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King Nothing (キング・ナッシング, Kingu Nasshingu), originally Pursuit (追跡, Tsuiseki) in the UJ release, is the thirtieth chapter of JoJolion and the eight hundred seventy-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Josuke, Norisuke and Tsurugi find themselves trapped in the cellar as Yagiyama's attacks threaten them from outside. Tsurugi begins to cry and Norisuke comforts him, telling him to be a man, as he is the sixth head of the Higashikata Family. Josuke finds Yasuho asleep in the room Tsurugi left her in. Tsurugi tells Josuke that room belongs to Yagiyama, who Norisuke hired to design the Higashikata's house. Tsurugi tells how he saw Yagiyama heal a petrified dog by feeding it something, though he didn't see what "it" was. Tsurugi tells the two he asked Yagiyama to heal him, he agreed as long as Tsurugi gave him Josuke.

Tsurugi lets slip that there is another way into the cellar aside from the trap door, and they find that Yagiyama has used it to spirit Yasuho away. Josuke loses his temper and tries to blindly follow the enemy but Norisuke uses his Stand, King Nothing, to follow Yagiyama through Yasuho's scent. Josuke and Norisuke begin to chase after him, but Tsurugi warns them that since they know nothing about Yagiyama, going outside is suicide, but Norisuke states that they can't let anyone bust into the Higashikata's land and do whatever they want.

The two follow King Nothing to the coast, and Norisuke tells of the time he was afflicted with the disease and how his mother took it as substitute, calling it "Equivalent Exchange." He states that even before the Wall Eyes, part of the land would cause Equivalent Exchange, and the Higashikata spouses would have to Exchange the person under the disease for themselves. Norisuke accuses Yagiyama of bluffing when he showed the "food" that cured the dog to Tsurugi, claiming there is no such thing.

King Nothing begins to turn around and starts walking towards the duo, causing them to start searching around their immediate location. Josuke finds Yasuho stashed behind a rock and as he reaches out to her is attacked by Yagiyama formed into a rock. Josuke knocks him away into a rock quarry, stating that Yagiyama's skin was rock, that Yagiyama is a person made out of living stone.


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