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This is a list of minor locations featured in the second part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Battle Tendency. This list includes maps, places and transportation.
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Battle Tendency

New YorkLink to this section
Us new york streets.png
New York BT anime.png

New York City, one of the US's most populous and prosperous cities. Full of pickpockets, corrupts policemen and gangsters. Joseph Joestar and his grandmother Erina move there in 1938 and meet Smokey Brown. Joseph also battles the vampirized Straizo here.

Cave RuinsLink to this section
Mexico temple sky.png
Mexico temple anime.png

Brooklyn BridgeLink to this section
Us new york bridge 02.png
Us new york brige anime.png

Brooklyn Bridge, one of New York's most famous bridges. Joseph Joestar and Straizo fight on the bridge's cables.

MexicoLink to this section
Chapter 55 Cover B.jpg
Mexico desert anime.png

Nazi HaciendaLink to this section
Mexico hacienda overall.png
Nazi Hacienda.png

A hacienda in the Mexican desert. The Nazis, commanded here by Rudol von Stroheim, made it into a base from which they'd operate in the country. It is heavily guarded and hides a secret laboratory.

Nazi LaboratoryLink to this section
Mexico lab.png
Mexico lab anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 53: The Pillar Man
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation Episode 11: Master of the Game

An underground Nazi laboratory set up to experiment on the vampires and Pillar Men. Its experimentation pit was supposedly able to hold Santana but it proven ineffective in keeping him prisoner. It is equipped with a self-destruct mechanism in case the situation goes out of control. It is where Joseph Joestar and Rudol von Stroheim fight Santana.

Speedwagon Foundation HeadquartersLink to this section
Us SPW.png
Speedwagon Foundation Anime.png
The headquarters of the Speedwagon Foundation in Washington DC. It contains a laboratory in which the scientists of the foundation ultimately hold Santana prisoner.
RomeLink to this section
Rome bt anime.png

The capital of Italy, full of Roman ruins and other monuments. Despite having 4,000,000 inhabitants, there are only two subway lines because the excavation teams keep discovering other ruins. The Colosseum is here. Joseph Joestar meets Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli here.

Colosseum CavernLink to this section
Cavern Colosseum.png
Cavern colosseum anime.png

A secret cavern under the Colosseum. A secret passage behind the famous Bocca della Verità. The Nazis discover three Pillar Men slumbering here, Wamuu, Esidisi and Kars. The cavern is vast and decorated with columns and primitive sculptures. Its main point of interest is the wall in which the Pillar Men slumbered and the Nazis have installed several installations to keep the Pillar Men in check. They escape anyway. It is there that Joseph Joestar first encounters the three Pillar Men.

VeniceLink to this section
Venice intro.png
Venice intro anime.png

A picturesque Italian city in the North of Italy, where canals and gondoliers replace streets and cars. Lisa Lisa lives here.

SwitzerlandLink to this section
Suisse campagne.png
Suisse anime.png

A small mountainous country between Italy and Germany. Joseph, Caesar, and Lisa Lisa visit the country when they chase the Red Stone of Aja, which was sent here by Esidisi. The Nazis have another base in here in the form of a chalet, which was attacked by Kars. In Switzerland, there is the town and luxury resort of St-Moritz, the "valley of the sun" and mecca of winter sports where rich people take their holidays.

Switzerland HotelLink to this section
Suisse hotel.png
Suisse hotel anime.png

Elizabeth's HomeLink to this section
England 01.png
The former home of Elizabeth Joestar, situated somewhere in England.
Air BaseLink to this section
Air base bt.png
Airbase bt anime.png

An airbase of the British Air Force, where George Joestar II was stationed. He was killed there by his superior, who was a zombie, and in turn Lisa Lisa killed the zombie.

Vulcano IslandLink to this section
Volcano overview.png
Volcano island overview anime.png

A volcanic island in the Adriatic. It is where Joseph Joestar fights Kars, who has turned into the Ultimate Thing. Joseph triggers a violent volcanic eruption, which helps defeat Kars.

Pillar Men SettlementLink to this section
BTCh. 68 Background.png
The settlement of the ancient race to which the Pillar Men belonged. It is an underground village carved out of the rock of a giant rock pillar, with twisted trees scattered here and there, and twisting roads leading to and surrounding the pillar.
CemeteryLink to this section
A cemetery near New York. When Joseph Joestar disappeared in a volcanic eruption, he was buried in absentia in this cemetery and a ceremony was held there. However, it turned out Joseph was alive.


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