Steel Ball Run - Chapter 37

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The Green Tomb, Part 2 (緑色の墓標 その②, Midori-iro no Bohyō Sono 2), originally The Little Green Tomb (緑色の小さな墓標, Midori-iro no Chīsana Bohyō) in the UJ release, is the thirty-seventh chapter of Steel Ball Run and the seven hundred eighty-ninth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Lucy is hunted by government agents throughout the building, and she hides inside a room. Meanwhile, Valentine and Blackmore discuss who could have stolen the message and Blackmore assures that only an insider could enter the building and then use the stairs. Blackmore chooses to examine the rooms from the outside, walking on the raindrops. After having called someone, Lucy peeks outside of the window and sees Blackmore, immediately hides but the man notices a movement and calls every government agent to break into the room Lucy hides. She hides into the toilet before everyone enters and tries to force the door of the toilets open.

Desperate, Lucy is saved at the last moment by Mountain Tim, who also infiltrated the building. Mountain Tim sneaks Lucy through the air vent using his Oh! Lonesome Me. Both narrowly escape. However, Blackmore realizes that the culprit wasn't alone and that they called someone. Before going investigating, Blackmore sees Steven being given an extra lunchbox.

Lucy and Mountain Tim arrive at a warehouse, where Tim declares his love for Lucy. She repudiates him, as she is Steven Steel's wife. Regardless, Tim advises her to look for Johnny and Gyro, as they have the same enemies, and departs. Lucy then uses a map to locate the Spine precisely, and sees that it is near a local landmark called The Green Tomb, and decides to go give it to Johnny.

In the rainy streets, Blackmore confronts Tim, having tracked the call up to him. He asks who called him, and Tim shoots Blackmore, who evades the bullet by fusing with the raindrops. Mountain Tim binds Blackmore, who pulls the lasso and cuts Tim's face apart. Blackmore's Stand Catch the Rainbow enables him to freeze the raindrops in midair, cutting anything crossing their path and fusing with them.

Blackmore gives Mountain Tim a choice; reveal who he called on the phone or die. Mountain Tim, refusing to divulge a name, is then fatally shot by Blackmore. Blackmore examines the corpse and notices from a wetter spot that a small woman was holding him. After connecting that fact to Steven's lunchboxes, he discovers Lucy's involvement and pursues her. At this point, Lucy has already dug up the Spine.

The storm rages in the plains, as Gyro and Johnny see the trail of Diego's horse. As they are six hours away from the coordinates, Johnny suggests that they let the horses rest but Gyro objects that Diego won't stop. At the same time, Diego is feeling that the Spine is approaching.

Meanwhile, Lucy is riding toward Johnny, but Blackmore has already caught up to her.


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