The Devil's Palm (story arc)

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For the location with the same name see, Devil's Palm.

The Devil's Palm (悪魔の手のひら Akuma no Tenohira) is the second story arc in Steel Ball Run.

It continues Johnny and Gyro's confrontation against the Boomboom Family and the awakening of Johnny's Tusk.


Mountain Tim catches up to Johnny and Gyro, and the three of them realize that they are affected by the magnetism. Mountain Tim presents his power he calls a Stand, which he acquired by stepping into a Devil's Palm, a moving phenomenon granting people Stands. Benjamin Boomboom uses his Stand to immobilize them and kill them. But Johnny then awakens his own Stand Tusk, as they were in the Devil's Palm without realizing it. Johnny kills Benjamin and incapacitates L.A., who reveals that they were hired to kill Gyro and is promptly left in the desert.

At Johnny's insistence, since Gyro is the cause of their troubles. He reveals his past to him. Gyro is a citizen of Naples, who learned the Spin from his father and worked as an executioner.


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