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Shuh up... they ain' takin' me ou' here! I'd shame 'he Hasshione name! We ain' a ham'ly jus' 'cause we're closh friendsh!
—Narancia Ghirga trying to speak with missing teeth, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 10: H.G. Wells

Narancia Ghirga (ナランチャ・ギルガ, Narancha Giruga) is a primary ally featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He is an incarnation of the original Narancia, living in the 37th universe. He has the same appearance and a similar personality as his original universe counterpart, but wields a different Stand named U-Boat.

Narancia is assigned to be the partner of Jorge Joestar with tracking down the boss of Passione. He travels with Jorge to outer space and follows him as a loyal ally for the several battles they have against powerful enemies.


Narancia is a teenager of average height with a slender build. He possesses a youthful face and untidy dark hair that cascades over his eyes. He dons a dark, fitted tank top and pants, complemented by lighter-colored accessories such as a bandana and short skirt. His tank top has three straps in the middle connected to a choker. He is also drawn with dark wristbands in one photo. Narancia wields a knife with the crest of Passione emblazoned on it.


Narancia is a hyperactive and rebellious teenager who is quick to anger and doesn't hold back his emotions. From the outset, he establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with, warning people he meets for the first time not to mess with him. Jorge assumes he's aware of his youthful face, since he shows a menacing glare to look threatening.[2]

He is confrontational, as seen when he aggressively questions others about their actions or intentions. His language is coarse, often resorting to expletives nearly every time he speaks to emphasize his points or express his frustration. This aggressive nature is further highlighted by his readiness to use his Stand, even in situations where it might be deemed excessive. He acts extremely violently, severely injuring Jorge with his Stand just to lure the astronauts of the H.G. Wells over to them. He doesn't hesitate to challenge or confront those who belittle or underestimate him. Narancia also acts mischievously, planning to blow up The Eyed Balloon until Enrico Pucci (Universe 37) stops him. No matter who stands in his way, Narancia acts fearlessly, even getting angry when Kars ignores him despite being aware that his Stand is useless against the Ultimate Thing. However, his tough demeanor easily shatters when he learns Kars eats people, as he begs the latter to let him go.[3]

Narancia is strongly determined and resilient, undeterred by the severe injuries he sustains. Even when faced with life-threatening situations, he remains defiant like a well-trained soldier, showcasing his unwavering loyalty to his group and the Passione name. Nonetheless, Narancia is not without vulnerabilities. He can be emotionally swayed, especially when reminded of his friends and the possibility of never seeing them again. When he thinks he's about to die, he displays raw emotion, such as bursting into tears and laughing simultaneously, hoping his friends won't forget him.[3] He often cries, though he claims to hate sappy things. Narancia is extremely embarrassed when Kars projects pin-up photos of Trish Cicciolina from U-Boat, exclaiming that it's morally wrong to showcase his memories like that. He childishly spits at Kars and Jorge to try getting Kars to stop.[4]

Although he was initially hostile toward Jorge, the two quickly become close friends, as they work together with their Stands to battle their opponents.[4] Narancia even suggests to Jorge that they should run away from Kars together rather than him trying to escape alone,[5] and later saves Jorge from being killed by Dio Brando.[6]

Like the original Narancia, he is bad at math and somehow comes to the conclusion that 1920 is 18 years before 2012 after doing 20-12=8 and 20-19=1.[5]



Main article: U-Boat

Narancia's Stand, U-Boat, is a fleet of submarines that can move inside living things or Stands and fire missiles.

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Body Diving & Submarine Utilities



Narancia is a 16-year-old boy in 2012. He was abused by his father, betrayed by his friends, sent to juvenile prison and bullied. He then became homeless and was preyed upon by street gangs. He joined Passione and has killed twenty-three people since he joined, although all of them were "low-life scum" according to Pucci.[1]

Battle in Mars

Narancia and Jorge in space

Narancia helps Giorno (Universe ?) and the others in Passione with tracking down their boss. Bucciarati assigns him to be the partner of Jorge Joestar and they take a pebble phone with them. Suddenly, Jorge sees Tsukumojuku Kato standing next to Narancia. Tsukumojuku tries grabbing Jorge's shoulder, but Narancia gets in his way. In that instant, the three of them are teleported far away. Tsukumojuku brushes off that he brought an anomaly along with him since it must mean something and then he vanishes, leaving Narancia and Jorge alone on the H.G. Wells spaceship headed to Mars.[2]

Aboard the H.G. Wells Spaceship, Jorge and Narancia are caught and tied to a bed by Captain Funnier Valentine and his team of astronauts. Enrico Pucci introduces himself and asks for their names. Since Narancia couldn't speak English, Jorge answers for him. Pucci sees the mark of Passione on Narancia's knife and moves onto other questions. The crew is surprised to learn that they somehow appeared there from Morioh and Nero Nero Island. Narancia starts kicking Jorge, thinking Jorge's Stand brought them here.

Attacked by Rear Window

As Jorge assumes the moon must be the reason for him being brought there, he suddenly hears a dull chime echoing inside his stomach with the reverb spreading through his body. Narancia had put his Stand inside Jorge and warns Jorge not to move his head to the left if he doesn't want to die. A torpedo bursts through Jorge's skin as he screams in pain, covered in blood. The astronauts are about to see what happened, but they stop, suspicious of it being a trap. Angry that they didn't fall for it, Narancia fires four cruise missiles out of Jorge toward the astronauts, leading Jorge to learn that Narancia's Stand is an attack submarine hiding inside his body. However, Goyathlay Soundman summons a sand monster in front of the astronauts to swallow up the missiles. Narancia fires another missile which hits Jorge's wrist, freeing his hands from the zip tie. He then suddenly punches Jorge, knocking off a tooth with a spurt of blood. The tooth flies toward Soundman, with a submarine hiding on it. Although Soundman's sand monster knocks the tooth away, Narancia smirks. Drops of Jorge's blood had landed on Soundman's face from the tooth, and Narancia's U-Boat surfaces on top of the blood splatter. Narancia is about to attack Soundman but a hand holding a gun toward Narancia's forehead suddenly emerges from his own mouth. Funnier Valentine threatens to kill Narancia before his missiles explode unless he holds his fire. Narancia had U-Boat within his own body as well, and fires a missile toward the arm sticking out of his mouth. However, Funnier's Stand dodges and Narancia ends up exploding his own teeth off. Despite his injuries, Narancia remains conscious and fires several missiles at Soundman. The sand monster contains all of the explosions so Narancia starts firing missiles from within Soundman's body, exploding the man's back. Funnier's Stand appears again and fires bullets from behind Narancia, but all of the bullets explode before they could reach his head. Narancia had been deflecting each bullet with U-Boat's missiles.

Jorge asks Narancia whether he really wants to die here, mentioning that he'll never see his friends again. Narancia hesitates and then bursts into tears, realizing that he'll die. Suddenly, Jorge sees Narancia's face and entire body start melting as if it was rotting away. Jorge turns around and sees Pucci's Stand but all the other astronauts had gone back to their normal duties. Pucci uses his Stand to pull out two DISCs from Narancia's head and one DISC from Jorge's head, reading their memories.

Slapped by Pucci

Pocoloco Tripleseven points out that someone is coming towards them, about to destroy their spaceship. He tells Pucci to wake Narancia up to see if he could move his submarine. Pucci inserts Narancia's DISCs back in and tells him that God has forgiven his sins already. Narancia is extremely confused when he wakes up, as he had been seeing an illusion that he killed all of the astronauts already. Pucci manipulates him by saying Narancia has no reason to kill them as they are his friends. Narancia doesn't argue back and Jorge is terrified of Pucci's manipulative capabilities, certain that Pucci must be evil. Narancia explains that he can't move his submarine because it can only move inside living things or other Stands, but Soundman's Dune had gone too far and became ordinary sand again. Narancia enthusiastically suggests blowing up the third moon, causing Pucci to slap him and momentarily eject his DISC again for bad manners. With his DISC back inside, Narancia apologizes to Pucci.

Soundman's sand reaches the moon, and Narancia's U-Boat suddenly starts moving again. Narancia uses his Stand's periscope and questions whether moons are alive. After Pocoloco suddenly screams, they all see that the "moon" is actually a giant eyeball and its lid just opened. Its tentacles grab the spaceship but Narancia tries firing at it with dozens of submarines. The "moon" then opens its mouth and swallows up all of the submarines.

President The Funniest Valentine appears on the loudspeaker and tells them that they're now referring to the moon as The Eyed Balloon. He shows them the interior of The Eyed Balloon, revealing that there are several Giotto probes inside. He also tells them the history of Kars, who Pocoloco saw earlier.

Protected by U-Boat

From Soundman's suggestion, Narancia merges his whole U-Boat fleet into a giant submarine. Soundman and Pucci go with Narancia on the giant U-Boat toward Kars. Soon, Funnier suddenly betrays his crew and assassinates Pocoloco with his Stand's gun. Funnier then shoots Narancia and Pucci as well. Jorge grabs Narancia's knife and tries to stab Funnier but the astronaut dodges and disarms Jorge, stabbing Jorge in the shoulder instead. Soundman tries fighting back but is killed by Funnier. As Funnier escapes, Narancia reveals that U-Boat caught the bullet in his forehead so he didn't actually die. He fires a cruise missile which collides with the escape pod, killing Funnier.

The giant U-Boat rams into the side of the H.G. Wells due to The Eyed Balloon's tentacles. Narancia and Jorge jump into the hole of the submarine and Narancia immediately pilots it away. The H.G. Wells spaceship explodes, but they are confronted by Kars who entered their submarine as well. Kars decides to build his own spaceship using The Eyed Balloon and the Giotto probes. He reveals that The Eyed Balloon was composed of 36 different Kars from each universe, each holding a Giotto probe within the sphere. Each Kars work together, assembling a futuristic spaceship using their own body parts and the parts from the Giotto probes. The remaining Kars melt themselves into fuel for the ship, as Narancia and Jorge watch in horror. Kars orders Narancia to shrink the submarine and then he carries it along with Narancia and Jorge into his new spaceship. While Kars doesn't need to eat to survive, he declares his intention to eat Narancia and Jorge after arriving at Earth as a celebratory feast. Meanwhile, the pebble phone starts ringing and Narancia is excited to speak with Bucciarati again.[3]

Narancia embarrassed

Jorge hears a sonar ping from inside his body and realizes that Narancia has put U-Boat inside him. Narancia had also put one submarine inside Kars. However, Kars feels something inside himself and pulls it out. He analyzes it by dismantling the whole submarine and examining the individual parts. Noticing the computers in the control room of the submarine had some sort of visual data, Kars plugs the computer's cord into the palm of his hand and opens his mouth. A beam of light shines from his mouth and projects the information from his palm onto the wall across from him. Every image that displays on the wall are naked images of Trish Cicciolina from Narancia's memories. Trish Cicciolina was an adult entertainer who later became a member of the Italian Parliament, and she is even famous in Japan. Narancia embarrassingly begs Kars to stop displaying them. Kars asks if human bodies are now capable of making machines, but Narancia goes berserk from his embarrassment and Jorge worries that Kars will kill him. Thus, Jorge answers Kars by saying that it's not a machine, but a Stand. He explains what Stands are and Kars wonders whether he could use one too since he can see and touch them. Kars puts his hand to his chest and a submarine with a different design from Narancia's U-Boat surfaces from within him. Both Jorge and Narancia are speechless at Kars's spontaneous development of a Stand, realizing the hopeless situation they're in now.

Firing missiles at the ships

Kars also develops his own version of Pucci's Stand, who managed to survive due to Soundman's sand protecting Pucci from Funnier's bullet earlier. After some banter, Kars gives Jorge a downgraded copy of his U-Boat. He calls Giorno and Narancia speaks with him. Giorno tells them that there is an expected bombing on Nero Nero Island and Morioh after an American scout plane had crashed on Morioh, resulting with the residents clashing with the Navy. Jorge and Narancia decide to disable the military's weaponry with their Stands. After Narancia and Jorge send waves of missiles to the ships, their spaceship descends to Earth.[4]

Crashing into London

Scouting the island

The spaceship of Kars smashes into the Arrow Cross House as Jorge assumes that they all are about to die. However, Kars saves them by transforming his body into a sphere. Narancia tells Jorge that they should consider running away now while they have the chance, but then discovers that they aren't in Morioh. He sends out a few hundred tiny U-Boats onto the grass, having them scout in all directions. Jorge remembers that he was still borrowing a version of U-Boat from Kars and does the same thing.

They find a sign displaying "Wastewood" as well as a newspaper dated November 11, 1920. Jorge wonders how they ended up 92 years ago and why the place looks abandoned, as they couldn't find any citizens. Narancia jokingly congratulates Jorge after he discovers a wedding venue for "Jorge Joestar" and Elizabeth Straizo. Jorge realizes that it must be the other Jorge who Tsukumojuku told him about, so they were brought to another universe. Jorge tells Narancia that they should check out the other Jorge's home but Pucci says that they should go to the capital, London, as something waits for them in 'Desolation Row'. However, Narancia then sees three zombie men fighting to eat a little girl. Narancia kills the three men but the girl becomes a zombie herself. Jorge, Narancia, and Pucci fight off the zombies with their Stands. Riding a large U-Boat, they decide to flee to the Joestar mansion and take Kars with them.

Zombies appear behind Narancia

After Narancia starts yelling in Italian, Penelope de la Rosa tells them that she doesn't know what's going on with the island and asks them to leave but Erina arrives to greet her guests. As Jorge talks to Erina, three zombies appear behind them but Penelope entraps them with her Wound, scaring Narancia. Bored with their talk, Narancia goes back to U-Boat.

Deciding to join their group, Penelope heads back with Jorge to U-Boat and Narancia cackles about how Jorge could pick up a girl in the situation that they're in. The group arrives at London, where Pucci is greeted by Funny Valentine. They also meet Dio Brando, leading Pucci's Stand to evolve into C-MOON and Made in Heaven.[5]

Fleeing with Jorge & Penelope

Thrilled about getting closer to his goal of standing on top of the universe, Dio taunts Kars and his enemies. Rather than being irritated, Kars is excited to fight Dio, as Penelope, Narancia, and Jorge watch with fear. Narancia grabs Jorge and Penelope and then flees on a one meter long U-Boat, appearing similarly to a skateboard. They meet Lisa Lisa on the way and speak with her. Narancia interrupts to point out that Dio and Kars are constantly exploding from each other's attacks. They would regenerate faster each time, enjoying their immortality to the fullest.

Later, the giant Antonio Torres tries protecting Dio. Jorge and Narancia fire a barrage of missiles with U-Boat at the giant Antonio, but he knocks them all aside. After Lisa Lisa also attacks him with the Ripple, Antonio's head begins to crumble, but Kars tells them to stop killing him or they won't be able to return England back to its original timeline. In the end, Narancia returns to the 37th universe.[6]


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