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The "G" in Guts (ガッツの「G」, Gattsu no 'Jī') is the tenth volume of Vento Aureo and the fifty-sixth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers "The Mystery of King Crimson" story arc and the beginning of the "Clash and Talking Head" story arc.


Author's Note

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This is a question, or maybe it's more like a complaint, that I've always wondered about. Why is it that foreign films take so long to come out in Japan? Well, I can understand why America gets to see Hollywood films before Japan does, but when I saw a trailer for Men in Black the other day and it showed me all these other countries where the film had already come out, I was like "Hey, how come everyone else gets to see it before Japan does?! Dang, that hurts my national pride!" So like, I'm thinking, "I gotta tell them to get their act together!" It's probably a matter of profits, but could you guys release foreign films in Japan faster? Please?
常々、昔から思っていた疑問なんですけど、というより「文句たれ」が入ってんですけど、外国映画の日本公開ってなんで遅いんでしょうかね?  まぁ、本国アメリカより遅いってのはわかるんですけど、この間、「MIB」って映画の予告みてたら公開済みのズラズラ並んで出てきて『世界中で日本が一番遅れてんじゃねーか! 愛国心傷つくぜッ!!』って感じで「文句言いてぇ!」って思ったわけです。たぶん利益の問題でしょうけど早く見せて。お願い。



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