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Both Sides Now (ボース・サイド・ナウ, Bōsu Saido Nau) is the eighteenth story arc in Steel Ball Run.

It narrates Wekapipo's protection of Steven Steel against Magent Magent as Lucy is unmasked by Funny Valentine.


The 28th of December 1890 3:51 PM, Gyro and Johnny enter Philadelphia and finish the seventh stage at the sixth and seventh place. Seeing that Diego is once again a serious contestant, having finished that stage at the first place, they decide to confront him and steal the Left Eye from him. The eighth stage begins, a 140 km race from Philadelphia to New Jersey.

A little before 2:45 PM, Steven Steel ruminates in his coach, still convinced that his wife isn't dead. Comparing a recent photo of the First Lady and one of Lucy, Steel concludes that somehow she disguised herself as Scarlet Valentine. However, he is immediately shot in the chest by Magent Magent, as Steel is no longer of any use to Valentine's plan. Soon after, Wekapipo approaches Steel's coach in the hopes that he can help him find Lucy. He discovers instead Steven gravely, but not fatally wounded. Magent tries to ambush Wekapipo but fails, and a fight at the top of the coach ensues as the startled horses begin to gallop in the streets. Wekapipo discovers that Lucy is disguised as the First Lady, and resolves to kill Magent Magent before going to the Independence Hall. Though Magent Magent attempts to kill him with an explosive belt, Wekapipo forces the carriage's horses to turn right and uses his Steel Balls to tie up his adversary with a rope. Magent Magent is ultimately abandoned at the bottom of the ocean, waiting for Diego to save him; eventually, he ceases thought altogether.

Meanwhile, Valentine and a disguised Lucy play the violin in the Independence Hall. Valentine forces himself on Scarlet, commenting of her charming manners, but unbeknownst to him, the Right Eye is rolling toward a room next to theirs.

A flashback details the past of Lucy Steel née Pendleton. Her father was a farmer who indebted himself with the mafia. The mafia had a policy to take only one thing from his clients and the father chose to sell them a then 12-years-old Lucy. At the same time, Steven Steel came before him and proposed Lucy in marriage. Being told that Lucy was the Mafia's property, Steel proceed to bluff them by telling them he took her virginity already and marries Lucy at the price of a small scandal about their age difference. Grateful, Lucy developed a deep emotional yet platonic bond with Steven.

Intrigued by his wife's strange behavior, Valentine tries to rape his wife's impersonator, not caring who they really are. However, Lucy reveals herself, stunning Valentine and allowing her to stab him in the throat with a knife. Agonizing, Valentine mysteriously disappears when a chair falls over him. He then reappears safe and sound, to Lucy's horror. Fleeing into the room containing the Corpse, Lucy is suddenly engulfed in light. When Valentine breaks into the room, he discovers that Lucy has become pregnant with the Head.[1]


Diego Brando
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Norisuke Higashikata I
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Lucy Steel
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Scarlet Valentine
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Magent Magent
Hot Pants
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Silas and Mary Pendleton
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Adam Pendleton
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Pendleton Children
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