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The Desert Born Outlaws, Part 1 (砂漠で生まれたならず者 その①, Sabaku de Umareta Narazumono Sono 1), originally Andre Boomboom (アンドレ・ブンブーン, Andore Bunbūn) in the WSJ release, is the fifteenth chapter of Steel Ball Run and the seven hundred sixty-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


A flashback details the story of Marco a young servant, whose family had been serving nobles for generations in a faraway country. His job was to wax his master's shoes. When his master was found guilty of conspiring against the King of his country, Marco was considered an accomplice as well, and sentenced to death.

Back to present day, Gyro and Johnny are camping 50 km away from the 2nd water point. Johnny gets the hang of the Spin and accidentally discovers documents in relation to Marco, which angers Gyro. They are approached by Andre Boomboom, who requires help and claims to have been bitten by a Gila monster. The duo is suspicious, only throwing him some fire to cauterize himself when he extracts the venom. Andre seemingly dies, only having managed to cut himself. Gyro kicks the blood-stained knife away, and notices that his boot bears strange cuts. Johnny and Gyro see the rest of the Boomboom family, Benjamin Boomboom and L.A. Boomboom ride toward them. Gyro tries to attack them, but he is interrupted when a sharp object emerges from his foot.


(1st appearance) (Flashback)
Andre Boomboom
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L.A. Boomboom
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Benjamin Boomboom
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Tomb of the Boom 1 2 3#Tomb of the Boom 2
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Foxy Lady
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Crosstown Traffic
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Little Wing
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I've suddenly developed an allergy to the mango fruit. It's my favorite food, but I can't eat it anymore.



"Spotted salamander".
  • In the story, Andre Boomboom explains he's been bitten by a poisonous lizard, which given the setting in Arizona would point to a Gila monster, but the animal is misidentified as a spotted salamander (スポテッド サラマンダー, Supoteddu Saramanda) by Johnny, the narration also misrepresenting it with an actual spotted salamander.


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