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Vento Aureo
Stone Ocean

In every volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the front folded flap of the dust jacket usually contains a picture of Hirohiko Araki himself, and more than often a note to the reader. The quotes are always different from each other, and are usually about Araki expressing his opinion on certain subjects. These subjects can be about anything, including information about characters or the story itself. The following notes and pictures below are from the volumes of Stone Ocean.


Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 1
Leaving behind bloodlines is important to my work. Jolyne is alone, but she inherits the heart of her ancestors.

SO Chapter 2
We're looking for an assistant. For details, please contact Mr. Azuma of the editorial department. Thank you.

SO Chapter 3
Short story collection "Under Execution Under Jailbreak" is on sale. It's a pretty neat book, if I may say so...

SO Chapter 4
Happy New Year. My goal for the new millennium is going to be to buy a mobile phone and use it.

SO Chapter 5
I appeared on stage at Jump Festa. I was continually nervous. I honestly believe that manga artists should not appear in front of people.

SO Chapter 6
It's something I do every year, but I ended up writing a New Year's Card once we had already entered January.

SO Chapter 7
The next JoJo volume (coming out 2/25) is almost done. It's a little pricey, but I guarantee the contents have a bizarre coolness to them.

SO Chapter 8
In order to cultivate some tomatoes this year, I'm gonna get some dirt ready while it's still Winter. I'm gonna do it!

SO Chapter 9
I'm very lucky to have received a lithograph print from Mr. Katsura. I had it hung up at my workplace.

SO Chapter 10
JoJo artbook JOJO A-GO!GO! I made it because I wanted to see the amazing faces of my readers (I can't actually see them).
JoJoの単行本 JoJo A-GO!GO!。読者のみんなの驚く顔が見たくてこれを作ってみました(見られないけど)。

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 11

SO Chapter 12
I've been falling over stuff like a kid a lot lately. Fortunately, I don't get hurt, but it's kind of uncool.

SO Chapter 13

SO Chapter 14

SO Chapter 15

SO Chapter 16
Among the CDs I've recently listened to, Metallica's S&M (Symphony and Metallica) live album was pretty good.

SO Chapter 17

SO Chapter 18
I remember burying a time capsule with my friend 30 years ago, but I forgot where.

SO Chapter 19
Released on 5/1, the number on the Jump Comics volume of Stone Ocean will be written as "1(64)".

SO Chapter 20

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 21

SO Chapter 22

SO Chapter 23

SO Chapter 24

SO Chapter 25
The Bunko comic version of "Cool Shock B.T." and "Baoh: The Visitor" will be released on Friday, June 16th.

SO Chapter 26

SO Chapter 27

SO Chapter 28

SO Chapter 29

SO Chapter 30
Volume 2 (65) of JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean will be released on Friday, August 4th.

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 31

SO Chapter 32

SO Chapter 33

SO Chapter 34

SO Chapter 35

SO Chapter 36

SO Chapter 37

SO Chapter 38

SO Chapter 39
Volume 3 (66) of JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean will be released on Wednesday, October 4th.
「ジョジョ第6部ストーンオーシャン 』第3(66)巻が10月4日(水)に発売されます。

SO Chapter 40

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 41

SO Chapter 42

SO Chapter 43

SO Chapter 44

SO Chapter 45

SO Chapter 46
Volume 4 (67) of JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean will be released on Monday, December 4th.
「ジョジョ第6部ストーンオーシャン 』の単行本第④(67)巻は12月4日(月)発売です。

SO Chapter 47
I drew the CD Jacket for the new album by the musician SUGIURUMN (released on 12/13).

SO Chapter 48
Recently, I've become addicted to disco music, I just can't get it out of my head, like Kylie Minogue.

SO Chapter 49
I was surprised to see that the new "Jeff Beck" album got released early. Woo-hoo!

SO Chapter 50

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 51

SO Chapter 52

SO Chapter 53

SO Chapter 54

SO Chapter 55
Jump Comics Volume 5 (68) will be released on 2/2. Jolyne and Weather on the cover will be a landmark!!

SO Chapter 56

SO Chapter 57

SO Chapter 58

SO Chapter 59
The thing Weather Report wears on his head is a hat, it's not a hairstyle.

SO Chapter 60

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 61

SO Chapter 62

SO Chapter 63

SO Chapter 64
This is referring to last year, but the album I was the most obsessed with was The Corrs' In Blue.
昨年の話だけど、一番はまったアルバムは、ザ・コアーズの『IN(イン) BLUE(ブルー)』。

SO Chapter 65

SO Chapter 66

SO Chapter 67

SO Chapter 68

SO Chapter 69

SO Chapter 70

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 71

SO Chapter 72

SO Chapter 73

SO Chapter 74
My favourite fashion designer recently has to be Roberto Cavalli.

SO Chapter 75

SO Chapter 76

SO Chapter 77

SO Chapter 78

SO Chapter 79

SO Chapter 80

Chapter Translation Original

SO Chapter 81

SO Chapter 82

SO Chapter 83

SO Chapter 84

SO Chapter 85

SO Chapter 86
I'll be taking a break next week. I'm not gonna say the "reason" why. Serialization will resume from Issue 44.

WSJ #43, 2001

SO Chapter 87

SO Chapter 88

SO Chapter 89

SO Chapter 90

SO Volume 1

Author's Note
The protagonist of JoJo Part 6 is a woman. Why a "woman"? Therein lies the problem.

Since she's a JoJo protagonist, she's gotta be tough enough to not get disheartened even if she gets punched in the face. Sometimes she might be crawling through a ditch, or she might be falling from the top of a building with her legs wide open. It's a bit of a tight setup for a women.

But thinking about the differences in contrast, it actually seemed very interesting. Furthermore, she could be a person with great humanity like the Virgin Mary. I felt I just had to make the protagonist a woman.

Author's Note: Special Thanks
I'm using this page to offer my thanks to the people who helped me with the realization of this volume.
Mr. Takashi Mizutani, attorney, who graciously offered his time to teach me the differences between Japanese and American Laws. Jeff Friend and Yoko Friend, his wife, Japanese translators who lived in New York and Miami, FL. L.T. Alhandro, director of the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.
Of course, if you find a single wrong fact in this volume, these people shouldn't be blamed. I assume the entire responsibility of the content of this volume as the author.

SO Volume 2

Quote Picture
Observation of the nature surrounding us N°4

Last year, I contracted gastritis, due to stress they say. During that period, I had heard of the European proverb, "He who cultivates tomatoes is never ill." I thought: "Really?...Let's try this." Thus I've begun to cultivate tomatoes. I bought some flower display cases (2,300 yen), fertilizer and compost (around 1,000 yen), stakes (200 yen), tomato seeds (140 yen), in brief, for three seedlings I had to pay 10,920 yen. If I harvest ten tomatoes, how much would one of them yield?(to be continued)

—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 3

Quote Picture
Observation of the nature surrounding us N°5

The foot of the "nameko" mushroom is very long, like a stem, it is said to be delicious too. However the majority of the people find it ugly; shopkeepers are forced to cut them or else they don't sell. As for me I've decided that my tomatoes would have a real tomato "smell". Nowadays farmers manage to produce odorless tomatoes, because a lot of consumers find the smell "disgusting". Did you know that?

Besides, I have a feeling that the same practice happens in the world of manga. Be careful.
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 4

Quote Picture
About my lack of sleep. It seems that genetic code determines how much time a person needs to sleep. But recently, a strange event happened. Until six months before, I didn't have a clear mind without my eight hours of sleep, but lately, I've noticed that three or four hours were enough and that I didn't want to sleep for eight hours anymore even though I knew it was bad for my health. What caused this transformation? My change of diet? My pillow? This is a complete mystery.
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 5

Quote Picture
When I had a talk with the director of the Miami prison in Florida, for personal documentation, I asked him if the reasons for incarceration were different between men and women. Indeed I had the impression men were imprisoned for more terrible reasons than women. He answered: "It's the same, man or woman it doesn't matter. There are as many murderers and rapists from either gender."
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 6

Quote Picture
Let's talk about my youth. When I was in primary school, I had a friend who was stupid. One day, as we were playing, he sat on a flowerbed, more precisely on some cacti whose thorns were so tiny we couldn't see them with the eye. His shorts was covered in thorns. Immediately he shouted, grabbed his behind, and began to cry as he stroked it, covering his hands in tiny thorns. Even if I told him that the thorns were invisible but still there, he compulsively licked his hands anyways. I think we didn't stay friends for long.
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 7

Quote Picture
Cell phones.

It looks like practically everyone owns one these days. Personally I don't own any. Don't go thinking that it's about entertaining a difference between me and my fellow man, it's simply that I don't need one. Firstly, my work makes it so that I'm always stuck in my studio. Secondly, I don't want people to be able to call me anywhere and whenever they feel like it, above all if it's to tell me banalities. I'll admit that it certainly would be useful to inform someone with whom I have a meeting that I'll be late though...(to be continued)

—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 8

Quote Picture
What kind of person am I, to not need cell phones in our period? I must acknowledge that it is very handy in case I'm late. Certainly if the person who is waiting for me has a cell phone, I can inform them on the way from a public booth.

On the other hand, when that person is late, they have no way to contact me. Which allows me, who cannot wait for more than fifteen minutes, to peacefully go home immediately. Anyway, it's the late person who's bothered the most.

Which would mean that people like me who don't own cell phones are selfish. I hope you're not angry at me, right?
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 9

Quote Picture
How to draw a manga without tiring yourself out ?

In a nutshell, I must say that if such a trick exists, I want to know it. It's necessary that I find a way not to tire myself out so much when I'm drawing from now on. In that respect let me tell you here the experience I've lived. During a seitai seance, I had noticed that I've abnormally developed the posterior muscles of my right arm. Meaning that by using my pencil on the pages day after day for hours, I've subconsciously trained the muscles of my right arm. The problem is that I've only trained those, which isn't good...

—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 10

Quote Picture
The first thought to cross my mind is that I must work out the left arm, but it's not easy for a mangaka who by drawing only works his right arm out for hours. You won't believe it but becoming left-handed for my everyday life is the only solution I've found. And here I am, lifting my towel, my umbrella, my toothbrush, my coffee mug, my TV remote, and my chopsticks with the left hand. I hope that I'll correctly train the muscles of my left arm. But there's another way not to suffer fatigue too much...
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 11

Quote Picture
"How do you stop tiring yourself out when drawing?" "When you're drawing the small parts, don't go too much into the details!" Yes, I keep repeating that to myself before letting the pencil run on the page again, but it's just like that, I cannot help it. I know that the damage that this kind of person suffers is huge, and my sigh is like the deep breath a sportsman takes before a long run on the field... But I suppose I'm the only one who takes this so seriously...
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 12

Quote Picture
In order to gather some documentation I went to the city called Orlando, Florida. It is a strange city, unique in the world, which has numerous theme parks. In short, I'd say that it is a city where some hopes and dreams have taken form. Everything here seems to have been thought, built, ordered to make visitors happy, up to the green spaces and the lakes. Personally this kind of place kinda makes me anxious but not this time. If you know how to stay calm, it is a very relaxing place in fact...
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 13

Quote Picture
About super powers 1

According to my mother's account, I was said to have super powers when I was little (which isn't the case anymore). What kind of super powers you ask?

Well for instance, in the waiting room of the hospital, I suddenly disappeared into the shadow of the couch. And then my mother asked "What's up with this idiot?", and a doctor in his blouse would come. Apparently I hated doctors so much that I had the power to sense when someone was approaching (I could predict his arrival in some way). Unbelievable, right? I had a predisposition allowing me to detect doctors!
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 14

Quote Picture
About super powers 2 The other day I bought five CDs. The musical genre went from Jazz to Rock, and R&B, all from different artists. However, when I read the text on the albums, I noticed that the producer was always the same. A guy named "Antonio La Reid". What were the chances that I'd took these five CDs? It made me think about the same kind of miracle which would result in a royal straight flush at poker or winning the lottery. A divine revelation you could say.
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 15

Quote Picture
About cute faces.

Aiko-sama is pretty. By dint of seeing her on TV, I ended called her "The Cutie"! At the Louvres Museum, I find the portrait of the "Infante Marie Marguerite" from Velasquez prettier than the Joconde. So cute I'd cry. The little girl drawn by the painter Yoshitomo Nara also makes me want to kiss her like a touched idiot.

But if the three people I find cute have a common point, I sure can't find it. They don't even look like each other!
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 16

Quote Picture
The editors-in-chief generally only work during the afternoon. Twenty years ago, I brought my script to the Shueisha building in the middle of the morning and I showed it to the only person who was working at that hour. This person is the very first editor-in-chief of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" and their impressions and suggestions are very important to me. If I went there during the afternoon and met another editor, I would have produced a very different work. Destiny isn't founded on chance, it has its reasons. In "JoJo's", it's on that point of view that one bases themselves. It doesn't have much sense scientifically, but this is how I feel.
—Hirohiko Araki

SO Volume 17

Quote Picture
It's difficult to explain, but when I'm drawing I feel the existence of what I call "gravity".

In other words, while you might think that as an author I have utter control over the actions of the main characters by the progression of the story, or the world in which I make them live, it's not always like this, and at some moments it is the characters who act against my will. Through this method, some drawings have come out that I didn't want to make in the first place. That is how "gravity" manifests itself, which I also assimilate to "fate".

When you read this last volume of Stone Ocean, I'd like you to think a little about this.
—Hirohiko Araki

Vento Aureo
Stone Ocean

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