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These loose women, what'm I gonna do... I got a date all planned out with my cute girlfriend tonight tooooo. Hmmmm, this is trickyyyy.

Poor Tom (プアー・トム, Puā Tomu) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion, specifically in the "Ozon Baby's Pressure" story arc.

He is a member of the TG University Hospital Research Team within the Locacaca Organization, and the supervisor of Urban Guerrilla. He meets with Jobin Higashikata, instructing him to seal off the Higashikata orchard so he can attack.

Poor Tom is a Stand user whose long-range automatic Stand Ozon Baby can manipulate the air pressure in the vicinity.


Poor Tom is a short, overweight man, who can easily be mistaken for a child due to his height and youthful face. Despite his child-like appearance, Tom is covered in wrinkles and is seen smoking cigarettes. His hair is flat with a small bang over his forehead. Most of his hair is notably shaved in a curved shape with short spikes of hair protruding from it, leaving only a small circular patch of hair on the center.

Aside from his shorts and sandals, a majority of Tom's attire appears to be drawn onto his body with certain parts shaded in. Other drawn-on accessories include a tie with his name on it, a "Coda" pin, referencing the Led Zeppelin album, and a pocket watch.

He also possesses a doctor's uniform tailored to him, which he wears when working at the TG University Hospital.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Outfit(Red shorts, brown sandals.)
Drawn-On Accessories
(Green shirt collar, wristbands, and shirt pocket, pink lettering on tie, and golden pocketwatch.)


Despite his baby-like appearance, Poor Tom is mature, vulgar and a womanizer

Poor Tom is a vulgar and devious Rock Human.

Belying his appearance, Tom has a rather vulgar personality. He claims to have a girlfriend and still eyes other women, using his size to look under their skirts.[6] He also speaks in a familiar tone. Poor Tom smokes as well.[7]

Poor Tom is also quite devious and has some tactical acumen. He accurately analyzes the situation after Urban Guerrilla doesn't report to him and quickly goes to Jobin to enlist him.[7] In a bold move, he reveals a part of his Stand's secret to Jobin and decides to completely close off the entirety of the Higashikata's orchard to simply make Josuke unable to approach the Locacaca.[8] Poor Tom is additionally malicious in his intent, withholding information from Jobin that his Stand would not only target Josuke and Rai Mamezuku but the entire Higashikata family too. Planning to take his time once Jobin and everyone in his way is dead, Tom would search for the Locacaca at his leisure.[9]

As a Rock Human and member of the Locacaca Organization, Poor Tom is callous about human lives and is ready to kill anyone in his way. For instance, he trapped the entire Higashikata Family and planned on killing them[9] and brutally attacked Rai Mamezuku with his ability.[10]

However, Poor Tom displays a cowardly and desperate side to his personality when his life is truly threatened. After being cornered by Josuke, Poor Tom resorts to begging and pleading for his life; offering Josuke large amounts of money to spare him.[11]

As a doctor specialized in obstetrics, it can be inferred that Poor Tom was bright enough to obtain his medical license by himself or at least perform his job well enough without raising suspicion.[12]



Main article: Ozon Baby

Poor Tom's Stand Ozon Baby has the power to seal off an entire area once its physical representation, a LEGO White House replica, is buried underground. Once buried, the area will be affected by an intense depressurization that attacks indiscriminately.

Ozon Baby (オゾン・ベイビー)Link to this section
Pressure Manipulation



Poor Tom is a Rock Human, but his youth is unknown. At one point, he integrated an organization of fellow Rock Humans and became Urban Guerrilla and Doremifasolati Do's handler. In addition, Poor Tom was working at the TG University Hospital as a doctor in obstetrics, specializing in infertility treatment.


Poor Tom instructs Jobin to put Ozon Baby in the estate

Learning of a brand new variety of Locacaca tied to a hidden branch and which could make people immortal, Poor Tom instructs Urban and Doremifasolati Do to capture Rai Mamezuku and eliminate his bodyguards. After their failure to report back, Tom deduces they have been killed and phones Jobin Higashikata to get into contact. He meets up with Jobin and tells him to bury a LEGO White House replica within the Higashikata Family's orchard. Poor Tom reveals that this will seal off the entire orchard and activate his Stand Ozon Baby. At the same time, he seduces a woman.

In truth, Poor Tom has tricked Jobin into attacking the whole Higashikata estate, which gravely wounds most of the family and traps Jobin and Tsurugi. Tom's plan is derailed when Jobin calls him to inform him that he's set the orchard on fire. Panicking, Tom hurries to the orchard and unearths Ozon Baby. It is then that he accidentally meets with Mamezuku.

Poor Tom killed by his allies

The plant appraiser breaks up the famed Locacaca branch, revealing it to Tom, but also begins to attack him. Tied to Doggy Style's wire and his neck threatening to break, Poor Tom is saved as Ozon Baby's full power crushes Mamezuku. Unfortunately for him, Josuke intervenes and the pair forces him to swallow a poisonous yew seed. Poor Tom finishes Mamezuku off, takes the branch and tries to flee despite the poison infecting his body. Josuke still pursues him and launches a multi-layered bubble. Eventually cornered by the bubble, Poor Tom nonetheless sees a fire truck and ambulance approaching the estate and hopes that his allies are here to rescue him.

Poor Tom flees from Josuke's bubble. He disables Ozon Baby to change the course of the bubble, it pops, showing nothing inside. Poor Tom, after grabbing what he thinks to be the Locacaca branch, runs towards the ambulance before he is suddenly shot to death by an unknown assailant. It is later revealed that due to his pursuit of his ally inside the ambulance with Wu Tomoki, their Stand ability brought about Poor Tom's demise.[13]


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Hey, check out that broad over there... is she checkin' me out? Goddamiiit, that was plain as day... she just purposely looked straight my way. I'm talking about the babe over by the Benz C-class. She opened the door, but she sure don't look like she's about ta sit in the driver's seat. She's pointin' her ass right at me. I can see right between her thighs. [...] If you gotta know, I got a date with my girlfriend at 7 tonight! That chick's flauntin' her assets at me on purpose, look! You can see right up 'er skirt! She's sure as hell coming' on ta me!
  • This Stand can cordon off the area around the branch. Nobody'll even be able ta get close. My Stand is called Ozon Baby. It don't matter who it is, nobody'll be able ta get to any branch in that orchard.
  • These loose women, what'm I gonna do... I got a date all planned out with my cute girlfriend tonight tooooo. Hmmmm, this is trickyyyy.
  • Until a minute ago, I was in a nice, sunny room. All warm and comfy from the warmth of a girl, dammiiiiit! I was gonna use her lap as a pillow... snuggle her thighs... and sit around without a care in the world waiting for you guys to get crushed to a pulp.
    —Poor Tom, JoJolion Chapter 75: Ozon Baby's Pressure, Part 3
  • I'm gettin' my hands on that Locacaca, no ifs and, or buts!
    —Poor Tom, JoJolion Chapter 75: Ozon Baby's Pressure, Part 3
  • Don't you get iiit?!! The closer you get ta me, the higher the pressure's gonna get!! You lost, jackass! Now go die, Josuke Higashikata!
    —Poor Tom, JoJolion Chapter 75: Ozon Baby's Pressure, Part 3



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