Steel Ball Run - Chapter 49

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Tubular Bells, Part 2 (チューブラー・ベルズ その②, Chūburā Beruzu Sono 2), originally War at the President's Residence (政府公邸の攻防, Seifu Kōtei no Kōbō) in the UJ release, is the forty-ninth chapter of Steel Ball Run and the eight hundred first chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


In the presidential residence, Lucy and Scarlet chat, with Scarlet mentioning Valentine's habit of having a short nap. Lucy manages to slip a short-term sleeping drug in Scarlet's tea and the First Lady falls asleep. Lucy infiltrates Valentine's bedroom via a bathroom with the Eye in her hand, but the President hears her asks who is it. Lucy reveals herself with the face of Scarlet.

A flashback explains that Hot Pants approached Lucy, having heard of the search and deduced it was her. Using Cream Starter, Hot Pants gave Lucy some short-term sleeping drugs and a second skin which can mimic the appearance of anyone she touches.

Lucy carefully approaches Valentine, but she notices that balloon-dogs are surrounding her. When he explains that they are tracking a traitor from their scent, Lucy understands that she is in danger, and rushes to Valentine's side under the guise of one of Scarlet's whims. She manages to drug Valentine but when Lucy holds the Left Eye near his chest as instructed by Hot Pants, several Corpse Parts come out instead of only the Heart. At the same time, Tubular Bells attack Lucy, one balloon burrowing into her leg and transforming back into a nail, and Lucy has to protect herself with a mirror. At the same time Scarlet barges into the bedroom and sees Lucy; meanwhile Mike O. realizes that one of his balloon has been triggered.


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