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VOMIC (ヴォミック, Vomikku), derived from Voice (ヴォイス, Voisu) and Comic (コミック, Komikku), refers to digital content from Shueisha that are videos of manga images with panning, added sound effects, and dubbing performed by voice actors. The service began in November 2007. At the time, VOMIC was a small part of "s-cast.net", a Shueisha operated website that dealt with voice acting and video distribution. On August 27, 2009 it was moved to an independent website.[1]

Some of Shueisha's weekly and monthly manga anthologies and associated media were aired as a corner in the TV program "Sakiyomi Jum-Bang!", including its VOMICs. In April 2014, the addition of new titles came to a halt, but resumed in February 2015 as a mini program on Animax called "VOMIC TV!".[2] These VOMICs, usually referred now as Voice Comics (ボイスコミック, Boisukomikku), can also be found on the YouTube channels for VOMIC, Shonen Jump, or Jump Comics. The latter regularly posting new ones.

The VOMIC format is used mainly to promote other products, including the original manga work or a possible anime that is expected to be broadcast. For this reason, the content is often short, usually covering three or four chapters only. When titles with VOMICs were adapted into anime, most of the time the cast of voice actors would be completely new. With the release of the anime version, the VOMIC version would often stop being made. There are cases where a new version of the VOMIC, voiced by the new cast, would be made instead.[2]

VOMICs have been created for many series that Shueisha has serialized, including Toriko, Naruto, Bakuman, Beelzebub, Gintama, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., Haikyu!!, Assassination Classroom, and My Hero Academia.

Steel Ball Run

In December 2007, Steel Ball Run received a VOMIC with the first episode coming out on December 7 and the remaining three episodes being released every Friday after.[3] The four episodes created cover parts of chapters 1, 5, 6 and 7. Featured at the end of each episode is free talk from one of the voice actors.



Episode List

Episode Title
Steel Ball Run, Part 1
(Steel Ball Run 第1回 Sutīru Bōru Ran Dai 1 Kai)
Japan: December 7, 2007
Episode Title
Steel Ball Run, Part 2
(Steel Ball Run 第2回 Sutīru Bōru Ran Dai 2 Kai)
Japan: December 14, 2007
Episode Title
Steel Ball Run, Part 3
(Steel Ball Run 第3回 Sutīru Bōru Ran Dai 3 Kai)
Japan: December 21, 2007
Episode Title
Steel Ball Run, Part 4
(Steel Ball Run 第4回 Sutīru Bōru Ran Dai 4 Kai)
Japan: December 28, 2007

Manga-to-VOMIC Cuts

Due to the intended short form of vomics in general, various moments are either skipped or greatly shortened for time.

  • SBR Chapter 1
    • Pages 1-34 is skipped. (Sandman escaping from his fellow villagers and meeting with his sister, Steven Steel's scene with him being told of troubles on the beach before the start of the Steel Ball Run, and Lucy Steel reassuring Steven when he starts crying to her for his worries about the race.)
    • On page 35, the panel of Steven composing himself isn't shown.
    • On page 38, the panels of Steven stating the basic requirements for racer participation, the question of who are the sponsors of the race, and the response from the executive manager isn't shown.
    • Pages 40-43 is skipped. (The question about how about long it would take roughly to reach the end goal and Steven's response, the question about complaints regarding the entry fee and Steven's response, the question about the allowance of the possession of weapons and Steven's response, and the statements of the feats of Mountain Tim, Urmd Avdul, Dot Han, and Diego Brando.)
    • On page 44, the panels of Lucy and Steven's joke about being eliminated if the race is a faliure isn't shown.
    • On page 45, the panel of Steven being asked the question about Lucy being his wife due to her age and his rejection of the question isn't shown.
    • Page 46-53 is skipped. (Gyro Zeppeli's introduction when checking into the race.)
  • SBR Chapter 2 is skipped altogether.
  • SBR Chapter 3 is skipped altogether.
  • SBR Chapter 4 is skipped altogether.
  • SBR Chapter 5
    • On page 1, the panels of Steven talking to the VIPs about getting on the train with the journalists and judges and Lucy looking over at the clock as it reaches 10:00 AM isn't shown.
    • Ends on page 9.

  • SBR Chapter 6
    • Page 1 is skipped. (Announcer describing the route the racers must take for the first stage.)
    • On page 4, the panels of the announcer mentioning the orders to find out the history of Gyro Zeppeli before tomorrow's paper with Steven Steel and Lucy Steel watching the race from the train and one of Johnny Joestar and his horse isn't shown.
    • On page 5, a panel of Johnny isn't shown.
    • On page 9, a closeup panel of Gyro isn't shown.
    • On page 12, a panel of Johnny isn't shown.
    • On page 24, a panel of Silver Bullet's legs isn't shown.
    • On page 26-27, the panel of the announcer stating the other racers are reaching the river and crossing it on the dried-up riverbed and saying Diego Brando is falling behind isn't shown.
    • Ends on page 30 and the panel on the page of Pocoloco's fortune teller telling him about his lucky fate to come isn't shown.

  • SBR Chapter 6
    • Starts on page 31 and the small box on the page stating Pocoloco's age, saddlecloth number, occupation, and birthplace isn't shown.
  • SBR Chapter 7
    • On page 2, the panels of Baron Roocatugo talking about his automobile's inability to continue due to its fuel consumption isn't shown.
    • On page 3, the panels of manure being kicked into Pocoloco's face isn't shown.
    • Page 4-5 is skipped. (Pocoloco's luck with finding a gold coin in the manure, catching a glimpse of a racer's cleavage, and spotting the wanted poster of another racer.)
    • On page 13, the panels of Pocoloco looking at his rope to grab isn't shown.
    • On page 14, a panel of Pocoloco's face isn't shown.
    • On page 18-19, the panels of Johnny Joestar's back, the 6,000 meter sign, and Pocoloco's face isn't shown.
    • Ends on page 24, only showing part of the top panel of Gyro Zeppeli going toward the forest on Valkyrie, and the dialogue from the announcer isn't spoken. (Stating the danger of the forest, its advantage if Gyro crosses it, and questioning if the other racers will brave into the forest or stay on the regular course.) Instead, the announcer concludes the episode with a new quote, "At last, the Steel Ball Run racers gather! What kind of developments can we expect?!"

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