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Windknight's Lot (風の騎士たちの町(ウインドナイツ・ロット) Uindonaitsu Rotto) is a small town featured in the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Phantom Blood.

It is located south of London, about a day away by horse. Most of the battle between Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando's zombies takes place here, with the final battle between Dio and Jonathan set in a castle on a hill nearby. The town had 452 citizens, but after Dio's sudden takeover, 73 of them are transformed into zombies. The trial of the 77 Rings was held here during the Middle Ages for training knights.


Windknight's Lot, with Dio's castle visible atop the nearby hill.
Windknight's Lot is surrounded on three sides by inaccessible mountains. The southern side has a cliff that overlooks the sea. The town was built in the middle ages as a practice ground for royal knights. Coal is excavated via an extensive railway system dug by prisoners. The residents of this place are normal people who live by fishing and agriculture.


The only way into the town is on a single wagon road that goes through a tunnel in one of the mountains. The tunnel is approximately 300 meters long, and has a single rusty sword stuck into the inner wall. The sword is actually a disguised lever that, when pulled, reveals a secret passage way leading to several other pathways. These pathways were created during the Middle Ages to serve as convenience for the Royal Knights during times of war. The tunnel had been evacuated over 500 years before the setting of Phantom Blood.

Chamber of the Two-Headed Dragon

The Chamber of the Two-Headed Dragon (双首竜の間 Sōshuryū no Ma) was a training ground where warriors learned how to kill. Filled with traps, it was used for deathmatches between the knights, the most notable combatant being Tarkus. One type of deathmatch was the Chain Neck Deathmatch (チェーン首輪(ネック)デスマッチ Chēn Nekku Desumatchi), in which both warriors are trapped each in one neck brace connected to the ceiling through a chain, each collar with one key that opens the other one. The only way to free oneself is to kill the opponent or decapitate him in order to pick the key to his own collar. As the room contains a mechanism to automatically chain whoever enters the room, one could lure the desired opponent into the room and trap them inside. To prevent escape in the middle of the fight, the steel door to the room is locked when both fighters have their necklaces. The only way to open the door is to pull a lever present inside. This also prevents others outside from interrupting the deathmatch, as the door is strong enough to withstand several attacks. Ripple users have difficulty in this challenge because the necklace chokes them, making it hard to maintain their breathing. They also can't channel their Ripple through the chain, as it is connected to the ceiling instead of the opponent.

Graveyard and Castle

On the right side of the path after the entrance tunnel, a steep cliff overlooks a lake. Atop this cliff is the town's graveyard, where Jonathan and company encounter a revitalized Dio and battle his zombie servant Bruford. The graveyard is marked by several tall rock formations. A Victorian-era castle, where Dio resides during his time in the town, overlooks the graveyard. The Stone Mask hangs upon the wall of one of its rooms. On the top floor, an attic with an ornate window serves as the backdrop for Dio's conversation with Poco's sister and the following battle with Doobie. The attic contains a door to a large hall with a chandelier and several pots of roses. Jonathan and Dio's climactic confrontation takes place in this hall, with Dio ultimately being thrown off one of the room's balconies.


Residents of Windknight's Lot

Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

Windknight's Lot appears throughout the majority of the Phantom Blood PS2 game's Story Mode. The tunnel leading into town, the labyrinth hidden inside the tunnel, the town's graveyard, the shore and bottom of the lake where Jonathan fights Bruford, the knights' training grounds, the Chamber of the Two-Headed Dragon, the outskirts of the town, Doobie's room, and the hall where Jonathan fights Dio all appear as distinct battlegrounds.
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Salem's Lot
(呪われた町 Norowareta Machi)
Will Anthonio Zeppeli vs. Jack the Ripper with Fodder Zombies
Alternate Characters: Jonathan Joestar (Post-Training), Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer)
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 08

Jonathan, Zeppeli, and Speedwagon take a horse drawn-carriage to Windknight's Lot, where Dio is currently lurking. Zeppeli laments that letting Wang Chan escape and reveal Dio's location also informed Dio about Ripple energy and its effects. The carriage enters the tunnel entrance to Windknight's Lot and suddenly comes to a halt. Speedwagon exits the carriage to ask the driver why they had stopped, only to discover that the horses have been decapitated and the driver has been slaughtered. Jack the Ripper reveals himself from within the body of one of the horses, and Zeppeli decides to fight the zombie by himself.

Zeppeli proclaims that courage is knowing and mastering one's own fears, and that the Ripple is a product of that courage. Zeppeli attacks Jack with a Sendo Wave Kick, severely burning the left half of his face. Zeppeli tells his allies that the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy their brain completely. Jack reveals a secret passage in the tunnel, which he escapes into. Speedwagon is put off by the prospect of entering the passage, but Zeppeli clarifies that Jonathan will be following him alone. Zeppeli tosses a full wine glass to Jonathan and tells him that he must defeat Jack without spilling a single drop of wine. If Jonathan fails at this task, Zeppeli vows to abandon him regardless of whether Jack is defeated or not. Speedwagon objects to Zeppeli's ultimatum, but Jonathan agrees to his master's conditions and enters the secret passage.
Make Fear Yours
(恐怖を我が物とせよ Kyōfu o Wagamono to seyo)
Jonathan Joestar (Post-Training) vs. Jack the Ripper (Pincer) with Fodder Zombies
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 09

Following a grueling battle in the secret passage, Jonathan pinpoints Jack the Ripper's location and unleashes a Sendo Ripple Overdrive on a wall separating the two combatants. Jack, expecting Jonathan to continue walking into his trap, is taken by surprise when Jonathan's Ripple flows through the wall. The Ripple melts Jack's head, definitively killing him.

Jonathan, Zeppeli, and Speedwagon exit the tunnel and continue towards Windknight's Lot. Speedwagon asks Zeppeli to teach him the Ripple technique, but Zeppeli declares it impossible. Angered by his blunt answer, Speedwagon demands to know why. Zeppeli explains that Jonathan must constantly practice the breathing technique he has been taught, to the point where it becomes a subconscious habit. It is said that only one in ten thousand humans can master the Ripple; Zeppeli attributes Jonathan's aptitude and mental fortitude to his troubled past and uncertain future. Zeppeli himself studied for decades under a certain Ripple master to learn the technique. Undeterred, Speedwagon says he still wants to be of use to the two of them. Zeppeli proposes the idea of striking Speedwagon in his diaphragm to generate a small amount of Ripple energy. Speedwagon jumps at the opportunity and insists he tries. Zeppeli indeed strikes him in the diaphragm, but misses the position he was aiming for; as a result, the strike only succeeds in causing Speedwagon to double over in pain.
Invitation to a Trap
(罠への招待 Wana e no Shōtai)
Jonathan Joestar (Post-Training) vs. Knight Zombies (x20)
Alternate Characters: Will Anthonio Zeppeli, Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer)
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 10

A young farm boy cuts a rope that causes a tree to fling him into the air, stealing Jonathan's group's bag in the process. The boy lands on a cliff face and begins climbing the rock, teasing the group as he attempts to escape. Jonathan punches the rock's surface, sending Ripple energy into the cliff and pushing the boy away from the rock. The boy plummets toward the ground, where he is caught by Jonathan. Jonathan notices that the boy, Poco, is terrified and unable to recall his actions a moment prior. Zeppeli realizes that the boy lured the group into a graveyard, having been hypnotized into doing so. As zombies rise from the dirt around the group, Dio reveals himself atop a nearby rock formation and announces that night has fallen, and with it his enemies' lives. Speedwagon remembers the death of George Joestar upon seeing Dio, becoming enraged at the latter's past actions; Zeppeli laments that the mask fell into the hands of such a clever man, and resolves to stop him at any cost.

Zeppeli confronts Dio, who remains atop the rock formation. Dio reveals that he has nearly fully healed his wounds, having sucked the lives out of a number of village residents to do so. Zeppeli jumps into the air and attempts to destroy Dio with a Sunlight Yellow Overdrive, and lands a punch on Dio's arm. However, Dio counters by freezing Zeppeli's arm, stopping his arm's flow of blood and rendering his Ripple ineffective. Dio prepares to crush Zeppeli's head with a punch, but Jonathan intervenes and blocks Dio's attack.
The Mask's Blood-Chilling Power
(血も凍る仮面力 Chi mo Kooru Kamen Pawā)
Jonathan Joestar (Post-Training) vs. Knight Zombies (x15) with Dio Brando
Alternate Characters: Will Anthonio Zeppeli, Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer)
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 11

Following a battle with Dio, Jonathan and Zeppeli are overwhelmed and knocked backward, unable to deal any damage to Dio. As Dio mocks their power, the earth starts to rumble as Dio's most brutal enforcers, Tarkus and Bruford, rise from the bedrock. Dio reveals that the two zombies were once knights who served under Mary Stuart, and harbor resentment toward the world over her fate.
The Dark Knights
(暗黒の騎士達 Ankoku no Kishitachi)
Jonathan Joestar (Underwater) vs. Bruford (Underwater)
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 12

A zombie ambushes Jonathan from behind, but Bruford rips off its nose with a single swipe. Having retained his pride as a knight, Bruford petitions Dio to allow a one-on-one battle between himself and Jonathan. Dio expresses concern over Bruford's chivalry, but allows him to do as he wishes. As the duel commences, Bruford leaps into the air with both arms behind his back, using his Danse Macabre Hair to draw his sword and slash at Jonathan. Jonathan narrowly dodges the attack, falling backward into a nearby lake. As Bruford dives in after him, Zeppeli notes that Jonathan cannot breathe underwater and is thus unable to use the Ripple. Dio takes this information as assurance of his victory and departs, intending to convert the residents of Windknight's Lot into zombies and take over all of England.

Jonathan fights Bruford underwater, using air bubbling out of pockets beneath the rocks at the lake's bottom. Eventually, Jonathan builds up enough Ripple energy to use an Underwater Turquoise Blue Overdrive attack. As Ripple energy flows easily through water, Bruford is unable to prevent Jonathan's attack from striking his forehead. Although wounded by the Ripple, Bruford manages to escape further injury by swimming to land. The knight, ecstatic at the idea of fighting such a worthy opponent, vows to battle Jonathan with his full power.
Sleep as a Hero
(英雄として(ねむ)Eiyū toshite Nemuru)
Jonathan Joestar (Post-Training) vs. Bruford
Alternate Characters: Will Anthonio Zeppeli, Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer)
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 13

After a fierce battle, Bruford draws his sword and swings it at Jonathan's neck. However, Jonathan kicks the sword, noting that metal conducts Ripple energy. Jonathan sends a Metal Silver Overdrive attack through the sword into Bruford's right arm, causing it to melt. Bruford lunges at Jonathan once more, but Jonathan unleashes a Sunlight Yellow Overdrive barrage and sends his opponent flying backward.

Suddenly, Bruford ceases his attack, and his face takes on a more peaceful expression. The former knight expresses his gratitude toward Jonathan for reminding him of pain and, through it, his humanity. Having reached a peaceful state, Bruford feels content to rejoin his queen in the afterlife. After asking Jonathan for his name, Bruford presents Jonathan with his sword, Luck. Bruford draws the letter "P" with his blood, rechristening the blade as Pluck, and gifts it to his former foe before finally crumbling into dust. Moved by his actions, Jonathan recognizes Bruford's honor and renews his resolve to defeat Dio and the Stone Mask.
To the Chamber of the Two-Headed Dragon
(双首竜の間へ Sōshuryū no Ma e)
Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer) vs. Hungry Zombies (x6) with Knight Zombies
Alternate Characters: Jonathan Joestar (Post-Training), Will Anthonio Zeppeli
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 14

Tarkus charges his adversaries, boasting his skill in direct combat and slaughter. Cornered on the edge of a cliff, Jonathan tries to think of an escape plan. He suddenly notices leaves strewn about on the ground. Having also seen them, Zeppeli suggests using the Ripple together with Jonathan. The two Ripple users combine the leaves with Life Magnetism Overdrive into a single larger leaf, allowing the three heroes (and Poco) to escape Tarkus. Suddenly, Tarkus jumps after them from the cliff, landing on and damaging their glider. Thinking quickly, the group jumps to a nearby balcony in the cliffside; abandoning the leaf with Tarkus on it, the four rush to find a safe hiding place.

After reaching a door on the balcony, Zeppeli tells Jonathan to enter the building and find a place where Poco can hide safely. The boy advises against going in, warning Jonathan that this building was formerly a training ground for knights and likely contains several traps. Jonathan nonetheless opens the door, triggering a neck brace on a chain to fall and hook itself around his neck. Tarkus enters the room and recognizes it as the Chamber of the Two-Headed Dragon, where he had fought Chain Neck Deathmatches over 300 years ago. The nostalgic Tarkus puts on a second neck brace as the door locks behind Jonathan.
The Master's Prophecy
(老師の予言 Rōshi no Yogen)
Will Anthonio Zeppeli vs. Tarkus with Knight Zombies
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 15

Tarkus taunts Jonathan by showing him that the only way to get free of the neck brace is to take the key to it from his opponent's identical neck brace. Jonathan tries to send Ripple energy through the chain, but it proves ineffective, as both his and Tarkus's chains are connected to the ceiling. Furthermore, Jonathan's neck brace hinders his breathing and prevents him from generating Ripple energy. From outside the arena, Speedwagon sees a lever inside the room which he suspects will open the locked steel door. Speedwagon also notices small holes that Poco could fit through, but Zeppeli objects that Poco would undoubtedly be killed if he were to enter the arena.

Poco recalls a time when his sister saved him from his bullies. Poco promised to fight back against his bullies "tomorrow," and his sister responded by asking when "tomorrow" would come. Poco recalls not being able to answer, causing his sister to suggest he was afraid of pain than of helplessness and fear. Now having worked up the courage, Poco climbs into one of the holes leading to Tarkus's arena. Though he suffers a kick from Tarkus, Poco survives and pulls the lever unlocking the door. Zeppeli, recognizing the room as the place his master Tonpetty foretold his death within, accepts his fate and prepares to fight Tarkus.

Tarkus leaps above Zeppeli, wrapping him in his chain as part of his Hell Heaven Snake Kill attack. Tarkus then pulls on the chain to deliver the finishing blow, leaving Speedwagon to watch as Zeppeli is torn in half and Jonathan's neck snaps. Both heroes collapse to the floor, seemingly killed.
Blast Him with Rage!
(怒りをたたきこめ! Ikari o Tatakikome!)
Jonathan Joestar (Shirtless) vs. Tarkus with Knight Zombies
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 16

Tarkus gloats over his apparent victory. However, he soon notices that Jonathan and Zeppeli are still breathing and moves to finish them off. Zeppeli barely manages to grab Jonathan's hand, allowing him to use his ultimate move, Deep Pass Overdrive, to transfer his remaining life energy to Jonathan. Tarkus attempts to crush both of them, but Jonathan grabs hold of his end of the chain and lifts Tarkus from the ground. Grabbing hold of the steel neck brace choking him, Jonathan tears the collar apart and faces Tarkus head-on.

Jonathan defeats Tarkus and rushes to his master's side. Zeppeli urges the group to not waste time mourning and focus on defeating Dio and destroying the mask. After telling Jonathan that he was like both a son and best friend to him, a satisfied Zeppeli passes away in his pupil's arms.
The Three from a Faraway Land
(遥かな国からの3人 Harukana Kuni kara no 3nin)
Jonathan Joestar vs. Mr. Adams with Fodder Zombies
Alternate Characters: Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer)
Jonathan Joestar vs. Dire
Alternate Characters: Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer)
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 17

Following Zeppeli's death, Speedwagon notices that Jonathan's mannerisms have become more serious. Certain that Dio's zombie army is currently destroying Windknight's Lot, Speedwagon urges what remains of the group to hurry. As Jonathan, Speedwagon, and Poco approach the village, Poco recognizes a man named Adams, who scolds Poco for being out so late and tells Poco his sister is angry at him for it. Speedwagon concludes that the village is safe for now, and the group begins to move onward. However, Adams twists his head around and attempts to eat Poco. Jonathan grabs Adams's tongue, and the zombie reveals his true appearance.

Jonathan defeats Adams, but is immediately attacked by a mysterious man. The man introduces himself as Dire and launches a slow kick directed at Jonathan using both of his legs. Jonathan grabs Dire's legs, only to have his arms immobilized when they split apart; Dire introduces his Thunder Split Attack technique, and moves to chop Jonathan's head in two. Jonathan counters by headbutting Dire's face, impressing him with his resilience. Dire ceases his attack and clarifies that he is not a zombie, having attacked Jonathan to test the skills Zeppeli taught him. Dire points out the letter he placed on Jonathan's shoulder, which Zeppeli had sent him prior to pursuing the mask. Another two figures appear behind Dire; Dire introduces the first stranger as his and Zeppeli's master, Tonpetty, and the second introduces himself as fellow student Straizo. Tonpetty and his students join Jonathan in their common goal to defeat Dio and destroy the Stone Mask.
Doobie the Phantom
(怪人ドゥービー Kaijin Dūbī)
Jonathan Joestar vs. Doobie with Chimera Zombies
Alternate Characters: Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer), Dire, Straizo, Tonpetty
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 18

Returning home, Poco is relieved to see his father alive and well. However, he soon realizes that his sister is missing, having gone out to look for him earlier that night. Meanwhile, at Dio's castle, Dio attempts to persuade Poco's sister to become one of his zombies. She mutters something under her breath; when Dio moves closer to hear her more clearly, she slaps him and denounces him as a monster. Disappointed, Dio decides to introduce her to Doobie the Phantom, a zombie who had been lurking in the room the entire time. Leaving the girl to her fate, Dio tells Doobie to do as he pleases. Doobie assaults Poco's sister, but an anvil falls on his head from the open ceiling. Doobie looks up to see Jonathan and company, who are prepared to battle their way to Dio.

Doobie is revealed to have a mass of snakes living within his head. He moves to attack Jonathan with his snakes, but Jonathan grabs them as they lunge toward him. Jonathan sends Ripple energy into Doobie's snakes, influencing them into turning on and devouring their master. The heroes move further into the castle, finally coming face-to-face with Dio and his zombie guards.
Thunder Cross Split Attack
(稲妻十字烈刃(サンダークロススプリットアタック) Sandā Kurosu Supuritto Atakku)
Jonathan Joestar vs. Executed Zombies (x10)
Alternate Characters: Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer), Dire, Straizo, Tonpetty
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 19

After fighting off Dio's guards, Jonathan declares his intention to kill Dio as revenge for his friends' deaths. However, Dire intervenes and announces his right to fight Dio first, having been friends with Zeppeli for much longer than Jonathan. Despite Jonathan's attempt to warn him of Dio's freezing technique, Dire approaches him without a second thought. Though Dio is taken aback by his movements, he effortlessly stops Dire's kick, only to have his hands forced apart by Dire's split. Dire uses the ultimate form of his technique, Thunder Cross Split Attack, which nullifies the opening Jonathan used against him; before he can deliver the killing blow, however, the vampire freezes his entire body in an instant. After taking the opportunity to taunt Dire, Dio shatters his body, leaving only his head intact. Dio proclaims his intent to kill Jonathan next, only to be struck in the eye with a Ripple-infused rose from the flower pot Dire's head landed in. Dire taunts Dio before succumbing to his fate, further enraging the vampire.
Bloody Battle! JoJo & Dio
(血戦!JoJo&Dio Kessen! JoJo & Dio)
Straizo vs. Page, Jones, Plant, and Bornnam
Alternate Characters: Jonathan Joestar, Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer), Tonpetty
Jonathan Joestar (Luck and Pluck) vs. Dio Brando with Executed Zombies
Alternate Characters: Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer), Straizo, Tonpetty
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 20

Inspired by Dire's final attack, Jonathan asks Speedwagon to toss him Bruford's sword, Luck & Pluck. Jonathan announces his plan to infuse the sword with Ripple energy, thus preventing Dio from freezing his blood flow. An enraged Dio curses Dire's Ripple energy and sics his zombies on the entire group, finally revealing his true, ugly nature. Poco and his sister are ambushed by four of Dio's zombies, but Straizo comes to their aid.

The four zombies attacking Straizo use their Needle Vein Strike attack, which Straizo dodges by jumping into the air. Straizo then kicks a chandelier, causing it to fall atop and trap his enemies; noting that the Ripple cannot linger within metal, Straizo lands on the chandelier and sends Ripple through it, melting the four zombies. Meanwhile, Dio leaps at Jonathan, and the two begin their duel.

Jonathan cuts Dio's right arm off with his sword before slicing Dio's head straight down the middle. Speedwagon celebrates Dio's apparent death, but Dio merely taunts his adversaries, having frozen the sword itself. Reattaching his arm and piecing his head back together, Dio gloats about his superior abilities, declaring Jonathan's training and intent to continue fighting futile.
A Demon's End
(悪鬼の最後 Akki no Saigo)
Jonathan Joestar vs. Dio Brando with Executed Zombies
Alternate Characters: Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Hammer), Straizo, Tonpetty
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 21

Jonathan and Dio enter a battle to the death. Dio leaps into the air, declaring that Jonathan is nothing more than a monkey compared to him. Jonathan, refuting Dio's dismissal of humanity, sets his own hands on fire to counter Dio's ice. The two launch their final attacks. Jonathan's burning fist resists Dio's freezing technique and pierces his chest, sending Ripple into his body. Dio laments his eternal life being cut short as his body begins to disintegrate. Despite all the pain Dio inflicted upon him, Jonathan weeps for his adopted brother.

All-Star Battle (PS3)

Phantom Blood
Dio's Castle (ディオの館 Dio no Yakata): Windknight's Lot


  • Stage Gimmick: A chandelier falls from the ceiling, damaging anyone directly underneath it.
  • Situation Finish: If hit towards the stage's balcony, the loser is sent flying off it, recreating Dio's defeat in his battle against Jonathan in his castle.

All-Star Battle R (Various)

Phantom Blood
Dio's Castle (ディオの館 Dio no Yakata): Windknight's Lot


Stage Gimmick
A chandelier falls from the ceiling, damaging anyone directly underneath it.
Situation Finish
If hit towards the stage's balcony, the loser is sent flying off it, recreating Dio's defeat in his battle against Jonathan in his castle.
Unlock Condition: Win in the Jonathan Joestar vs Dio Brando ASB Mode Boss Battle
ASBR Dio's Castle Thumbnail.png

Dio's home, situated next to the town of Wind Knights Lot, where the final battle unfurls between Jonathan and Dio.




  • Initially, the town is stated to have 517 residents including prisoners.[2] However, the London Press newspaper later reports that there were 452. It is possible that their count didn't include prisoners.


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