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Narancia's Aerosmith, Part 5 (ナランチャのエアロスミス その⑤, Narancha no Earosumisu Sono 5), originally The Time Has Come! (時間が来た!, Jikan ga Kita!) in the WSJ release, is the thirty-fifth chapter of Vento Aureo and the four hundred seventy-fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Formaggio tries to hide in a sewer, but Aerosmith finds him once again. Running further into the sewer, Formaggio struggles to understand the tracking ability of Narancia's Stand. Formaggio falls into the water and holds his breath, while Aerosmith harmlessly passes over him. Formaggio deduces that Aerosmith tracks people using a carbon dioxide radar.

Formaggio finds a large pack of rats, and hides amongst them, making Narancia unable to differentiate between him and the rats. Formaggio then strikes Aerosmith, wounding Narancia. Narancia sees that one rat is breathing heavier than the rest, and deduces that it must be carrying something. He shoots at it, hitting Formaggio. Formaggio should be dead, but because of Narancia's shrinking Aerosmith's power has greatly decreased, allowing Formaggio to retaliate.





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