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THE WORLD Time is mine and mine alone![1] (『THE WORLD』 オレだけの時間だぜ)

Alternate World Diego (並行世界から来たディエゴ, Heikō Sekai kara Kita Diego, lit. Diego from a Parallel World), alternatively known as THE WORLD Diego (世界ディエゴ, Sekai Diego), was confirmed for Eyes of Heaven alongside Johnny Joestar, Gyro Zeppeli, and Funny Valentine. As a Mounted Fighter, The World Diego is able to switch between riding atop Parallel World Silver Bullet or moving on-foot. In addition, as the Stand user of THE WORLD, he is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle.

Alternate World Diego has an unconventional standard set of abilities: Instead of a Homing Dash that all other characters have and used to charge forward, Diego summons THE WORLD at mid-range to take opponents by surprise and knock them down with a chop; In place of a Powerful Attack, Diego summons THE WORLD to throw five knives forward in a fanning fashion; in place of a Takedown Attack, Diego pulls out a revolver and fires a singular, high-damaging shot that also deals massive damage to an opponent's guard. These unique features grant The World Diego a unique basic playstyle even outside of his special skills.

The World Diego interacts in a special manner with larger stage objects in that he can set a trap with barbed wire, which will paralyze opponents that get too close and leave them open to further attack. While this is a common style of trap among playable characters by itself, Diego can use it to create a larger trap: if he sets two traps close to each other with a direct line open between them, the two will automatically link their barbed wire together, creating a wide trap between the two objects.


  • Style Action - Me Time: After a short period of vulnerability, The World Diego stops time for five whole seconds, rivaling the time stop of DIO. His partner and opponents are unable to move, and he is able to initiate any action or attack with impunity. However, other time-stopping characters may activate their own ability to enter Diego's stopped time. Any projectiles that Diego can use, such as the knives of his Powerful Attack, the revolver shot of his Takedown Attack, and his skills' various projectiles and traps will freeze and remain suspended in mid-air. If used while in Mounted Mode, Diego automatically unmounts from Silver Bullet whom is also affected by the time stop. This ability's cooldown is equal to 40 counts of the battle timer, making it the longest cooldown of any ability in the game.
    • A special variation of "Me Time" becomes available under specific conditions, causing the camera to dramatically zoom into The World Diego as he stops time while the battle pauses completely, thus providing him impunity when activating it.
      1. The World Diego must be in a battle against an opponent also capable of stopping time for 5 seconds (i.e. himself, DIO, or both versions of Jotaro).
      2. When an opponent attempts to use their own time-stopping ability, "Me Time" must be immediately initiated right before time stops.
  • This is where the fun begins...: The World Diego throws a bunch of matches forward in a wave. Opponents caught by the matches will take damage and ignite. If time is stopped, the matches will freeze in mid-air after traveling some distance.
  • This trial will be "Subjugation and Certain Death": The World Diego tosses an open jerrycan of gasoline forward, spilling the liquid. Opponents hit by the jerrycan become Gasolined, rendering them unable to guard against fire-based attacks. If hit by any fire-based attack or source of ignition, Gasolined opponents will explode, receiving considerable damage and sending them flying. The jerrycan will even leave a puddle of gasoline where it lands, which can ignite into a patch of fire that lingers for several seconds, also igniting opponents that make contact with it. This skill can be canceled into "This is where the fun begins...", and may hit and douse opponents that are downed as well. If time is stopped, the jerrycan will freeze in mid-air after reaching the peak of its arc. If the skill is used while moving in Mounted Mode, Diego will instead toss the jerrycan behind him. 
  • Barb wire!!: The World Diego has THE WORLD set barb wire invisible to opponents in front of him as a trap. Opponents that make contact with the barb wire will be paralyzed before crumpling, leaving them open to further attack. If used while in Mounted Mode, the barb wire will be set at Diego's face-level, allowing it to catch jumping opponents.
  • Silver Bullet: The World Diego switches between Mounted Mode and Ground Mode. While in Mounted Mode, Silver Bullet has above-average mobility and jump height and can unleash devastating Normal Attacks while still allowing Diego to utilize all of his skills. However, his stamina gauge will slowly drain, automatically dismounting him when it empties. While in Ground Mode, Diego can interact with stage objects and grab ledges. Diego automatically switches to Ground Mode upon using his Style Action.
  • EX - This trial will be "Subjugation and Certain Death": The skill executes quicker and The World Diego is invincible until the jerrycan is thrown. This skill is inconsistently named "My trial is to conquer and kill at all costs." under the EX variation.
  • EX - Barb wire!!: The skill executes quicker and the barb wire is taller, allowing it to catch jumping opponents.
  • Dual Heat Attack - Time's stopped for five seconds!: After his partner sends the opponent into the air, The World Diego stops time. He proceeds to take out a handful of knives and throws them in tandem with THE WORLD. The knives, totaling exactly 23, are subsequently suspended in mid-air, surrounding the opponent. Diego gives a sly smile, then resumes time and lets the knives strike their target.

Costumes & Tints

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  • My ability can stop time for five seconds.: The World Diego must use his Style Action. (200 Points)
  • You dare track ME, idiot?!: The World Diego must trap opponents use "Barb wire!!" 3 times. (200 Points)
  • The end will come before you even stop!: The World Diego must Retire an opponent. (300 Points)
  • Now I've got a plan...: The World Diego must connect "This is where the fun begins..." on a Gasolined opponent. (500 Points)
  • And time moves again...: The World Diego must land a Dual Heat Attack while time is stopped. (800 Points)

Eyes of Heaven Tournament

Alternate World Diego is paired with Jotaro Kujo (Part 4) in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, having been placed in the F Block series of battles to be incorporated into the main Tournament. They defeated Josuke Higashikata 8 and Narciso Anasui in the first round, but were eliminated by Bruno Bucciarati and Trish Una in the second.




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