comes in contact with, even if it has already started to enter Sale's body. Sale uses this to stop a bullet from penetrating his skull.[2] However, an external force can still move said object, if even by a small amount; thus a bullet stopped inside Sale's head can be pushed deeper inside by a second bullet.[4]

If Sale moves far enough from immobilized objects or people, the effects of Kraft Work's ability will eventually dissipate.[2]

Kinetic Energy Accumulation

Kraft Work can also add kinetic energy to frozen objects, such as using the bullets it stopped from Guido Mista's gun as weapons against him.[2] By repeatedly touching a locked object enough times, Sale can build up kinetic energy in it before releasing it; he is thus able to launch a bullet with as much power as a real gun. However, to conserve accuracy as well as prevent adversaries from predicting where it will fly, he must carefully and lightly tap the object several times.[3]

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Creation and Development

Concept art featured in the JOJOVELLER "History" booklet includes an early design of Kraft Work's head, appearing similar to a human skull with exposed muscle. This concept art also suggests that Kraft Work's signature "grin" was the main focus of its design from the very beginning.



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