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It's being protected by an invisible bubble! Its Stand ability is to control air...

Stray Cat (ストレイ・キャット(猫草), Sutorei Kyatto) is the Stand of Tama, featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable.

Brought back to life as a plant after its Stand ability activates, Stray Cat is able to manipulate the air around it and shoot deadly air bubbles.


Stray Cat Appearance 1.png
Stray Cat Appearance.png

Stray Cat is a Stand bound to a plant which initially has two large, curved petals, a thick stem with two sepals functioning as arms and two lower sepals resembling feet, and aerial roots surrounding the stem. Inside the petals are two large ovals with cat's eyes and filaments in-between. It also has a mouth where the petals converge. Surrounding Stray Cat's mouth is a pattern of long, dark spots.

After maturing as a plant, the Stray Cat's petals slightly close, overlapping each other and giving it a rounder head shape akin to when it was a cat. It's eyes and filaments stick through the petals, and its mouth gains teeth and fangs. The spotted pattern moves from the bottom of the petals to the upper portion and are smaller with circles within them.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Pink flower, green stem and leaves, brown roots)
Original Body
(Blue-gray petals, red stamen, green stem and leaves, brown roots)
Matured Body
(Pink petals, white "whiskers", green stem and leaves, light pink, light blue, and purple roots)
Eyes(Light yellow sclerae, yellow irises)
Body(Pale pink flower, green leaves)
(Pink flower, green stem and leaves, brown roots)


Despite its simplicity, Stray Cat's air power is surprisingly deadly. Its cat-like nature makes it an unpredictable and ferocious Stand user in combat, but it is limited by its plant-like body.


The first witnessed ability of Stray Cat is to resurrect its former user, Tama the cat, into a plant after it dies. Stray Cat keeps its personality and memories but now has the body and needs of a flower.

Feline Physiology

Stray Cat's Anatomy and Physiology

Its leaves are dexterous enough to grab objects. It waits until a potential target is in range, then suddenly catches it. Two petals with a pattern of long, dark spots on them are wrapped into a feline shape for the face. The plant has eyes that can still move around and look at things, but it has lost the night vision of a cat. Behind its eyeballs are "whiskers" that curl up when Stray Cat uses its ability.

Scratching behind Stray Cat's "ears" (the tips of the petals) causes them to twitch. As a cat, its forehead was narrow but it is now broad. It has two small holes that act as its nose, which allows Stray Cat to take in air to smell. Below its nose is a mouth which it uses to eat, drink, lick, and make many cat-like noises.

While it no longer possesses a spine or any other bones, Stray Cat still reacts to petting in the middle region of its stem. However, rubbing its "stomach" area while it is feeding will cause it to vomit.

Whenever it remembers having a tail, Stray Cat's hind leaves begin to sway unconsciously. Its roots exist solely to support its body, and do not function like a normal plant. They don't extract nutrients or water from the soil. Instead, its excrement is released directly into the soil and attracts bugs toward it. Stray Cat, being a sentient flower, possesses cat-like and plant-like properties. It still has eyes, a nose, and a mouth to examine its surroundings with. Moreover, its activity and power is directly linked to sunlight, as it depends on photosynthesis. Despite this, it still has a need to breathe in oxygen in order to survive, rather than completely relying on this photosynthesis. In direct illumination, it is quite powerful, but conversely is very weak at night.[4] When completely without light, the Stand enters a dormant state and can be easily subdued.[5]


Stray Cat curling itself up before shooting air
Stray Cat has the ability to control the air surrounding it[6] with its whiskers.[4] Its main usage of this ability is to make invisible bubbles of compressed air and shoot them toward targets in its line of sight,[4] but it can also use the bubbles to shield itself from attacks. It instinctively used this ability to block the explosion of Killer Queen's bomb.[7] Stray Cat is initially shown to curl up its petals to do so, but that quirk disappears afterward.[6]
Stray Cat preventing Hayato from closing the window

The bubbles are durable enough to block Killer Queen's kick[6] and even Crazy Diamond's punches.[8] When they are shot, they have enough force to severely wound somebody or kill them at point-blank range.[1] If it feels particularly vicious, the plant can even force a small bubble inside one's bloodstream and try to cause an embolism. When the bubbles hit, a cat's pawprint is visible inside the impact zone. They are also invisible and can be remotely burst by Stray Cat if it wishes.[6] However, the bubbles can be popped like a balloon.[5]

Stray Cat is also capable of morphing the air bubbles it creates into different shapes as well. It binds Hayato's neck and arms in mid-air by compressing its air bubbles to be shaped like cuffs.[5]

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